Wednesday, August 12, 2009


To see our Wordless Wednesday post titled "The Red, The Grey, The Black and The Dante" go to Dante's blog by clicking on his picture, second from the top on the left.

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Mouchois said...

I will be visiting Dante's post in a bit, I just wanted to reply to your comment. :P

Melvin is actually quite the odd cat, since we first got him, he's had no problem with water or baths. And these days he will run into the bathroom and jump in the tub and just wait when I say "bath time". Of course, I make sure to be extra gentle with the little guy.

Baths have drastically decreased. He's now down to a monthly bath, but still gets weekly dry baths and daily grooming to keep up.

I mainly do the monthly baths to get rid of all the oils that build up in his coat. And with his new found love for rolling around in his little turdies, I think a good bath may just be needed for health reasons. Haha.