Friday, August 31, 2012


It's September 1st -- Domino's birthday! Mama gave her a new purple frock for her birthday, and Daddy gave her a new playmat.  Dante and Dylan put their pennies together and bought her some catnip (which I'm sure they want to share).  And Milo sent her a purple wrist bouquet by special delivery.

Domino put on her new dress and her wrist corsage which matched just purrfectly!  She decided that she wanted efurrything to be purple for her birthday this year.

Here's Domino wearing her new purple flapper dress.  She decided to accent it with accessories from the 1920s, like the long necklace and the headband -- and, of course, the pretty purple spray of flowers from her Milo.

Later, Domino pared down to the bare minimum of accessories -- a purple daisy for her hair.

Here you can see the side and back of the tiered-ruffle flapper dress.   

It even came with it's own bling -- a pear-shaped diamond on black velvet ribbon!

This is Domino's birthday card from Mom, Dad, Dante and Dylan.  We tried to include everything she likes, and more -- in PURPLE!

We have Domino's purple fairy furiends.

A purple swan to remind her of her latest ballet triumph.

And some purple 'Hello Kittys'!  Her fave.

Just then Domino received a text message from Milo wishing her a 'Happy Birthday'!

Hello Birthday Kitty!

Milo wants to know what time Domino will be arriving at his house for the big birthday bash.  You see, every year, it's double cause for celebration because it's also Alfie Marshall's birthday and he is Milo's brother.

So, Domino uses her purple portal, created specifically for this occasion, and is instantly transported to Milo's side.  Milo is wearing purple in her honour, too.  And he has a purple birthday balloon, cake with white and purple icing, and purple presents waiting for her.  Domino is in PURPLE PURRadise!

Alfie is there with his new girlfriend, Cory.  They had already started celebrating on their own.  Cory gave Alfie tons and tons of socks because socks are her very faFURite thing (aside from cheese).  Alfie is thrilled with all the different sizes and colours of socks.  There are ankle socks, knee socks, striped socks, polka-dot socks, some of every shade of the rainbow.  Why, even Alfie's cake has socks on it! 

The thing about socks is that you can put stuff in them when you're not wearing them. If you put catnip in them, they are the bestest toys eFUR!  No wonder Alfie has such a big smile on his face!

Have a very Happy 4th Birthday, Alfie!

Please pop by Alfie's place to leave a birthday message for him, as well.  Over there, the party's already started..  Domino, Milo, Alfie and Cory are all waiting for you arrive.

May you have your cake and eat it, too!

But if you start seeing purple elephants, it might just be time to call it a night ...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Don't worry!   Domino's feeling quite well again.  I was just trying to be a little clever with the title.

Domino IS doing a little swanning around today, though.  She is modelling her latest outfit.

It is a ballet costume with a graceful swan on a black bodice and a white tutu skirt.

 This outfit complements Domino's tuxy black and white just PURRfectly, don't you think?

The costume has inspired Domino to display some of her best ballet moves.

She is also quite balletic while balancing ...

... deliCATly, on the arm of the chair.

Domino is poetry both in motion and in still life.

"Jus' wait", says Domino.  "I gotsa few more moves ta show ya!" 

 "I yam gonna demonstrate how ta get frum wun side of da chair to de udder ...

 ... wif wun seamless ballet moovemint!"

"Dere!  How duz yoo like dat?"

And just as Domino takes a well deserved PAWS ...

... this show-off squirrel does his own little dance right in front of our eyes!

Not to be outdone, later that night, Domino PURRforms as the PURRima ballerina in Swan Lake!  The Swan Song is, after all, the background MEWSic to this classic ballet.

(Why, it's enough to make me want to break out into a rendition of "Swanee River"!)

Bravo, Domino -- Bravo!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Today is a very important date for more than one reason, but the most important one is that it's Brulee's first birthday.  They are having a big circus party over at "Sweet Purrfections" today to celebrate.  So please go over to wish little Brulee a Happy Birthday and join in on the fun.

Here is our birthday wish for Brulee from Dante, Dylan and Domino (and me, of course).  We hope she has a marvelous time at her circus party, and that she gets efurrything her little heart desires.

Dante, Dylan and Domino are all playing major roles under the big top in Brulee's Birthday Circus.

Domino is the Lion Tamer and Dante is, of course, The Lion!

Dylan is the Circus Magician, and his girlfriend Halle is his lovely Magician's Assistant!

After the show, they all changed into their clown costumes.  Dante, Dylan and Domino each brought their significant others, and Alfie (Milo's brother) and his girlfriend, Cory, came along for the party, too.  It's turned out to be a quadruple date!!!!   How special!

Can you tell who is who?  From top to bottom, they are:

  • Dante and Sascha
  • Dylan and Halle
  • Milo and Domino
  • Alfie and Cory
They are all having a smashing good time entertaining the crowd and themselves in the process. Clowning around has never been more fun!

And as for Brulee, we hope you enjoyed the show and ...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Domino has been feeling quite ill since late last week.  While she has always been a regular regurgitator, this was quite different.  Daddy noticed that she was bringing up pure bile.  By Saturday, Domino was obviously feeling quite punk, and was off of her food and water.  Mommy offered a little butter which Domino licked up, and then some tuna water which seemed to revive her a little.

Mommy was ready to take Domino to the emergency pet hospital on Sunday, but first she decided to mix up some wet food and try to tempt her.  Domino has never eaten wet cat food in her entire life.  By the time Mommy got Domino she was already one year of age and had only eaten dry food.  She refused anything else.

Mommy read something on the internet about "Bilious Vomiting Syndrome" and it said that wet food was more easily digestible and would help 'stomach motility'.  So Mommy blended up some wet food, adding a little water, until it was the consistency of baby food.

Since Domino was not going to co-operate, Mommy decided to do a little force-feeding.  She wrapped up Domino in a large towel to keep claws from interfering in the process.  And with a little spoon, Mommy tapped on Domino's front teeth, which caused her jaws to open.  Then quick as lightening Mommy dumped the contents of the spoon into her mouth.  Miraculously she chewed most of it, with only a little dribbling out the side of her mouth.

Oddly enough, Domino began to enjoy the taste of the food, and by the end of the day was voluntarily licking it out of the spoon.  After the first feeding, Domino perked up visibly.  She had been so weak and had obviously lost weight even in a couple of days.  She is so small that she can't afford to lose any.

By the way, Domino didn't throw up at all after any of her feedings on Sunday.  The wet food was staying down.

When Monday came around, Mommy called the vet right away, because she read there was medication for this bile vomiting thing.

Daddy takes Domino to reception, but there was nobody there to receive her.

 So Domino -- ever curious -- took a good look around.

She wanted to jump down and inspect the rest of the joint. 

Daddy had to keep her on a short leash -- which is a brand new one he bought for her, by the way -- with matching collar.   Mommy noticed, after he brought it home, that it was meant for dogs.  Not that it's important really, because it does the same job.  However, it has the letters "DOG" spelled on it amidst little renderings of bones and paws. 

Mommy decided that "DOG" stands for "Domino On the Go"!

 Finally, we were shown into an examination room and Domino made herself right at home.

 She is very curious and quite relaxed, as you can see.

It took a while for the vet to come, so Domino decided to take a tour around the room and ended up splayed out on the floor.  The floor was nice and cool.

Mommy stopped taking pictures when the vet came in, because this was serious business, and she needed to pay attention and give the vet all the information she needed.

Mommy, Daddy and the vet decided to treat the symptoms, so Domino was prescribed Zantac which is a people drug.  It is supposed to reduce the acid in the stomach.  Daddy will have to cut the pills into eighths because Domino is so tiny.  She is to have one-eighth twice a day before meals.  The vet also prescribed a steriod to reduce the swelling in her belly.

The vet's name was Carmen and she was a very nice lady.  Domino was nuzzling her and seemed to like her very much.  Carmen was quite surprised at how relaxed and friendly Domino was.  She said most cats are very stressed when she sees them.

The exam was over, but Carmen had to go and fill the prescriptions, so Daddy and Domino sat in the waiting room.  Mommy put on Domino's dress because it was actually pretty cold in the office.  The A/C was turned up quite high.

 So Domino, while still curious, did a little posing.  She can't help it -- it just comes naturally.

 How's this one?  Quite edgy, I think.  It really shows off the dress and Domino's pretty face (as well as a little butty).

Domino just couldn't stay still for long.

There was a lady passing through reception with a doggie all wrapped up in her arms.  The lady smiled at Domino as she passed.  The woofie didn't say a word.

Domino is 'busting' out all over!  The neckline on this dress is rather low.

 Finally, the prescriptions are ready and Daddy has to pay the bill.

 Domino is focused on what's going on outside the plate glass windows of the vet's office.

 Ooooooh!  Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting!

Time to go home, Domino.  You've been such a good girl.

So Mommy is happy to report that Domino took her first Zantac later that day, and had another feeding -- this one Domino lapped up on her own from the spoon.  And this morning, Mommy put the dish of wet food in front of her, and Domino gladly licked half of it up on her own.  Look Ma!  No spoon!

Domino has not thrown up any of the wet food at all, and is feeling like her old self.  The vet told Mommy she had done the right thing with the food and to keep it up and that made Mommy feel very good.

Mommy is now thinking that the dry food may have been the problem all along.  I guess only time will tell.  We're looking forward to seeing Domino gain back some weight.  Maybe then her blue dress won't fall off her shoulders anymore.

So, lets all think some happy thoughts for Domino, though you can save your heavy duty purrs for those who are more in need.  Heaven knows there are plenty of them.