Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Domino went to sit on her favourite basket chair on the porch, but there was a whole bunch of stuff on it!

"Looks like a buncha magazeens!", she says.

"Mama, why is dese magazeens clutterin' up mai chair?"

Mom's friend Susan was there and she said "Your Mom is giving me these magazines to read.  She gives them to me when she's finished, and then I pass them along to someone else when I'm done.  It's a good way to recycle them.  Here's one you might be interested in, Domino!"

"Goodniss, I recognizes dose peeples!", exclaims Domino.

"I wuz dere, yoo noe!  Wen Willyam an' Kate gotted married.  Milo an' me, an' Alfie an' his gurlfurend Lola wuz outside Wesminstah Abbeh waitin' fur dem to cum out.  Den we hadda street parteh to cellybrate.  Now it seems so long ago efun doe it wuz only last monf.  Good times!", says Dommy.

"Did yoo noes dat I has bin on da covah of a magazeen, too?", asks Domino.

"Milo an' me did a whole fotoshoot an' articull fur "True Love" magazeen."

"An' den I did a covah all by maiself.  Dis is wun of mai moar seducktive poses.  Look away if yoo are not at leest 18!"

Then Domino posed for my camera once more, as she settled down in her chair.  "How's dis fur covah material?" she asks.

What do you think?

Monday, May 30, 2011


Here are a couple of portraits taken just yesterday of my mancatly mancats.  For maximum effect, you may wish to biggify.

Sober and ...

... Silly!

Over and Out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sunshine Kitty aka Sunny was one of Crazy Cat Lady Carm's seven beloved cats.  Unfortunately, he passed a couple of days ago when the vet found that his heart and lungs were filled with fluid resulting from some devastating disease.  With his tearful Mom and Dad beside him, he was put to sleep after twelve and a half years of a most happy existence with his parents and his kitty siblings.  Sunny has left them with so many good memories and a legacy of love.

Sunny and his brother Moony were littermates, and never a closer pair has one ever seen.  They were barncats who were adopted at the same time when they were just tiny kittens.  It seems that they were literally joined at the hip.

Sunny and Moony at 6 weeks old.

Joined at the hip.

Sunny and Moony were most often seen together, and were famous for their synchronized sleeping positions.  Here are but a few.

It's like they had a mind-meld which allowed them to precisely mirror the sleeping position of the other -- whether it was head to toe or head to head.

Despite his powerful bond with his brother Moony, Sunny was an equal opportunity lover.  He reminds me of that song "If you can't be with the one you love -- love the one you're with!"

Here's Sunny snuggling up to his sister, Candy.

And taking "Pride" in being a redhead (with his brother Pride and friend).

Getting up close and a little too PURRsonal with his sister, Joy!

Letting his brother Tommy have his way with him!  Sunny was so easygoing.

Having a post-grooming taste of his brother, Furby.  "He has flavor!"

In a general furpile, Sunny would usually end up closest to his birth-brother, Moony.

Sunny gave and received so much love.

He had such soulful eyes that spoke of all the love he had inside, and was so freely willing to give.

Sunny's passing has left a gigantic hole in Carm's family, and especially for his birth brother who is now missing his other half.  Carm, though grief stricken, has vowed to give even more love to each of her six kitties in an attempt to make up for the void that Sunny's departure has left.  It's a tall order, indeed, but one that will be therapeutic to both Kitty Mom and her kitties.

Sunny will always be remembered through the plethora of pictures that were taken of him throughout his life, and by the afterglow of all the love he gave and received during his lifetime.  Love is what truly makes us immortal, as long as there is someone left to remember.

Fare well in the sunlight, sweet Sunny!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today, Domino is lounging out on the back deck.

For once, it's a beautiful day and she's really enjoying the furesh air.

"Da crabappull tree is blossomin' an' wun of mai good furiends has cum to visit it", says Domino.

"It's Mr. Cardinal!  We has kinda a formal relashunship, so I calls him 'Mistah'.  Is too bad he wudunt show us his face.  He's hidin' behine da blossoms.  But yoo kin still see his bootifull red coat of fedders!"

"An' den dere's dat UDDER WUN!", exclaims Domino. 

"I calls her 'Missy'.  We duzn't has a verreh good relashunship at all!  She is my niece, but she finks she's mai boss, an' she's only visitin' till Ryan's renovashuns are finished at de end of dis week."

"I'm gonna go and let her noes who's Queen of da Howse!"

But when Domino goes inside, to her dismay, Missy has taken over the top of the cat tree. 

And then she has the nerve to show the "Back of Disrespect"!

Being the Queen that she is, and with propurr manners, Domino duzn't hassle her guest, but takes a PURRime spot on the chair, with her loyal bodyguard Dante to back her up.

Missy thinks there must be something really good about that chair -- so she wants it!

Only to find that Domino has turned her back on her.  A taste of her own medicine sure didn't go down well.

Domino has triumphed again in a peaceful and regal way.  Not at all like Missy who is always sporting for a good fight.  Domino refuses to fight for what is already hers.

On Friday, Missy will go home to her newly renovated digs where she will be Queen of her own House.  She has learned many lessons during her stay with us, of which humility is but one.

Monday, May 23, 2011


The apple blossoms are out in full force, and Dylan was good enough to pose in front of them for me.

"It's now or nevah", says Dylan.

"Dese appull blossums doan bloom fur verreh long!"

(Biggify for the Awe factor)

"Dey are one big gust of wind away from being ground covah!", says he.  "Me, on de udder paw, will always be just as handsum."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is what Domino saw when she looked across the street.

(Biggify this one, if you will!)

Why, it's Buttons!!!  She is our next-door neighbour and birth sister to Dylan!

"I gess dat makes her mai sistah, too!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Domino was just returning from one of her walkabouts.

She was sure she had seen some activity here on our front walk ...

... and she had to come and check it out!

She's never too busy to stop and smell the flowers.  It's bee-yoo-ti-full!

Domino just loves to greet guests and adores the attention.  This time it was our neighbour Sarah from across the street.  She is the daughter of Mommy's best friend, Susan.

Domino exposes her belly.  It has a larger scratching area, and besides it feels real good when someone takes her up on it.

"I'm waitin'!", she says.

But before she knows it, Sarah is gone.  And Domino's belly was left unscratched.

"Imagine dat!", exclaims Domino.  "How rude!  Yoo offurs up yoor belleh -- yoo makes yoorself all vulnerabull -- an' she jus' walks away!  Harumph!"

What started off as a good day with a neighbourhood stroll and the scent of Spring blooms, has turned a little sour.  "Jus' let me in", demands Dommy.

Then suddenly, something catches her attention across the street.  But that's a story for another day.  Come back again tomorrow to see what has piqued Domino's interest.