Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Since the weather has turned cold, Domino likes to cozy up on the couch. Unfortunately, her eyes are closed against the bright flash of the camera, but otherwise it makes for a very sultry pose.

Domino is thinking about her boyfriend, Milo, who injured his paw and is feeling poorly.  She's purring very hard for him to heal quickly.

Recently, Domino and Milo were hatted by Sam and Andy's mom.  Milo is a "Mouse-Get-Here" and Domino is his lady.  There is a "Mouse-Get-Here" button you can get by asking Sam and Andy's mom, if you want to join the Club.  Domino's button is on our sidebar if you want to see what it looks like.

We hope the swashbuckling Milo is as right as rain very soon.  Maybe he injured his paw on one of those buckles -- you just never know!

And now for some random shots of Domino, here, there and everywhere.

Polka dots are one of her fafurites ...

... except when you put mouse ears on her!  I know she's a "Mouse-Get-Here", but this is ridiculous!

Isn't she lovely with a backdrop of green?

Even sitting on cement, she can be quite serene.

When winter comes, she weathers the cold.

Nothing stops her from leaving the fold.

And finally, today, Domino takes off.  She's boogeying over to comfort Milo and kiss his paw all better.

We hope you enjoyed this eclectic mix of Domino, both inside and out!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Yes, it finally happened!  The white stuff has covered the ground and it seems like it wants to stay, which means that the temPURRature, too, has fallen.  The mancats seem undaunted by it and go about their regular business as if nothing was any different.  Or do they?

Dante's scouting about for any signs of his furry furiend.

And just thinking about the little devil, seems to have made him magically appear!

"Hey, Furnando!  How's it going?"

"It's bin awhile since I saw yoo.  I fawt we cud have a liddle chat.  Whaddya fink about da wedder?"

Furnando just wants more nuts, so Dante goes to fetch some for him.

Meanwhile, Dylan decides to check things out.  Everything has a new scent to it now that the snow has fallen.

It's a little chilly to be sure, but ...

... not too cold for a picnic.  And what goes better with peanuts than a little toe jam for extra flavour?

Who are we trying to kid?  Dylan just can't take it any more.

Then Dante, who was trying to be so mancatly, chimes in.

So, luckily there was room at the 'in' and mama opened the door and saved the day.  Even grown mancats can act like little babies who need their mama's help.  Sheesh!  It's just a little snow -- you'd think the world was coming to an end.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today is Domino's show, but first we have to clear up the mystery from yesterday.  What did Dante find?

"Whatcha got Dante?"
Mumble, mumble, mumble -- crunch!
"What did he say?"
I think he said "Sorry, can't talk with my mouse full!"
Et voila!

And now, onto the fearsome Domino!

These first three shots are of a recent encounter with our neighbour's dog, Riley, who is a miniature poodle.

"Who is dis blockin' mai paff?", asks Domino.

"It looks like wun of dose woofie creechurs", she remarks ...

... as she breezes right by him on her way to get pats from Riley's mama. 
"Woofies are so feebull", she says.  "I prefurs hoomans!"

And with that, Domino presents her backside to Riley, without a care.
And speaking of her backside, this is what she has been presenting to me, of late.

It was a beautiful, sunny fall day which Domino was thoroughly enjoying.  The sun cast incredible shadows which my lens happily captured.

But no matter how hard I begged for Domino to turn around and give me a shot of her pretty face, she'd have none of it.

Domino's attentions were on more important matters.

Something interesting decaying amongst the leaves and grass, perhaps?

Once again I get a back end view.  When Domino isn't on a modelling shoot, she doesn't feel the need to pose -- so I take what I can get.

With a final farewell for today, Domino deigns to turn her head slightly to acknowledge her audience (that would be me, and by consequence of the camera, all of you)!

(Domino's this time!)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Dylan saunters out to the back yard and takes his stand on the deck bench.  It's a nice day for this late in the season.

Dylan, who is quite skittish, thinks he and mama are the only ones outside right now.

So when he hears a rustling sound behind him, he immediately goes on alert!

"Ha ha!  Is jus' me, yoo sissy!", says Dante peeking out from behind the tree.

"I has bin heer all along, jus' wachin' yoo.  I alreddy staked out da yawd an' it's all cleer."

At that, Dylan feels a little sheepish.  "Baa!", says he.

Dante and Dylan discuss surveillance methods and the impawtance of PURRotecting their proPURRty.

Then their attention is drawn, simultaneously, to a sound from the yard next door.

"PURRhaps dey is preparin' to attack!", says Dante.

Then suddenly another sound gets their combined attention!  This time, not only is it noisy, but it's smelly, too.
Dante and Dylan raise their noses, in unison, to sniff the air for clues.

Dante, the Brave, checks out the situation, while Dylan runs inside.  Now what do you think that Dante discovered?

If we told you, it wouldn't be a mystery then, would it?


Monday, November 8, 2010


Movember is a movement, started by men in Australia, to grow moustaches during the month of November to help bring awareness to cancers that particularly affect men.  This movement has grown worldwide.  You can read more about it 'HERE'.

The 'Mo' (slang for moustache) and November come together each year for Movember. 

The funds raised through Movember’s US campaign benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

We were turned onto the Movember movement by Milo and Alfie of "The Cat's Meow", who themselves sported moustaches on their November 1st post.

Domino begged her brothers, Dante and Dylan to step up, as the manly mancats they are, and show solidarity with her boyfriend Milo and his brother, Alfie -- and more importantly, to support the entire Movember movement by spreading the word.

Dante and Dylan are quite moved by Domino's selfless request and have grown magnificent moustaches -- beyond the call of duty.  Of course, Dante is quite floofy already, so shaping some of his luscious furs into a moustache posed no problem.  Dylan's fur is also quite lush, although much shorter, and so his moustache is consequently more trim.

Here's Dante's furry contribution to Movember:

With his suPURR long handlebar moustache, Dante reminded me of a rather hirsuite Looney Toons character.

That Yosemite Sam's a real pistol, isn't he?
Dante just looks harried (or is that HAIRied?)!

And here's Dylan with mo' 'MO':

Dylan's blond moustache reminded me of a very famous outlaw ...

... or at least the hunky Robert Redford who played Sundance in the flick.

We're hoping that you'll remember Movember this year and efurry year, with Dante and Dylan to remind you that you can be just as handsome as they are.  Even if you just pay 'lip service' to the idea and help to increase awareness of men's cancers, you've done a good deed.

How FURtile is your upper lip?  Sorry, ladies -- we didn't mean you!

Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been a while since Domino has modelled a new dress (with the exception of her Hallowe'en costume).  She recently received a fashionable little number from a philanthropic designer, who asked only that she show it off to its best advantage.

It seems that Domino has more than one admirer, though she is always quick to point out that her heart is with Milo in Sidmouth by the Sea.

The dress is what Domino likes to call 'casual chic'.   It's good for relaxing in your favourite chair ...

... or dreaming of your loved one far away!

The sleeveless bodice is a hot, hot pink adorned with a silver heart emblazoned with the designer's mark.  The addition of the silver studded chain gives it that extra little edge.

Domino turns to display the layered skirt (and her lovely 'tocks)!  I think she's spotted something through the armhole of the chair.

The skirt has four layers.  The top one is a black and white zebra print, the second is a graphic print of black, white and pink, followed by another layer of zebra print.  The bottom layer is a sheer ruffled black tulle.

Domino stretches out so you can get a better view of the entire look.

You must admit, that the colour and cut of the dress suit her well.  The skirt is short enough that is doesn't inhibit her tail movement, which she can curl at will.

Domino enjoys the freedom of the sleeveless dress.  It makes it so much easier to run around and explore.

"The CATsual style is jus' gwate fur POTterin' arownd", she says. (I think she means 'puttering', though she is indeed standing in a pot!)

This casual style keeps Domino very grounded, as you can plainly see.

Isn't she simply adoorable posing on the new front doormat?

She makes quite the pretty picture there ...

... any way you look at her!

Domino's on the threshold of modelling greatness (as well as being on the threshold of her home).

And with a final, emphatic pose, she proves that she is worthy of her designer's faith.
She throws back her head while stretching her graceful neck, takes a deliCAT stance and arches her tail.
Domino is poetry in repose (pose after pose after pose)!

(Note:  Biggify any or all of the pictures at will.  The last one's so much cuter close-up!)