Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today, we have an eclectic mix of photos of Domino taken during the month of February 2012.

Domino is normally very grounded, but her two front feet are caught mid-air in this one!

 Domino is truly a ladycat-on-the-go!

One of her daily missions is to inspect the neighPURR's porch.

She just can't resist being NOSEY!
(It's what she does best)

Domino tries on her new sweater inside ...

... before putting it to the test outdoors.

"I mus' say, it's kwite outSTANDING!", she exclaims.

When you don't have a sweater to keep you cozy, there's nothing like bricks heated by the sun....

... to warm up your feet ...

... before making that long Arctic trek!

And once back home, Domino just couldn't shake the feeling that she had been shadowed.  She definitely has a sixth scents!

Domino truly has a nose for this sort of thing.  She adores potPURRY because it's chock full of so many different smells!  "I jus' cant wait ta do dis again!", says she.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Even though it's Mancat Monday, we are starting off with a picture of Domino peacefully basking in the sun on the driveway.

She is thinking "O noes!  Dere's dat pesky brofur of mine.  I shur hope he leefs me alone."

Dylan sees Domino and is sorely tempted.

 It would be all too easy to give in to his base instincts and jump on her.  She's quite the easy target!

So, Dylan takes a moment to communicate telepathically with his sweetheart, Halle.  "Wot shud I do?", he asks.

And Halle instantly replies "Boogie on down heer and jump on me instead.  I'm waitin' fur yoo, my dawlin'!"

So, Dylan walks away without bothering Domino at all.  He has learned a valuable lesson today, thanks to his beautiful girlfriend.

"Yoo shudn't jump on a ladycat unless dey asks fur it!", says he.

"Look out, Halle, heer I come!"

Monday, February 20, 2012


It's Monday and Dante is sitting on the deck bench which is something he hasn't been able to do until recently.  Only a few days ago it was still piled high with snow much like the rest of the deck.  Fortunately warmer weather has afforded our mancat a dry PURRch from which to view his outback territory.

You will note that there are peanut shells strewn about efurrywhere.  Mama has been feeding the squirrels all winter long, and it has left quite a mess.  However, that is a small price to pay for all the enjoyment it has brought.  The kitties get to see squirrel TV in 3-D from the large patio door in the kitchen, and Mama feels better knowing the squirrelies aren't starving out there in the cold.

Just then, Dante feels something brush against his back.

Why it's Dylan come to join him!

While both mancats are busily posing for their picture, they haven't yet noticed the squirrel only a few feet away.

Finally Dante clues in, while Dylan is clueless (as usual).

Dylan's helicopter ears are in position, as if he's about to take flight.

He is so distracted because he just can't stop thinking about ...

... his bootiful girlfuriend, Halle!

He decided to send this autographed picture to his main "squeeze" so she can still see his face while they are apart.

But Dylan must have squeezed a little too hard, because it has made Halle swoon! 
 "Sigh", she whisPURRs.

Friday, February 17, 2012


You may recall that on Monday Dylan was really putting himself out there, looking for a lady love.  Well he has found one!

She is Halle of "Jacqueline's Cat House".   Halle and her two sisters, Calle and Sukki, were also looking for love on Valentine's Day, and Dylan took note.  So Dylan boogied on down south where they live to pay them a visit.

Dylan found three gorgeous exotic girls and at first he could hardly tell them apart.  It wasn't long, though, before he gravitated towards Halle because of her extraordinary PURRsonality.  Dylan likes a strong, independent ladycat with lots of spunk, who is also very affectionate.

"I needs sumwun to keeps me in line", says Dylan.  "But sumwun who will also love me for who I am."

Halle gave Dylan an autographed picture of herself to take back home with him.

It was obvious that Halle felt the same way about Dylan that he felt about her.  When Dylan arrived home he just couldn't stop thinking about her.

And Halle just couldn't wait to speak to Dylan again, so she called him up on the phone.  Halle loves to spend hours talking with him.  Here is what she told him:

So, Dylan wants to make it official by asking Halle a very important question.

Pee-Ess.  She said "YES"!  And Dylan said "HALLE-lujah"!

Go to see "Jacqueline's Cat House" for Halle's reply.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This year Domino has made her very own Valentines.  Of course she made one for her adorable boyfriend Milo, but she has also made one for all of her furiends out there in the Blogosphere.

Domino said that I could post Milo's Valentine because she has already given it to him PURRivately, along with some hugs and smoochies.

(Biggifiable, if you wish)

Domino will be spending the day with Milo on a double date with Alfie and his girlfuriend, Lola.

She figures "Double yoor playshur, double yoor fun!".

(Click picture to biggify at will)

But Domino could not leave without wishing you all a happy heart day, too.  She has enough love to fill the entire uniFURse, so she likes to share it with efurryone!  After all, love is what it's truly all about.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Dylan is a handsome, single mancat who has been playing the field for quite some time.  And though it has its rewards (like lots of mousies), it can also be quite lonesome.

Dylan would like to find that special someone, and has put together a Valentine's portfolio to advertise himself proPURRly.

Dylan is an 'outdoors-mancat' who loves to take long walks in the woods.

He has helicopter ears which help him ...

... to fly!

Short round-trip flights are just the ticket!

Dylan is a seasoned Arctic explorer.

He is planning a new reality series called "Snow Trek".  Catchy, don't you think?

Dylan is handsome (if he doesn't say so himself).  Just look at that PURRofile!

And he is a mancat you can truly look up to.

His grooming is imPECKable!

And he won "Canada's Got Talent" singing oPURRa!
(O sole meow ...)

Dylan is very exPURRessive ...

... and he can be quite the clown!

He also likes to keep in shape by touching his toes.

He is a mancat with very good taste.

But most of all, he wears his heart on his sleeve!

"I has so much love to give.  Who will be my Valentine?"