Friday, December 30, 2016


Domino is following the "cardinal" rule, after Christmas, and that is to thank efurryone who gave her a present.  She has lots of friends, so she had lots of thank-you notes to write.  Domino prefers the purrsonal touch instead of sending emails.

Domino is wearing a red knit hat with touches of black (very cardinal-like).  The wool is knit into a flower pattern in front, and is embellished with white crystals.  So, it's not just her purrsonality that sparkles!  This hat was part of a set.  It came with matching mittens which she is also wearing at the moment.

Around Domino's neck is a red cashmere scarf with white lining.  She has fastened this with a silver brooch of a cat wearing a red hat (art imitating life purrhaps?).

Domino's purse is red faux leather with silver accents.  She is using the purse to hold all of the thank-you cards she is about to post.  Lucky for her there's a mailbox not far away.

And her friend, the cardinal, will be watching every step of the way.
"Rules is rules" says the cardinal.

Cardinals really DO rule!

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Now that Christmas is over (though the season is not), Dylan is busy helping Canada Post to deliver all of the packages that didn't arrive on time.  These were the gifts ordered by humans -- not by Santa (as you know Santa's always in the "Nick" of time).

Dylan doesn't think these poor folks should have to wait a minute more, so he's being as quick as he can.  "I'm innit fur da long haul" says he.

He's well prepared for the cold weather with a brown wool flatcap with red and dark green stripes.  Around his neck he has one of his own Christmas presents -- a striped Louis Vuitton scarf, in shades of tan and red, as are his woollen mittens.

To keep those toesies from getting frostbitten, Dylan has some very warm taupe and ivory fleece-lined boots with rubber soles to keep his feet dry.  They also have touches of red which is nice but not as important as their ultimate function.

Dylan is using one of Santa's empty sacks (with the approval of Canada Post, of course) to help transport these wayward packages to their final destination.  His training as a Christmas reindeer has certainly prepared him for this task.  "Imma regulah beast o' burden" he remarks with a sense a pride.

And next year Dylan's looking forward to starring in a new Christmas comedy called 
"Carry On Reindeer!"

Sunday, December 25, 2016


The 3-Ds want to wish you all the merriest of Christmases.

They can't wait to get inside ...

... after all that Christmas carolling house to house.

They want to warm up by the fire, open their gifts ...

 ... and dig into that Christmas tourtiere ...

... that Christmas turkey (gobble, gobble) ...

... and then purrtake of that catnip-laced Christmas puddin'!
"Puddin's fur puddies" they chime in unison.

May you, too, get your just desserts!

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Most of the time you only see pictures of the 3-Ds when they're outside.  However, seeing that it's Christmas Eve I thought I'd bring you shots of them inside getting all warm and snuggly 'round the Christmas tree.

Here's Dante sitting in his fafurite wing chair!

Tonight, Dante will don his nightcap before drifting off to Yuletide dreamland.

Dylan is mesmerized by the lights.  They transport him to another dimension where all is calm and all is bright.

 Here he is experiencing the true "Lightness of Being" (not unbearable at all!).

Domino also finds the Christmas decorations entrancing.  After all she has a thing for decoration, being the fashion model that she is.

So in true Domino style she becomes part of the actual holiday display!

Christmas Eve is all about hope and anticipation, so may you all take the time to savour its promise.
Sweet dreams!

Friday, December 23, 2016


The 3-D Cats are all dressed up to the nines for Christmas.  They have each chosen something they really want from Santa, too.

This is a picture of Dante from Christmas 2014.  He is wearing a dark red felt top hat adorned with holly and Christmas bells.  His red and white paisley bowtie 'ties' in very well with the ensemble.

The watch is a Cartier with diamonds on the face and bezel and a dark red leather band.  This was his Christmas wish back then.  He sure had expensive tastes!  Good thing he had an "in" with Santa.

"Yoo kin wait until da Boxin' Day sale, Santa!"

Dylan's wearing a white top hat with holly sprig.  He has paired this with a white satin bowtie with holly pattern.  In this outfit, he definitely feels 'all white'!

Dylan too dreams of a Cartier watch; this one with a diamond, emerald and ruby feline face on a white gold band.  Very Christmassy indeed!  He also has a rather pricey wish list.  I sure hope Santa has a big bank account.

"Diamonds is a cat's best furiend!" mewses Dylan.

Domino is all hatted up in a gray hat with crystal-studded bow which looks rather familiar.  Here's a hint:  Think Aretha Franklin at Obama's first inauguration!

She is wearing a gray and pastel pink scarf with a silver, crystal and pink pearl pendant.  The silver and crystal evening bag is what Domino wants for Christmas from Santa in order to satisfy her PURRse fetish.

Why pay for it when Santa can give it to you for free?

"I'm doing sum Christmas stalking" says Domino keeping an eye on Santa.
"Dis time it's PURSE-onal!"

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Dylan has always wanted to be a member of Santa's reindeer team.

I think he makes a pretty good-looking reindeer, don't you?

And here he is during the tryouts.  Good form, methinks!
Only Donner knows if Dylan made it or not.

Give us a hint, Donner!

Dylan's gonna be 'over the moon' (literally)!

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Dylan's anticipating Christmas dinner -- especially the dessert (or as they call it in England, the pudding, which is 'pud' for short).

(Biggify for best view)

So when he found this wool brown and ivory hat that declared it was a Christmas Pudding, complete with holly on top, he just had to have it.  It actually looks quite becoming on him (becoming what, I don't know).  He actually found wool mittens to match and tied a green wool scarf around his neck to ward off the winter chill.  He also has brown faux-fur boots with red and green pompoms on the laces to keep his toesies from freezing.

Why Dylan, himself, looks good enough to eat!
 Maybe THIS is what became of him.  He finally got his just dessert.

Friday, December 16, 2016


As a gift to you, Domino has dressed up in an actual dress this week!

She is all decked out in her new red and black tartan dress with white fur trim on the bottom and black sash at the waist.  Her red wool beret with black trim and embellishment is a supurrb complement to her festive frock.

Domino is wearing a silver necklace with a red and black ladybug pendant.  Although not typically seasonal for this time of year, it coordinates perfectly with the outfit, as does her red leather bag with ladybug accessory.  She's also added a silver bracelet studded with red stones as the final touch.

She's definitely a Calendar Girl for December even if she's not in an actual calendar!

"An' a Happy Mew Year!" says Domino.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


This is a picture from December 2012.  The outfits are not photoshopped, Dante and Domino actually wore them and really didn't mind.  In fact, I have a series of photos of them in their Christmas costumes; more to come later.

Santa and Mrs. Claws

Mewy Christmas!


Her name was Lacocoon Dane and she was only 10 weeks old.  Dane was supposed to come home to live with us this week, but instead she succumbed to pneumonia last night.

She was full of promise and would have become a gorgeous ladycat.  Although I never met her, I felt such a connection.

This is the last picture taken of her when we still thought she would recover.

Rest well, little one.  You made such a big impact in such a short time here on Earth.
Love you!

Monday, December 12, 2016


Here's a lovely portrait of Domino outside in the back yard in December.

There's nothing like the black-on-white contrast to make a tuxedo cat stand out in the snow.

"Speshully wen Mama closes da back door so yoo cant get in!"  opines Domino.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dylan's oozing whimsy today in his multi-colour owl hat.  He and his owl friend are the eyes and ears of the neighpurrhood, so to speak.

To heighten his visual acuity Dylan is sporting a pair of Harry Potteresque eyeglasses.  And instead of his usual scarf, he is wearing a multi-colour striped neckwarmer.  On his wrist is a blue and yellow striped Tudor watch, as he insists on being timely.

The owl, though is feeling a bit uneasy.  She feels like she may have forgotten something back at home in the woods.  Then suddenly she remembers ...

... "I'm coming baby!!!" she exclaims (leaving Dylan to hold the fort in the neighpurrhood watch).

"Who???" asks baby.