Thursday, May 30, 2013


Daddy did some tree trimming, but hasn't yet collected the results.  And, as it turned out, it made for a great photo op!

Yesterday we only saw Dylan obscured by branches and leaves from the crabapple tree as he sat on the fence.  Today, he is branching out on the ground.   As usual, his range of exPURRessions is PURRiceless!

Dylan really ...

 ... makes one ...

 ... wonder ...

 ... what's going on ...

 ... inside that ...

 ... head of his.

I think he may have finally twigged to something!  Guess he's more than just a pretty face after all.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sometimes it's not just the photograph, but the frame that can tell the tale.

Domino was outside on the prowl when these pictures were taken.  I moved around to try to get different PURRspectives, but in the end they all rather looked the same.  The story is more about me and to what lengths I will go to get a good shot.

 First I glanced Domino outside the living room window.

 I moved into the den to get a better view, but the tree was in the way.

 So, I took a shot from inside it (the tree, that is).  And Domino was none the wiser.

 Finally, I went underground.  I used a PURRiscope lens to get this shot.

After the photoshoot was over, I went back inside and pasted some of the best pictures in Domino's photo album.  Someday she might want to look back and remember the days when she was footloose and fancy free!  Wouldn't we all?

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Mama found some beautiful Chinese embroidered hats online, and, of course, now the 3-Ds have to pose in them.  Then I found a "Chinese Name Generator" and generated Chinese equivalents for their names.

In Chinese, the family name comes first, so in our case "Gilmore" becomes "Gao".

Dante is "Gao Dian Nu" and he was born in the Year of the Horse.

Dylan is "Gao Tan Yi", and he was born in the "Year of the Monkey" (very fitting methinks).

Domino is "Gao Tiao Mi" and she was born in the "Year of the Snake" (like Mama).

As we leave, we wish you "Good Luck" ...

... and lots and lots and lots of Fishes!

And, by the way, this year is once again the "Year of the Snake", so Domino and I are celebrating!  Any of you other snakes out there wanna join us?

Snakes were born in:    2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929    

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's Tuesday and Domino has taken up a stand in one of the iron plant pots on the front porch.

 "Itsa good place ta keep a watch on da naypurrhood", says she.

 "Yoo nevah noes wen sum defensiff ackshun mite be required!"

 "But in da meentime I'm gonna takes a baf."

 "Clenliness is nexta Codliness, aftah all."

Even in the midst of her ablutions ... 

 ... Domino carefully toes the line!

"Yoo ain't got nuffin' on me, Hairy Pottah!"

Monday, May 20, 2013


For those of you who may not know what Victoria Day is really all about, here's a little history.

The British sovereign's birthday has been celebrated in Canada since the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria came to the British throne in 1837.  In 1840 the Province of Canada was created through the union of modern-day southern Ontario and southern Quebec. In 1845 the province made the Queen’s Birthday an official Canadian public holiday and it changed from a military event to a civilian one.  It was in Victoria’s reign that Canada was created and established its distinct identity.  Queen Victoria herself declared that Canada was an independent nation.  Canada still belongs to the British Commonwealth of Nations, however, along with other former British colonies around the world.

Victoria Day, the third Monday in May, marks the unofficial start of summer for many Canadians. Weekend cottages are opened after a long winter, gardens are planted, and young people camp and attend the first music festivals of summer. Fireworks are used to celebrate this first long weekend of the summer season. The holiday is commonly referred to in Canadian-slang as May two-four; the two-four referencing twenty-four, the number of cans or bottle of beer in a Canadian case of beer.

It is the day used to celebrate both the current monarch of Canada, Queen Elizabeth II, and Queen Victoria who was so key in the establishment of our country.

So, of course Dante, Dylan and Domino have suited up Victorian-style as a nod to Queen Victoria and Canada's British roots.

Dante, as a Victorian gentlemancat salutes the Crown in a timely manner!

Dylan, as a Victorian gentlemancat, is into aerial bathtub racing.  Since our roots are British, he's rooting for the Brits!

Domino, as a Victorian ladycat, is all gussied up and gorgeous to celebrate the occasion.  She, of course, fancies herself the Queen of Canada.  "Sumday dey're gonna calls it DOMINO DAY" says she.

To all our fellow Canadians, we wish them a fantastic Victoria Day holiday, and ...

... to all our American furiends, we wish them a Happy Memorial Day!

Looks like North America is in for a whole lotta fireworks!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's Tuesday and Domino is truly a picture of tuxy tranquility!

I came upon this tranquil scene ...

...  a feline feeling quite serene!

No need to rush -- just hush.