Monday, April 30, 2012


Dylan is quite the daPURR dude.  I would even go so far as to call him 'dashing', except he's sitting still.

Dylan's large green eyes are most exPURRessive!

They dart this way ... 

... and that!

And when he can't quite decide which way to look ...

... he just looks straightforward!

"I'm looking forward to seeing you soon, darling Halle!", says he.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Domino: Day of the Diva

Today is the first anniversary of Sweet Praline's journey to the Bridge.  She was the ultimate diva, and so, today all divas are paying tribute to her, each in their own diva-ish way.

Sweet Praline, diva though she is, has a heart of gold -- just like when she was here on Earth.  Though her expression hasn't changed, she is very much at peace and has claimed one of the fluffiest clouds as her own.  From here she can clearly see her Mom Paula and her new sisters, Truffle and Brulee.  She's keeping an eye on them from on high -- befitting the Diva she is!

Of course, we have our own little Diva and her name is Domino.  Let me spell it out!

D = Domino
I = Is
V = Very
A = Assertive

Domino is the queen of our house, and the general surrounding area.  She lets the boys know who is boss and has claimed our immediate neighbours' properties, including the road in front.  More than one car has had to go around her as she refused to move herself.  Why should she?  They are the interlopers!

She is also a hostess extraordinaire and a model sans pareil.  Her social skills are without equal.

"Wot I sais goes!", says Domino.
Tell me, who is going to argue with that?

Domino still has to keep Dylan in line.  The poor boy never learns.

Dante knows better, and pays homage to the Queen.

Domino even deigns to give audience to visitors -- as long as they know their place.

At parties Domino takes center stage.
(Biggify to see her Diva exPURRession!)

She feels it's her right -- nay, duty -- to check out all of the guests' purses.

Domino is fearless and goes where others fear to tread.

Domino has a firm grip on her domain.

She likes to show her softer side to anyone who comes by to visit, however.

Domino is a seasoned model, who takes her job very seriously.

But when she wants something, she makes sure everybody knows!
"Gimme a break!", she yells.  "It's time fur treets."

This "DIVA" dress was made just for her.  No wonder it fits like a glove.

"Sweet Praline is my role model", says Domino.  "I always looks up to her ".

Sweet Praline is a shining example for all divas efurrywhere.
Divas are FURever (just like diamonds)!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today is Milo Marshall's fourth birthday!  As you probably know, Domino is his long-time girlfriend and this year she went all out to make his birthday very special.

First, Domino sent Milo this home-made birthday card that she carefully crafted with love (and kisses as you can see!)

She also gave him this speed circuit and can hardly wait to try it out with him, herself!

And finally, she gave him this tuxy heatpad so that they can snuggle up together and keep warm.

Domino had a tough time deciding what to wear to the party, but finally settled on this pretty frock.  "Frock on!", she exclaims.

Domino looks up to her handsome beau.  She thinks he's just the bees' knees!  Together, they create quite the buzz.

So come on over to Milo's party and join the fun.  I hear there's lots of food to see -- SEEfood, that is!  And of course, it's not just a feast for the eyes -- you can eat it, too.

Milo's cake has quite the a-LURE!  He wants to have his cake and eat that, too!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, we find Domino out on the back deck checking out the barbecue.

 "I'll have to get Daddeh to fire up dis fing", she says.

"It still smells so good even wen it's not on!"

"Daddeh -- kin yoo barbeekew me sumFIN rite now, pleez?"

 "But Domino, you just had breakfast!", exclaims Daddy.

"I noes, but I'm salivatin' jus' finkin' about sum nice joosy grilled seefood", replies Dommy.

"Sorry, but you'll just have to wait 'til supper like the rest of us", says Dad.

So Domino goes ahead and puts some 'shrimp' on the barbie all by herself!  "I mai be small", she says, "but I has a big apPETite."

What can I say?  She's a grill after my own heart!

Monday, April 16, 2012


One thing about being so good-looking (if we don't say so ourselves) is that it makes it quite easy to look good at a moment's notice.

So here we are looking good.  For us, it's just a snap!

How's that for a great start to the week?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dylan is simply drooling over the thought of a date with Halle Berry!

"I has always preFURRed RASPBERRIES, but recently my tastes has changed", says he.

"An' besides, I jus' cant berry my felines anymore.  Now I'm crazy about BLOOBERRIES -- cuz dat's da colour of my troo love's eyes!"

Meet Halle Berry!  Isn't she just BLOOtiful?

"I'm singin' da BLOOS until mai mancat gets heer", she says.  "I alwais enjoys doin' a liddle sCAT.  It helps ta pass da time."


And then Halle gasps as she spots Dylan coming in the door.  This is the moment she's been waiting for.  They kiss ...

... and now Dylan's singing the Blues -- because he's so berry, berry happy!  Halle Berry's simply the best!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


The 3-Ds, Dante, Dylan and Domino, would like to wish you a Happy Easter.  They have each dressed up for the occasion to suit their very individual PURRSonalities.

You may want to biggify the pictures to properly appreciate all of the deTAILS.

Here's Dante Bunny with his rabbit ears, nose and floofy cottonTAIL!  He's puzzling over the age old question "What came first, the chick-hen or the egg?"  It's even more complicated now because this newly-hatched chick appears to be part-rabbit!   The 'yolk's' really on you, this time, Dante!

 Dylan is dreamy as a black-eyed daisy.  Domino finally slugged him, so his ego (as well as his eye) is quite bruised.  Oh well, that's what he gets for 'egging' her on.  So Dylan's thoughts now turn very far away to his heavenly Halle.  She is supposed to arrive tomorrow to spend the weekend with him and minister to his wounded spirit.  So no worries, there -- everything's going to be 'just ducky'.  All Dylan can say is "HALLElujah to that!"

And finally, here's darling Domino all dressed up for Easter!  She's really 'FROCKing it' in her Easter bonnet, dress and shoes.  She's carrying an Easter basket just brimming with eggs and she's willing to SHELL them out to whoever might want one.  Her sweetheart Milo is on his way over for an Easter date and together they're going to have a 'smashing' good time!   I just hope they don't end up with 'egg' on their faces.