Thursday, December 31, 2009


Before this year and this decade fade into the past, I want to post this Christmas 2009 memory.  These are my grandkitties, Sox and Missy who are both a year and a half old.  Sox is the floofy brown male tabby with white socks, and Missy is the little girl tabby with white.

They both came over with their daddy (my son Ryan) for Christmas Day and stayed until after dinner.  They  travel very well and visit often enough that they have become accustomed to my home.  In fact, every time they come over, Ryan must run around looking for Sox when it's time to leave, because he never wants to go.  I mean he loves being in the car, so what other explanation could there be?

Could it be that grandma always has tons of food choices available, both wet and dry?  That catnip is always abundant, and there are a myriad of toys strewn here, there and everywhere?  Everything a cat could ever want.

Missy is the most dominant kitty I have ever encountered.  We sometimes call her "Hissy" because that is her preferred method of keeping everyone in order.  She keeps all three of my cats in line, too -- well, maybe except for Domino who just refuses to acknowledge her presence.  Domino's too dignified to even bother with her.

Anyway, here's Sox under the Christmas tree, and Missy sitting in the wing chair (normally Dante's favourite spot).

The next two pictures show Sox playing with the new Turbo Track that the 3-Ds got for Christmas!  You can see Missy approaching.  With just a look she displaced Sox, and took over the very spot he had been sitting.  Sox knows not to mess with her!

Anyway, the grandkitties had a marvelous time.  I can hardly wait until they come back to visit again -- in the near future I hope.

Of course, the near future is the New Year, so these memories, like 2009, are quickly fading into the past.  That's why it was important to record them here for PAWsterity!

Have a great New Year's Eve, efurryone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


For our Wednesday post, titled:  "Wordless Wednesday:  What does Dante See?", please go to Dante's blog by clicking on his picture to the immediate left of this post.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You may have noticed this plant in some earlier pictures which I posted. I don't know the proper name for it, but we call it a giant "Chia Pet". It actually acts a lot like a regular Chia Pet in that you don't have to water it much or at all, and it survives all year long -- in this case, out of doors.

Domino was instantly attracted to the new porch plant, and only took a few seconds to sniff it before chomping into it. She liked it so much, in fact,  she has decided to adopt it PURRmanently.

Here's even a short little video of Domino becoming intimately acquainted with her Chia Pet.

Yum!  Nothing like fresh grass to nosh on in the winter.  This will keep Domino going through all the bad weather, and to think all she had to do was adopt a pet!  (Brian from "Brian's Home would really like this, wouldn't he?)

Domino is a real grass afficianado, too.  She has a developed a palate for the good stuff -- and this certainly qualifies.

Imagine having a pet that you can nibble on and nuzzle, too!  (Speaking of nuzzling, Domino's on her way over to see you, Milo.  I hope you don't mind a little grass on her breath.)

Monday, December 28, 2009


The mancats were really taking advantage of the warmer weather. After many days inside, they were as squirrelly as those evil black squirrels. No amount of wrestling and THoE can make up for a little fresh air and change of scenery.

Dylan took the opportunity to check out the old territory and refresh all his scentmarks.

Here's Dante just taking it all in. You may notice a plethora of tiny footprints in the snow along with some peanuts. Although we didn't see any at the time, the squirrels are around in hiding somewhere, and come out in force to feast once the peanutty scent wafts their way.

I made sure the squirrels had a decent holiday dinner, as well. Friend or foe, it matters not at Christmas.

Dante is obviously startled by something going on in the neighbourhood. He's got the owl ears going on and stunned look on his face. Mancat on alert, he is!

Dylan's still busy checking out all areas of his territory. From our driveway ...

... to our neighbour's driveway. Hmmmm, here's something new!

Dante's standing at the corner of the garage, watching as something approaches.

And look what it is! The mancats reunite!

Just a brief greeting to check in with each other. And then they're off again.

Dante looks mysterious, here, peering through the bushes.

Then he's off to parts unknown with Dylan looking on.

Time to do another tour while the weather permits. You can never be too careful when it comes to the security of your family!
The mancats thoroughly enjoyed their outing because they never know when they might get another chance to breathe the winter air and roam at will. It was a good remedy for the "stir crazies", that's for sure!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


First, here's Dylan singing a seasonal "Meowlaylooyah"! He was just happy the weather was warm enough finally, to venture outside.

It's nice to take a bath outdoors again. So refreshing!

Dylan is cleaning up because he made peanut butter by squashing the squirrel nuts and some of it got on his feet. So while he was at it, he decided to add a little jam to the mix ...

... TOE JAM, that is! It also probably helped to loosen the peanut butter from the roof of his mouth. A little jam goes a long way.

Dylan's always been a great multi-tasker. Snacking while bathing is an acquired talent -- especially when you've made your own peanut butter and jam! Yum!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Here are some pictures from the holiday season a year ago. It's very rare to capture all three of my darling D's in one place at one time. In this instance I had them hostage because they wanted in quite badly. So I took the opportunity to have a little fun. Some of the images are quite amusing!

A little blurry but you get the idea!

A yawn that looks like a howl!

Being very patient, indeed!

Ever hopeful that the door will open!

This is the picture that I use for my 3-D logo!

Never fear! Shortly after this last picture was taken, the magic green door was opened and the 3-Ds scrambled inside to the warmth and love of their forever home. In this case, there was plenty of room at the "IN"!
Have the merriest of Christmases in the comfort of your own hearth and home. It's the "in-thing" to do!
Happy Holidays Efurryone! Love from Dante, Dylan and Domino (and their Mama).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


To see our Wednesday post titled "Wordless Wednesday: Happy Holidays from Dante", please go to Dante's blog by clicking on his picture to the immediate left of this post.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last week I showed pictures of Dante in the snow, and now Domino takes her turn. While she's definitely not fond of the cold, she doesn't mind going out on a mild winter's day. The snow is not a deterrent if the sun is shining.

I just love the contrast of Domino's black fur against the white. It certainly makes for some interesting photographic opportunities!

Domino starts off her snow trek by checking the scentmarkings on the porch. It's home base, after all!

Domino bravely dives off the steps of the porch...

...but then proceeds more timidly into the white wonderland.

She finds the kitty bench which provides a nice, warm oasis in this massive desert of snow.

The sun is shining, so a little basking is in order, she thinks!

Finally, it's time to leave the relative comfort of the bench to venture off, once more, into the snow.

First, Domino does a tentative test with her little paw...

... before diving feet first into the powder!

Domino doesn't go very far. She settles on mama's bench, just opposite the other. She's more or less done her circle tour from the front porch to the kitty bench and back to the porch area.

I just love this picture of Domino's little hind foot with her footprint in the snow just behind her.

And we couldn't close this Tuxy Tuesday post before Christmas without including Milo. Ann of Zoolatry was so kind as to help Domino and Milo get together for a Christmas visit. This is their first Christmas as a couple, so they wanted to celebrate it in a special way. They are warm and cozy and settling down for a snuggle. Before they do, though, they read one of their favourite stories and just thoroughly enjoy the moment.

They know that they must part again, because each of their families want them at home on Christmas Day. Before they are separated again, though, Domino and Milo would like to have a private moment. So at that we'll leave them to do what lovers do (a little Christmas co-mingling, if you get my drift).

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Monday, December 21, 2009


It's Mancat Monday and time to show you how the mancats of the house interact with the Christmas environment.

Dante likes to sit in the wing chair next to the Christmas tree and just enjoy all the ambience.

This is a better picture of the Christmas tree from top to bottom. We get reflections of it in the windows on either side of the tree, so it's almost like having three Christmas trees at once!

This is a picture of our dressed-up mantle from a rather odd angle (I was lying down at the time).

This is the centerpiece on the mantle -- our Santa with cat. It wouldn't be Christmas without him.

Here's Dante lounging atop one of the Christmas presents. It's nice and tall so also affords a view out the window!

Dante also seems to favour this particular arm of the loveseat. This time he's not facing the wall at least. He likes to be around another favourite Santa of ours. He gets all excited just thinking about when the real one will be here. Only a few more nights now!

Dante in wide-eyed wonder! The anticipation is killing him.

And here's Dylan, finally, sniffing around under the coffee table in the living room.

And checking things out from the foyer! Is that Santa at the front door?

Dylan also likes to perch on that same present. It's a good location to scout out the tree and perhaps get a little nosh while you're at it.

And then, a little expedition underneath the tree. Dylan's checking out which presents are for him!

Mancats get just as excited as anyone else about Christmas! It kind of spoils their tough image -- but hey, some things are just more important.