Saturday, October 31, 2015


Dante, Dylan and Domino have all dressed up for Hallowe'en and they'll be partying well into the night.

Dante's shirt proclaims that he is a "Bad Boy", and sure enough he's a cheetah!  
"Dere's nuffin worse dan bein' a cheet", says he.  "Yoo bettah watch out fur me or I'll cheet yoo outta your Halloween candy!"

 Dylan is pretending to be a green one-eyed monster, although he's got two eyes of his own trained on the biggest treat of all -- that juicy little parrot!  He will not be swayed by cupcakes, unless they've got mice inside them.

We all know that Domino is the Queen Bee of the house, but she's out to make her point, and paint herself (and the town) red while she's doing it.  She will unmask herself at midnight so efurryone will know who they're really dealing with!

Watch out!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Dylan was out on the back deck inspecting the remnants of a potted plant.

Of course, being Dylan, he first registered a faint state of alarm with his ears going sideways and backwards at the same time.  (Quite a feat for ears!!!) 

 Then when he realized there wasn't any danger, he, his ears (and his feet) relaxed.

 I thought, though, that they still made an interesting foreground through which to peer at him.

That's when Dylan decided he wasn't so 'frond' of me anymore.
  Oh well, you can't win 'em all!

Ho hum!

Monday, October 26, 2015


Dante is having a ball rustling around in the fallen leaves.  He's got his burgundy fedora on so those leaves don't fall on his head, and a matching bowtie just for fashion's sake.

The leaves are late leaving the trees this year due to global warming, and he can hardly wait until the rest come tumbling down.  You need lots and lots to have a really good rustle!

Dylan's looking fabulous in his sage-coloured fedora with tan band, and a coordinating bowtie in greens and browns.  He's also picked out a similarly-toned watch so he can time how long it takes a leaf to fall from the tree to his pile on the ground.

Even though he really likes to get dressed up, for true 'releaf' you have to get naked and really immerse yourself in the subject!

Domino is looking very classy -- and classic in her amber wide-brimmed hat with braided band.  She is wearing a very fetching scarf which coordinates purrfectly with it, and is carrying a gold, brown and orange clutch which blends in nicely with the fallen leaves.

Domino and Dylan are like-minded in that they like to get down and dirty when they're 'au naturel'.  You have to enjoy fall to the max while it's here!  It won't be long before we have to 'leaf' it behind for the cold white stuff.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Each of the 3-D Cats has a special quirk (in addition to wearing hats, that is).

Here Dante is sporting a tweed plaid flatcap in tones of teal and orange.  These same tones are picked up in his bright plaid bowtie.  At the moment, though, he's not so interested in fashion as he is in the prospect of coaxing this bird to come for supPURR.

Even if he succeeds, the dinner conversation may be rather problematic.  You see Dante tends to get into squabbles with pigeons -- mostly over whether they're called pigeons or squabs.   In the end, though, it's all semantics as they are, actually, one and the same.

"I may be a pigeon but I ain't fallin' for anyfing dis character has ta say!" states the canny bird.

Dylan, too, is wearing a tweed flatcap in herringbone teal with a coordinating teal, black and white bowtie.  He's on the lookout for a pesky chipmunk who has been after his nuts.  Dylan has been hoarding acorns while labouring under the delusion that they are actually small containers filled with corn.

But then Dylan's always been kind of a corny guy and this just proves it!

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely on Chippie's side!
Go, Chippie, go! 

Domino is fascinating in her fuschia fascinator and flapper necklace with purple gems.  She's also wearing a deep purple bracelet and carrying a handbag with that same amethyst glow.

Domino is standing beside one of the last remaining flowers in the back garden.  She is comiserating with it about the impending cold weather.  This is her last hurrah before her favourite flower fades into oblivion.

At least Domino is helping her flowered friend to go out in a blaze of PURRple glory!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Dylan's passing time on the deck bench while contemplating "Fall".

 "Fall is wen leafs fall on the ground", says he profoundly.  "But dey changes colour before dey duz it."

"All I kin fink is dat it reely mus' NOT be easy bein' green!"

"We second, third, fourth and fifth, that one!"

Monday, October 12, 2015


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day and the 3-Ds are celebrating by wearing special Thanksgiving hats.

 Dante is wearing a pilgrim turkey on his head with one leg dangling either side of his head.  He has coordinated this with a bowtie replete with fall colours.

Dante is actually trying to CATmouflage himself as a turkey, so he can follow that juicy fellow strutting several steps ahead without alarming him .  He just can't wait to "gobble" him up!

The turkey, however, has his own slant on Thanksgiving, which is especially fine for those who want to 'pig out' in true fashion!

Dylan is wearing a golden baseball cap decorated with a little comic turkey.  His bowtie, too, meshes with the autumn colours all around him.

Dylan was far away when he caught a faint scent of a heavenly aroma.  He followed his nose to find a turkey feast ready and waiting for him.  "I jus' loves street food!" he declares happily.

"Let's par-tay!"

Finally, Domino is celebrating by wearing her woollen pumpkin cap.  It keeps her ears nice and warm, but also make her think of the pumpkin pie that's waiting for her at home.

She likes things that are a little sweet and spicy -- just like her!  Her favourite part, though, is the whipped cream.  "I milks it fur all it's worf", says she.

"Yoo jus' can't beat a dessert dat hops rite to it, can yoo?"

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


When it comes to Domino and Dante, size really doesn't matter.  She is a mere 6.5 pounds and he a whopping 24!

Dante was just standing on the front patio when Domino returned from her walk-about after sprinting all the way home.

Still full of beans and feeling a little aggressive, Domino approaches Dante.  "Wot's up yoo big lunk?" asks she.

 "Nuffin much" replies Dante, at which point Domino inches closer towards him.

And then, out of nowhere, Domino begins to raise the paw of doom.  Dante's obviously feeling a little apprehensive about where there is going.

 And with reason, because the paw of doom is escalating into ...

 ...a full blown attack!!!

Although there was ultimately no connection with that mighty swipe and Dante's defensive reaction, Dante submits.  "I surrenders", says Dante as he bows his head to the victor.

 "I'm glad yoo noes yoor place", declares the vanquisher.  "Now I doan hasta beat yoo up!"
"Whew!" says Dante in relief.

The moral of the story is:  "Giving in isn't the same as giving up.  Sometimes you just have to know when to let go before things get even worse."