Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Domino is normally a study in black and white, and she stands out against any background.

Domino defines her own space against gray. 

 And even more vividly against white.

 She seems to absorb hints of tan from her surroundings.

 And head on, her green eyes rule!

 Her eyes seems to drawn you in.

 They are quite mesmerEYEzing, aren't they?

And then, there's an abstract PURRtrayal.  I call this one "Domino on Steroids."

Obviously, Domino is not so black and white, after all.

Friday, March 21, 2014


This series of pictures sums up Dante and Domino's relationship PURRFectly.  Secretly they like each other, but in public they always keep a PAWlite distance.

It's Spring on the calendar and Dante is enjoying the dry pavement on the driveway. 

 Domino spots Dante (which is not hard to do considering he is bright orange) and ...

 ... MEOWanders (a kitty version of 'meanders') over to join him.

 Dante is suddenly aware of her PURResence.  His ears are like radar when it comes to such things.

 Domino turns her head to look at Dante looking at something else ...

... and then turns back in silence.

Unlike Domino's relationship with Dylan (the bounder!), this one with Dante is a peaceful co-existence.  It is clear that they respect each others' boundaries and they are just cats being cats -- as it should be.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


The 3-Ds are all geared up in their Victorian Steampunk finest to be inducted into the Steampunk Hall of Fame.

(Biggify for best view)

ConCATulations to Dylan, Dante and Domino who managed to make it today, totally under their own steam!  If you're going to get punked, this is the way to do it.

They have been voted in by some of the most illustrious Steampunk Cats in HISStory.

I guess this makes it O-FISH-ALL!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Domino is sitting on the front bench enjoying the sun.

 The sun is casting sharp shadows so ...

 ... Domino looks for her own.

 "Oh, dere yoo are!", says she. 
Her shadow is just one of her many alter egos ...

 ... but this one has totally PUSSessed her!

"Be afraid ... be verreh afraid", she says.

Apparently this new generation of vamPURRs wants to come out of the shadows and have their day in the sun, too!

And they're ready to stand fast for their rights to have it.  
( I've never seen anyone stand faster than this guy, have you?)

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Dante and Dylan are out on the deck benches on a bright, sunny March day.

It's wonderful to be with your best buddy out in the FUResh air ...

... and to luxuriate in the sun after being closed indoors on those cold, dark winter days.

So, what do boys do when they get a chance to be on deck for the whole afternoon?  Why they get decked out in their best party hats and play poker, of course! 

Dylan alerts the neighPURRhood cats that there's a game in the offing.

"Let da chips fall ware dey may!", says Dylan.  After all snacks are very important on such occasions.

Unfortunately, what started out as a FURiendly game of poker outside in the FUResh air and sun quickly deteriorated into a dark, dank and dePURRaved PURRsuit in the den of iniquity they call "the basement".

After all what can you really expect?  These are the same cats that hang out on the neighPURRhood fences and howl all night long.

The moral to this story?
Beware your neighPURRS!  Not efurryone is a chip off the old block.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Domino just loves the snow!

She likes to leave her footprints in it ...

... and suPURRimpose her own on top of others.

Like efurrything else in Domino's domain, the snow is hers and hers alone.

She embraces the snow head first ...

... because she loves the smell of it and the feel of it.

Domino is most distressed when it starts to disappear.

So before SPURRing arrives she wants to make as many snow angels as pawsible.

In fact she made so many that she became one, herself!

No cause for alarm, though, because Domino is still firmly rooted to this Earth.  She has just become a better PURRSon in the PURRocess.