Saturday, September 26, 2015


When Domino wants something she really lets you know.

 "Let me IN!"

And then ... "I mean MEOW!!!"

Thursday, September 24, 2015


The 3-Ds are out and about and enjoying the early fall weather.

Now that fall is here, Dante has chosen to wear warmer colours mixed with black and white.  His hat is a rust and navy pork pie hat with black band, and his bowtie a rust, orange, white and black mix. He is also sporting a watch (with timer) that has a coordinating band; half black-and-white zigzag and half rust suede.

"I wonts ta get Fall off to a good start", says he after starting the timer. 

 Dylan is ever so dappurr in his ivory and black herringbone fedora with black band.  It is decorated with a swath of feathers in pinks, reds and yellows.  He has selected his bowtie picking up on the pink theme which matches well with his mood.  Fall always makes Dylan feel like he's in the pink. He prefers the cooler weather.  Dylan also has a watch with a rust suede and herringbone band, but he's not concerned with time right now -- just with enjoying the moment.

There's no 'bones' about it.  Dylan's really into herrings, especially the red ones.  So much so, he has even copied their style!

"I jus' luvs a liddle 'smoked' fish, doan yoo?" he asks.

Domino is on safari in the nearby woods.  She has chosen a wide-brimmed green and black animal print hat, and a sturdy astrological pendant as a good luck talisman.  She is backpacking it with a stylish black and lime green studded pack which demonstrates her true 'metal'.

"It kin dubble as a weapun if I efur runs into trubble!" she declares.
No wonder it's not safe to go into the woods anymore!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


The 3-Ds are making the best of the waning moments of summer.  They have chosen hats that they feel will also transition into fall.

 Domino is wearing a gold coloured Sinimay hat with much flourish, and many flourishes.  There's even a small gold starfish near the peak.  The theme is carried over into her stylish scarf which is patterned with stars in peach tones, and fastened with a starfish brooch.

The starfish she is holding between her paws is actually a little clutch bag studded with pearls!

And even though starfish predominate in Domino's chosen attire, today, she is still the brightest star of all.

"I jus' rolls wif it!" says Domino.

 Dylan is quite dapper in his navy blue Stetson and navy floral bowtie.  "I has lern'd not ta pick da flowers, so instead I jus' wears pichurs of dem.  Dat way I kin keep dem fresh furever!"

However, some things are not so easily kept.  Dylan's feline a little blue as he says goodbye to his friend, the bluebird, until next Spring.  "Is a bittersweet time a yeer!" says he.  "So flock off now until we meets again."

On the other paw, Dante is having a rather 'pheasant' experience greeting his feathered friends who have just arrived for the fall season.

He is sporting a navy and white pork pie hat with red band, and a rather large red and blue floral bowtie.  He is also wearing a watch with a blue and red paisley band to coordinate with his chosen colours. He really likes to make a statement, he does!

And that statement is:  "Fezants is moar dan jus' birds, dey is a Fanksgivin' dinnah all wrapped up in colourful feddahs."

Who knew they could move so fast?  Run pheasant, run!  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Dante and Dylan are out on the back deck.

 They give each other a brofurly greeting, but Dylan is clearly taken aback!

 "Oh pfffffffffff!" says Dante as he gives Dylan a raspberry.  "Wot are yoo turnin' yoor nose up at?"

 "Frankly, bro, it's yoor breaf", admits Dylan tentatively.

 "Breaf is nuffin but hot air!!!" declares Dante.  "Wot's wrong wif dat?"

 "All I kin say is hot air duzn't rise quickly enuff" says Dylan turning his head rapidly to avoid any more noxious emissions.

"It looks like nuffin ackshully kin come between us.  I'm outta heer!!!" says Dylan as he takes his leave.

"Harumph! Wot a pussy!" snorts Dante, feeling very insulted.

"Oh deer!" says Dylan as he cozies up to one.

Monday, September 7, 2015


The 3-Ds are out in their fancy gear again.  They are relishing wearing lighter hats because they know that soon they'll have to break out the heavy ones for colder weather.  And then, it's not just a matter of fashion, but of survival.  But until then, they can just enjoy wearing hats for fun!

Dante's lazing on the front porch in a black and tan-checked flatcap.  His bowtie reflects his MEWSical feelings with its black background and ivory-coloured MEWSical notes.  And once again he is flashing a fancy watch -- this time a Panerai!  You have to be a big boy to sport one of those -- and Dante certainly qualifies in that regard.

Another thing that Dante has learned over the years is that
  "Time sure flies whether you're havin' fun or not!"

Dylan, with his typical dazed expression, is dazing on the front porch.  He's chosen a summery white hat flecked with gold and accented with a gold band.  His gold and tan paisley tie is the perfect foil for this (even though it's actually made of silk).

He has picked some of the last sunflowers of the season and is hoping they'll last a little while longer yet.  (Just don't drink the water like last time, Dylan, and they might keep at least a week!)

"Although we're flattered that you picked us -- next time, please don't!"

And Miss Domino has been hunting for Miss Daisy, and it looks like she found her and a bunch of her relatives.  She is wearing a green mint sideswept hat adorned with a sage-coloured flower on one side.  Her peridot, citrine and pearl necklace adds a dainty touch to her ensemble.

In her crazy daisy frame of mind, Domino sings:

 "Daisies, daisies, give me your answer, do
I'm half crazy over the likes of you!"

"Just leaf us alone, will you, -- you Mad Hatter, you?!" they reply not unexpectedly.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Today is September 1st, and it's Domino's birthday!  She doesn't like to reveal her age because she's dating a younger mancat, but in reality she seems ageless as always.

After celebrating her birthday with us, Domino is winging her way to The Cotswolds in England to dine and dance with her true love, Milo.

Don't tell her, but Milo has something rather special planned for her afterwards as well.
  It looks like Domino's calendar for September 1st is already filled -- with love!

So hats off to Domino on her special day!
And here's to many more ...