Sunday, February 28, 2010


And all that I have for you today is a video of the 3-Ds for your viewing pleasure.  They're taking it easy -- what I call 3-Deasy!   

Click here to view:  "3-Deasy Sunday"

Enjoy!  And take it easy yourself, why doncha!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Contrary to all appearances, this first photo is not a standoff between Domino and Dante, although with Dante's raised back and Domino's seeming defensive posture, one might think so.

Dante was just stretching, and Domino had just hopped up on the bench.

And seconds later, this is what happened! 
This is Dante's usual greeting.  He does the same to Dylan. 
"Hi, how are you?  Let's see what's going on back here!"

Domino doesn't react hissily at all to Dante, although if Dylan had done the same thing it would sound like World War III had broken out.  "Butt" enough is enough.  Little Miss Domino prefers to be left alone, thank you very much.

And to avoid any further "herASSment" by that big "BUTTinski", Dante, Domino just takes the path of least resistance on her way to the back door.

In any event, the relationship between Domino and Dante is quite peaceful.  There seems to be a common understanding between them (unlike with certain other parties, previously mentioned herein).  Dante is very respectful of Domino, and she allows him a little latitude now and then.  And all is well.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Dylan's kind of funny.  He normally looks rather startled.  Almost anything can cause him to look this way --any sound from a soft rustling to a loud report of some sort.  Dylan's eyes widen and practically bug out of his head!  It's obvious in these pictures that something has caught them (his eyes that is)!

He does have a relaxed look as you will see in the video, but more often than not it's that "deer in the headlights" look that predominates.

And, as an extra added bonus, here's Dylan having a short bath.  He's actually pretty relaxed for a change.

Click Here:  "Dylan's Bath"

Dear Dylan, we love you deerly!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's Tuxy Tuesday and my darling Domino is on the deck bench in the back.  It's still not entirely clear of snow, though we're about 98% there.  In this first picture you can see Domino daintily stepping around the clump of snow.  Heaven furbid, those little tootsies should get wet!

By the way, these photos are shown in the sequence in which they were taken.

Domino thinks it's time to go back inside now.  She's had enough fresh air and wants to warm up.

Hmmmm!  Just more of the white stuff over there.

That back door is so close, I can taste it!

Let's see if it's any better over here!

Brrrrr!  It just looks so icy.  Better not jump.

Let's try back over this way, again!  That's even worse -- it's just deeper!

This is such a dilemma!

What's a girl to do?

Domino finally takes the plunge -- one foot at a time.

Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought, but my feet still got wet -- except for this one!

Damn!  If I had jumped off over here, I could have avoided it all!

I think Domino learned a lesson here, and that is to look further afield before you leap (or step daintily, in this case)!

Monday, February 22, 2010


It's Monday and it may be too late for judging, but my mancats are determined to show their Olympic-caliPURR abilities. 

To begin they are testing out their aPURRatus.  Dante and Dylan will be PURRforming on the Outdoor Balance Beam.  And to increase the level of difficulty, they will do it in unison.

Dante, front and center, on the balance beam.

Dylan checks in, too!  Ready, set, go ...

Here they are purrforming synchronized moves on the Balance Beam.
  How outstanding!  Out standing in the cold, that is!
(Who knew Balance Beam was an outdoor sport?)

They're just getting in position for the next round.  They cross tails as a symbol of their solidarity.

Dylan's in position, but Dante's still scrambling.  I hope he doesn't get a time violation.

Ah!  Well done, mancats!  Double-decker balance beam in purrfect unison!
Even their tails are curled in the same direction.

Time for the dismount.  Look at that poise and control!

Even post-dismount, Dylan's got style! 

Dante's turn to get off the beam. He seems to be hesitating ...

... but makes a glorious recovery!  Bravo, boys!

You're mama is "beaming" 'cause she's so proud of you.  You both really outdid yourselves.  It's very difficult to purrform on the outdoor balance beam, and then to do it as a team, it's just exemplary!  What a sport!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


In this case, the catwalk includes our front walk and driveway.  The cats just love to sit at the edge of the walk and watch what's happening on the street.  Sometimes, they will take a stroll as far as the road, as Domino and Dante do in this series of photos.  You get a better view of local activity from there.  And, of course, pussycats are nosy -- they have to know everything!

We start off with an artsy shot of Dylan sitting on the cat bench in the front.

Dylan decides to join Domino who is already sitting on the driveway. 

Both are watching Dante and his encounter with our neighbour kitty, Figaro.

Domino goes for a "stretch and stroll".  This is one of Domino's favourite stances.  She usually shakes her little foot in the air whenever she does it, as well.

Dylan's just sitting pretty!

This is Dante at the side of the garage sniffing out an ice patch.  Figaro had been there just seconds before.

This ice stuff is really interesting.  Refreshing, too!

Dante heads back to the front walk, mostly because I am urging him along.  I like to keep him where I can see him at all times.

This is Domino actually sitting on the road!  She has claimed it as hers, so no one dare run her over.

She's taking her time to bask in the sun and the radiated heat from the pavement.  Good thing we don't have much traffic on our street.  It's very quiet.

Well, enough of that!  Domino heads back to home base.  The splotch in the center of this picture is actually the dried spirea flowers from the bush at the edge of the walkway.

Here's King Dante, who finally made it to the right side of the garage where I can see him easily. 

Dante watches as Dylan prepares to jump back on the bench.

And Dylan watches, as Dante takes a stroll to the end of the drive.

I know that Dante would never go further than this because he doesn't like to be very far from home.  I always have a careful eye on him, as well.

So we leave Dante, sun shining down on him, as he looks off in the distance.  I wonder what he's thinking?

And that's it for the Caturday Catwalk!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The first few pictures were taken late last week, and the rest, just yesterday.  We've had some slow but steady melting going on, so that now there are some grassy patches on the front lawn.  Domino, of course, had to explore them, and posed beautifully for me during her appointed rounds.

The pictures of Domino on the driveway were taken by her Daddy.  The pavement heats up in the winter sun and makes a good escape from the still mostly snowy landscape.

Domino's black is crisp against the shadowy white background.  A branch from the spirea bush adds a spike of interest in the foreground.  Although, Domino is interesting enough, all by herself, of course!

Here's Domino with that intent look on her face.  She focussed on her destination -- the bench!  What an intrepid girl she is!

And here she is, taking a breather!  Pretty pink nose front and center.

And a few days later, here's the grassy patch underneath the pine tree.  Domino's attention is caught by something rustling -- is it a birdie or  a squirrel?  There's a certain air of mystery to this one.  Also, note the perfectly raised front paw as she poses prettily.

And, she's off!   There's that intense look on her face again.  It really makes one wonder what she might be thinking.  She seems so very purrposeful!  This time the spirea branches add a touch of blurry interest.  Instead of sunspots, we've got bushspots!

Domino makes her way through the snowy tundra, determined as ever to reach her new destination -- wherever that may be!

Ah, it's the driveway!  Daddy captures Domino in a pensive pose.  I think she's watching the ice melt -- that can be quite the fascinating passtime, by the way.  It's all that slow trickling going on!

And this puts little Domino in purrspective.  Small but mighty!

I love the curves of Domino's little body in this one!  Something has caught her highly-peaked attention.

And here she is, posed in profile, back from whence she started.

This calls for a good stretch, and a nibble of grass don't you think?

Domino:  The End