Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's rare that Domino takes a bad picture.  Whether clothed or in her natural tux, she plays to the camera. Here are some of her best from recent photoshoots.

Domino is the mistress of the over-the-shoulder glance.

Neither is she afraid to look you straight in the eye.

The little lady in black and white can also be quite mysterious.

Wherever she may be, she adds to the beauty that surrounds her.

What a natural!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well, it's that special day once a year when our kitties get to be Pirates, or enjoy themselves eating one, anyway.

Cap'n Dante says:  "Avast ye mateys!  Take over da wheel.  I'll be on da Poop Deck cuz I got lots of poopin' ta doo!".  (Unfortunately there are no litter boxes on board.  It's up to the LOOtenant to suPURRvise the clean-up.)

LOOtenant Dylan has other more savoury things on his mind.  "Aargh!  I cant beleeve me eye!", says he.  
 It's not the gold that makes him light up with joy, it's ...

... the PIE RAT that just scuttled across his feet!  Considering what he has to deal with efurry day, LOOtenant Dylan feels he should get his just desserts.

Domino is the Cabin Girl.  She's in charge of the Captain's Cabin and keeping the captain in line (as much as pawsible).  However, her heart lies with the Captain of another vessel.  Domino says:  "Ahoy dere Cap'n Milo!  Duz yoo has a buckle yoo needs swashed, PURRhaps?"

And swashbuckler that he is, indeed, Cap'n Milo says, to darling Domino:  "I'd love to 'parley' wif yoo my dear liddle 'Mouse-Get-Here'!  So she did.

If you want to see more of the 'Pirate Tails' in 3-D, you'll have to wait for the film.

"Pirate Tails of the CATSpian Sea"

Starring:    Cap'n Dante, LOOtenant Dylan and Cabin Girl Domino

Co-Starring:  Cap'n Milo and his First Mate Alfie

Coming soon to a theatre near you!

 Well, it's time to CATS OFF, me hearties!  See you again this time next year.

P.S.  For a subplot on Cap'n Dante's romance with Lady Pirate Sascha, go see "Dante Says: Pirates Can Be Softies, Too!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Many of you may not know that Domino had a litter of kittens -- just two -- when she was about 10 months old.  Domino was not yet mine back then, though she came to live with me about three months later after being abandoned by my son's roommate.  Thankfully, her previous PURRson had found homes for the kittens at least.

So, yesterday this arrived in the mail.  It was on sale and I had ordered it along with several other things.  It is a tiny, but very finely detailed resin kitten.

Domino was sitting beside me when I opened the box containing Little Kitty.  I put it down so she could inspect it, and she began nuzzling it over and over.  Of course, it fell on its side, but I would put it right again, and she would just keep loving on it.

I think her maternal instincts were coming to the fore, once more!

So, I brought Little Kitty outside with me because I was going to find a home for it in one of the smaller plant pots.  In the meantime, I put it down for Dante and Domino to see.

 They both took a good close look!

 Domino took a step back, but when Dante got a little too close to it ...

... Domino's protective nature kicked in, and she gave him a swat -- Dante, that is -- not Little Kitty!

After that, Dante rushed by in a huff of fluff! 

Domino could see he was upset, so this time ...

... she thought it best to just ignore him -- the big lunk! 

Unfortunately, Little Kitty was now in quite the precarious situation.

And in one fell swoop, Dante managed to shove Domino aside ...

... and knock over Little Kitty!

Domino said "OK, c'mon Little Kitty -- yoo an' I will go inside ware it's safe."
So I opened the door and let them both in.

All Dante could say was "Sheesh!"

Monday, September 10, 2012


Let's face it ... our faces reveal so much about us -- our moods and our PURRSonalities!

 Take Dylan, for instance -- please!
Although every now and then he plays the straight mancat ...

 ... he just can't help but be the goofy guy he truly is.
His ears betray any sense of calm, whether flat out ...

... or slightly askew!

In the end, Dylan can't help but be true to himself. 

Then, there's Dante -- the embodiment of his laidback nature (even though he's hunching forward).

 "O calm on!", says Dante.

 "There's really nothin' to worry about!"

"I like to keep efurrything low key.  Mostly so I can reach it!"

Let's take a cue from our mancats today ...
PURRhaps the key to life is in it's diFURsity, after all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


As promised, here is Dylan to tell you all of the differences between the two pictures of the Clown Avatars from yesterday.

A few of you got as many as nine, but there are indeed 10.

"Dis is wot I sees in da secund pichur ...

  1. My face is yellow on the bottom left.
  2. Dante has one less button on his shirt -- only 2 instead of 3.
  3. Sascha's tongue is missing.
  4. Halle's peacock feather is green instead of purple.
  5. Milo is missing one of the propellers on his hat.
  6. Domino has a flower on her hat.
  7. Alfie's shoes aren't shiny.
  8. Cory's cat-hat has a red nose instead of pink.
  9. Cory has one less black stripe at the base of her tail.
  10. There's a bubble at the top of Sascha's vine.
... so how did yoo meshur up?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Last week on Wordless Wednesday, everyone wanted to know why Dylan was laughing.  This week, we're going to show you.

Dylan was bringing in the clowns! Including himself, of course.  Before he, too, put on the white face and his clown costume, he couldn't help laughing at all the others.  What a hoot!

However, today is not just about bringing in the clowns, but it's about checking them out closely.  There are ten differences between the side-by-side pictures.  Can you find them?

Good luck efurryone, and we'll post the answers tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


You may recall that Domino and Dylan's relationship has been very rocky over the years -- mainly due to the fact that Dylan likes to jump on Domino and torment her.  He has been a real pest!

So, I couldn't believe my eyes, when I went outside on the deck and saw this!

 I did a double take!!

 Shades of "Marg's Pets"!!!

We had tried calming collars for awhile, with limited success.  And finally, we went for a Feliway diffuser ...

 ... I tell you that thing is like magic!  When we first plugged it in (the electric outlet, of course -- not the kitties) all three of my cats honed in on it right away.  They would all settle down on the round rug in the foyer just inches away from the diffuser -- and they all looked so very peaceful.  We really knew it was working when we didn't hear any more high-pitched yowls out of Domino for weeks at a time.

Well, back to Dylan.  He looks like he's pondering what to do next.

He looks around to see if anyone is watching. 

He's fighting off that little devil inside him ...

... and finally decides to lie down -- cheek to cheek with Domino! 

"I'm so glad I kin finally trusts yoo, bro!", says Domino to Dylan. 

"It shur is nice ta haff piece of mind -- instead of giffin' it!"

Domino sighs with relief and relaxes. 

 Who ever would have guessed that some day these two would be ...

... best BUTTies!