Thursday, May 28, 2015


Dante and Dylan are often together, especially in the evening when they habitually commune on the rug in the foyer.

However, here they are silently communicating on the back deck.  It provided me with the opportunity to take a few endearing pictures and to telePATHETICally listen in on their conFURsation.

 "Hey, bro!" says Dante.

 "Let's haff a liddle TET-A-TET."

"Wot's a TET-A-TET?" asks Dylan. 

 "It means let's tawk about gettin' yoor big head outta my pichur!" retorts Dante.

"How's dis?" asks Dylan. 

"Jus' a liddle bit more to da left" says Dante.  "Den yoo'll be totully out of it."

As usual, Dante is batting a thousand!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Domino had a brief stroll in the back yard earlier today.

After rustling through the underbrush, she emerged no worse for the wear, but wearing a twig on her back!

 She decided to sit for a spell.  "D-O-M-I-N-O, that's me!" says she.

 And then she took another brief PAWS just to pose for me quite picturesquely.

And she is, indeed, pretty as a picture, n'est-ce-PAW?

Monday, May 11, 2015


There are numerous cardinals in our immediate vicinity lately, and the 3-Ds have cottoned on to this.  So for this photoshoot, they wanted to wear their cardinal hats to try to lure in a stray cardinal or two (or three).

Dante is wearing a custom hat (modelled on that of a bellhop, of all things) appliqued with cardinal heads.  He is also wearing a bowtie replete with red birdie heads.   You can certainly see where this is headed!

The real cardinal isn't impressed at all, unfortunately.  "It looks like you decapitated all my friends!  I fink it's about time you decapitated yourself, Dante.  Take off dat fing and frow it away!"

 Dylan also has a hat and tie adorned with cardinal heads, but fortunately he hasn't gone overboard.  His cardinal friend is dancing at the sight of Dylan in his red straw cardinal fedora and jazzy red and black bowtie.

"Yoo makes me wanna sing!" warbles this lively cardinal.

"I likes yoo verrrrry munch" replies Dylan.

Domino is wearing a bright red and taupe fascinator with a feathered arrangement.  It coordinates well with her red glass pearl necklace.

Domino is the most successful of all of the 3-Ds in attracting cardinals.  The one on her head actually thinks it's a nest!  Soon she could have a whole family of the red ones nestled in.  But she best stay very still.

This is a picture that I took of a cardinal in our budding crabapple tree the other day.  Cardinals are such gorgeous birds with their vivid red feathers and striking black mask!

I hope that all of my kitties are ultimately thwarted in their cardinal seducing endeavours, don't you?  The world is better and more beautiful because these lovely birds  are in it.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Dylan and Dante are real pals.  They truly enjoy hanging out together, and every once in a while giving each other a nip for good measure.

Here is a detailed accounting of their most recent outdoor encounter.

Dylan says (referring to Dante) "He's not heavy, he's my brofur!"  Then he whispurrs "Well, mebbe he's a liddle heavy, but he's got big bones."

"In fact, he's a real HAM!"

Friday, May 1, 2015


This is the first time that Domino and I have been on the back deck together since the snow melted.

Lately, she likes to be wherever I am.  I had a difficult time taking her picture because she wanted to be so close to me.

 "Hi Mama, watchya doin'?" asks Domino.

"Why doan yoo get ridda dat camera an' pick me up instead?  Huh?  Huh?"

So, when I try to distance myself to get a decent picture of her, Domino just follows me.
"Why is yoo movin' around, Mama?  Huh?"

"Would you please just get up on the bench and sit very still for a moment, please?" I beg.
"Okey-dokey, Mama, no problem" replies Domino.  "Den kin we cuddle?  Huh?"
"Yes", says I.

... says she.

This is what you call true co-oPURRation!