Thursday, June 26, 2014


Dylan senses something eery in the garden!

 And indeed his ears are taken aback by whatever lurks within.

 Is it something very ghostly PURRhaps?

 Or something more SCENTSible?

 Why it's that wily wiegiela making Dylan's ears go all wonky!

"I has finely made SCENTS of it all!" declares Dylan, though his ears are still PURRked and at the ready.
"It's my nose dat is satisfied -- my eers are still wonderin' wot's goin' on", says he.  "It always takes dem awhile ta catch up!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Domino has always been a ladycat on-the-go, and she's not showing any signs of slowing down with age.

She certainly seems to have a PURRpuss in mind as she walks along at a fast clip.

 She's never too busy to stop and pose daintily for me, though.
"Wunce a model, always a model", Domino says.  "It's all in da toes.  Yoo hasta keep 'em pointed jus' so".

 "It also makes yoor butt look good!"

 "Butt enuff about dat!  I got places ta go an' all kinda fings ta see."

And if I know Domino as well as I think I do, that is truly an understatement!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


One thing I like to do is take pictures of my 3-Ds just being themselves.  This means that sometimes other things get in-between them and me.  However, I have used these opportunities to create some 3-D art.

The stray long grasses and potted flowers don't interfere with my picture-taking so much as they enhance them. They add an element of interest yet do not detract from the focal point -- which is, of course, the cat.

I have also used some complementary frames and special effects which bump up the volume, at least according to my sensibilities.

Dante is "A Catwork Orange"

Dylan in "Last Tango in Purradise"

Domino in"The Colour Purrple"

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Of course hat tricks come in threes, and this one comes in 3-D as well!

 Dante is simply FEDORAble in straw and teal!

 Dylan's all abuzz in his trill-BEE!

Domino's so pink and ladylike in PUSStels!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


It's Domino's turn to guide the garden tour today.

 "OK efurrybuddy, line up behine me and lissen closely cuz I will NOT repeats myself (ecksept if I has gas, acourse.)"

Ah yes, for every rule there is an exception.  At the start of the tour, Domino shows off the garden in its entirety, so the tour PURRticipants can appreciate its beauty in full.

Then Domino proceeds to the very edge of the garden which borders our neighPURR's property.

"We is jus' a stone's frow frum da proPURRty line", she says.  "So nobuddy kin go past dis point or I'll PURRsonally charge yoo wif tresPUSSin'!"

Domino quickly moves on to her favourite -- the wiegela bush -- which as far as she is concerned is heaven-scent.

"Look but doan touch", says she to the others.  "If even wun blossum falls off dis bush, I'll charge yoo wif vandalism!"

Wow!  Domino is being just a wee bit overPURRotective don't you think?

 As if to establish her dominance over the tourists, Domino then plucks a bloom herself.

"Glory, glory hallaylooya!" she sings as she shows off the purple morning glory to efurryone.

Domino moves on to the last stop on the tour which is at the extreme opposite end of the garden from where she started.

"Dis is ware you kin pose fur pichurs", she says.  "I has a furtografur all reddy to snap.  Each shot will cost $10, but if yoo wonts wun wif me in it, it'll cost yoo dubble."

Domino certainly puts a high PURRice on her celebrity CATche!

And no wonder!  Just look at this one.  It certainly is a fitting souvenir of this speCATular tour.

And this tour PURRticipant looks like he could be a close relative of Dante's!

"We has no fambly discount", says Domino who is anxious to maximize her PURRofits.

 Finally, the tour is over and Domino can relax.

All she can say is "CAT-ching!"

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hiss-torically, Dante has claimed the garden for himself and has been in sole charge of it for many years.   However, now that all of the 3-Ds, including Dante, are getting a little older, he has decided to delegate some of the responsibility.

 Domino has taken over all of the pot planting this year.  She prefurs to use a garden trowel when distributing the earth amongst them, so her dainty paws don't get soiled.

She's also quite chuffed that the birdies are attracted to her plants, or more specifically, the earthworms and CATerpillars that inhabit them.  "I hassa speshul affeckshun fur CATerpillars", she says "cuz dey're pillars of da cat community!".

Dylan's in charge of the bushes, both flowering and not.  He has to keep them well watered and furtilized -- and, in the case of the hydrangeas, add aluminum to the soil to keep them blue-ming.

Dylan tends to get quite distracted by all of the butterflies flying about, however, so Dante sometimes has to help him toe the line.  Dylan doesn't quite understand, though, because as he says "is not my toes dat is da problem!"

Dante is still Gardener-in-Chief and oversees all of the work that goes on.  He has his shovel at the ready in case Dylan or Domino need a little PURRodding.  And he has kept the task of PURRooning the plants and bushes to himself as that requires a very deft paw.

"Yoo kin nevah BEE too careful", says he "wen it comes to our PURRecious garden."

This year Dante has noticed a plethora of dragonflies about so that shovel may have yet another PURRpose  -- as a dragonfly-swatter, of course!  It seems that as far as the dragonflies are concerned, the die has been cast.

"Die dragonfly, die!"