Monday, May 29, 2017


As many of you know, Dylan wore many hats and this is just one of them.  It might even be one of my favourites.

Voila!  Inspector PURRot.

This is Dylan's version of that famous Belgian detective Inspector Poirot of many an
 Agatha Christie novel. 

And doesn't he look distinguished?

Even under cover of darkness.

Friday, May 26, 2017


Dani has written a bittersweet goodbye to her brother, Dylan.  Their time together was short but significant.

Here's the link so you can read what Dani has to say:  

Thank you all for your kind thoughts at this difficult time.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


Dylan was the last of the 3-Ds to arrive in our home, and he was the last to leave.  He passed peacefully at home yesterday with the assistance of a kindly veterinarian.

This is my favourite picture of Dylan and how I would like to remember him.

It all seems to have come on suddenly.  Dylan appeared to be fine and then on Sunday he disappeared into the basement for more than 24 hours.  We needed help to ultimately find him, and my son finally did -- hiding inside a box (of which there are many down there).  We blocked the basement after that so we could monitor him, but he kept to himself hiding under the bed in the master bedroom.  At least we knew where he was.

A couple of times he came out for a nibble, and even jumped on top of the cat tree.  He could still move and run very quickly.  However, it was soon obvious that he was really out of sorts and I felt that he was suffering.

We hadn't been able to get Dylan to a vet in many years because he is so terrified of everything; especially the carrier and the car.  He would always hide and be impossible to find, and even if you did he would struggle mightily and make it impossible to proceed.

When I called the vet, they gave me the number of some mobile veterinarians who thankfully could come to our house the same day.  I knew Dylan was suffering and it broke my heart.  They were remarkable; so professional yet exceedingly compassionate at the same time.  They had to crawl under the bed to sedate him before bringing him downstairs to me.

The lady vet had performed an examination of Dylan and the diagnosis was made, along with information gleaned from me, that this was end-stage renal failure.

The vet assistant carried Dylan, wrapped in a blanket which they brought, and placed him beside me on the sofa.  He was heavily sedated, so could hear me tell him I loved him, and feel my hand as I stroked him.  His passing was swift and painless.  I felt such relief because I knew he had been suffering badly.  It was appropriate that Dylan passed at home because this is where he always wanted most to be.

However, now he is with the other 3-Ds, and there is a big reunion on the Rainbow Bridge. 

Dylan, Domino and Dante are all in their forever garden, just hanging out and having fun.

And the love keeps keeping on ...

P.S.  As with Domino, I will continue (for a while) to post some of Dylan's best pictures as a memorial to him.

Friday, May 19, 2017


In this picture from Spring of 2014, Domino explores the colour PURRple.

PURRple was Domino's favourite colour because it's quite dramatic and always in fashion.  Little wonder her favourite flower was a PETunia, then.

The PURRple fascinator with floral embellishment suits Domino purrfectly.  Her coordinating jewellery is simply stunning.  And that ruffled bag is frankly fabulous -- n'est-ce-PAW?

Little wonder Domino will forever be a fashion icon ...

... posing in a PURRple paradise.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Here's Domino in a black and white ensemble from May 2013.

 You will notice how her outift purrfectly coordinates with her complexion (i.e., her fur coat).  Domino could always chose the best accessories to complement her hat; this one's a rather speCATular woven black wide brim number with feathered embellishment.

"Ackshully, purrls go wif efurryfing!" she would wisely say.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Introducing Dani

Dani, who is Domino's sister, has made her first post on her new blog.  If you are interested in meeting her, here's the link:


These are pictures of Domino taken in June of 2012.  It's how I like to imagine her on the Rainbow Bridge -- forever in a beautiful gown with wings in a PURR-PET-ual summer garden.

On wings and a prayer, forever more.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Our darling Domino passed away in February, but I couldn't summon the courage to write about it until now.  Her passing has left a big hole in my heart and in my life.

As you can see Domino had the most gorgeous green eyes.  She was a natural beauty and a natural model.  She actually enjoyed getting dressed up and posing as so many of her pictures will illustrate.

Sometimes I added hats and jewellery digitally but the dress was always real.  As she grew older, I would just add hats and other accessories via computer, because she was not as well as she once was.

Domino was a small kitty but exceedingly feisty.  She ruled the roost among the 3-Ds, even cowing the gargantuan Dante with a wave of her little paw.

Domino ruled the street, too (literally).  She would sometimes (to my dismay) sit or stand in the middle of the road forcing any cars which wished to pass to slowly steer around her.  Fortunately, nothing untoward ever happened as I was never able to reach her in time to prevent an accident.

She was equally nosy, and would venture into any open door, be it a neighbour's house, a car or van parked in the street.  She spent more than one night inside the house next door (because they had a kitty door for their own cats) while I went crazy calling for her.

Domino even loved visiting the vet because it provided an opportunity to snoop around.  She never went in a carrier, always on a collar and leash.  The vet technicians got a big kick out of her, as she trotted along beside them willingly.  Here's a picture of her being very relaxed as the vet checked her out.

Now, that's one 'cool cat'!

Domino also had a boyfriend named Milo who lived in Devon, England.  They met frequently by the magic of the internet.  He would visit here, and she there.  On special occasions, they always posed for pictures together.

As you can see they were just 'made' for each other.  What a stunning couple!  They were mutually devoted for approximately eight years; Domino was the cougar in this pair.

About four years ago, Domino started to lose weight and we took her to the vet for tests.  It turns out she had hyperthyroidism, which was highly treatable, but over time still had devastating effects. Though she initially put back on a little weight, she was always quite thin after that.  She went from an almost 7 lb. cat to a less than 5 lb. cat.

However, she did well on the medication until more recently when her thyroid tumour grew and she starting losing weight and throwing up all the time.  The vet increased her prescription dosage, but she was never quite the same.  About a week before she passed, Domino had a stroke and never quite recovered.  She left quietly in her sleep one night.

Domino was a remarkable kitty, and as a tribute to her I want to continue to post some of her most amazing pictures, similar to the ones I have included here.  She was one-of-a-kind.

Sadly, Domino never got to meet her new sister who was born on January 28, 2017.  Her name is Dani and she is now safely at home with us.  She is a baby Maine Coon.  I will be starting a new blog for Dani and Dylan and discontinuing this one once I have posted all of Domino's tribute pictures (which may take some time).

I love you

and always will.