Friday, January 31, 2014


The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!  February 7th is the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.

Here are just three of the Russian Olympic mascots.  These ones are actually three-dimensional because they are stuffed toys.  From left to right, we have a snow hare, a leopard and a polar bear.

My 3-Ds have taken inspiration from these mascots and dressed up in Russian fashion, too.

 Here is Dylan in his Russian "Ushanka" hat, which he has coordinated with a gray microfleece scarf with bold stripes, red thermal mitts and gray fleece-lined boots.  The Sochi Polar Bear is giving his wave of approval.

This is a definition of the 'Ushanka' hat:

"An Ushanka (also known as Trapper hat, Aviator hat, Shapka, Chapka etc.) is a traditional, yet stylish, Russian winter hat with ear flaps, which is extremely warm to handle the frigid Russian winters. It has ear flaps, which can be folded up and tied at the top of the hat, or tied at the chin. Wearing ear flaps down protects ears, bottom of the chin, nape and top of the back of the neck from the cold. The word ushanka translates from Russian as "with ears". Ushi means ears in Russian language."

Domino doesn't have a 'hare' out of place in her bright pink Ushanka hat!  And it's very apparent that the Sochi Rabbit is tickled pink with her authentic Russian look, as well.

Dante is all business in his 'Budenovka' hat with coordinating scarf and boots.  His cousin, the Sochi leopard, is proud to present this PURRticularly Russian style which is deeply rooted in history.

Monday, January 27, 2014


In stark contrast to Domino's relationship with Dylan, Dante is a reFUReshing change.

 "I kin relax wen my big brofur Dante is around", says Domino.

"Becuz he's so busy mindin' his OWN bizness!"

Snow business, that is!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Somewhat like "The Lady Vanishes", a film about a young lady who disappears on a train, Domino is plotting her own vanishing act.

Dylan is always hovering about, and sooner or later you know he's gonna do something stupid!

 Domino doesn't even have to look to know that Dylan is behind her.  She can hear his heavy breathing.

"Dat darn brofur of mine is verreh nosy!", says she.   "O well, at leest he's not a mouf breathah."

 Domino knows she can't completely ignore him, so she keeps watch with the eyes in the back of her head.

"Cats has 20/100 vishun, yoo know", says Domino.  "We kin even see around cornahs."

 "We kin see fings wifout even lookin' at 'em."

"Our PURRiFURal vishun is outstanding!"

 "Butt when yoo starts ta ackshully smell 'em, it's time to evaPURRate."

"Duh!  Which way did she go????"

It's all a matter of Miss Direction!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Dylan is outside and is seriously considering leaving the safety of the front porch.

 "Hmmm", he says.  "I hasta considah da risk-ta-reward ratio."

 Obviously the risk couldn't have been too great because Dylan has taken a leap of faith over to the bench.

 "Dey says yoo shud nevah look back, but how else are yoo gonna see wot's behine yoo?"

Dylan is clearly 'on the edge'.

 "Wen yoo walks da plank ...

 ... yoo hasta be reddy ...

 ... reddy, set ...

... ta dive rite in ... GO!

"Next time I'm gonna use a calculatah before I takes a risk", says Dylan.  "Uddahwise I is my own wurst enemeh."

"I'mma regulah weapon of math destruckshun!"

Thursday, January 23, 2014


It's FURigid out there, so Dante, Dylan and Domino are wearing their furs -- on top of their own!  At these temPURRatures one needs some extra insulation.

Dante needs to cover his butt, literally, because it was shaved when he had his operation.  So, he is wearing a faux-fur rabbit coat and matching hat.

Likewise, Dylan is decked out in faux, but he preFURS black!

Domino, on the other paw, wants to be a jaguar ... or maybe just to ...

...ride in one!

Friday, January 17, 2014


It's not often that you find the 3-Ds in close PURRoximity, but this week I did!

And this is what happened ...

 Dante and Dylan are already on the porch when Domino comes out the front door.  She greets them with a 'hisssssssss' in order to keep them in line.

 Then Dylan whisPURRs in Dante's ear so Domino cannot hear.
"I'm gonna fake her out!", says he.  "Yoo keep her distracked."

 Why it's a regular consPURRacy!

 Domino looks the other way while Dylan takes his leave.  Poor Dante is in the middle.  Where do his loyalties truly lie?

 As Dante stands steadfast, not saying a word, Domino makes sure that Dylan is not still lurking about.
"He wuz heer, but now he's not", says Domino thankfully.

 Meanwhile, Dylan is biding his time not far away.

 While Domino is otherwise occupied, Dante checks behind him only to see ...

 ... Dylan making his way back to the porch ...

 ... so he can stick his nose up Domino's butt.
"Get away dis minit!" shrieks Domino.  "Yoor much too nosy fur me."

 Domino leaps up on the chair to escape the indignity of Dylan's probosKISS.
"I wuz only tryin' ta KISS yoor butt", says he.  "I tot yoo wood like dat, yoor highness."

Domino makes herself very clear that Dylan is PURRSona non grata as far as she is concerned.
"Get outta heer -- yoor HISSSSSStory!", hisses she.

With Domino now safely ensconced on her throne, Dylan decides to 'serf' the neighPURRhood and leave well enough alone.

All Dante can say is .... "Sheesh!"

And that is why you don't often see Dante, Dylan and Domino together all at once.
Domino is the Drama Queen,
Dylan is the PURRovocateur,
and Dante is the monkey in the middle.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Domino is the ruler of the house and she is also the drooler of the house.  It seems these two things are intertwined -- at least to Domino.

Give her some loving and she begins to salivate copiously, as Dada realized the other day.  Usually she saves most of her drool for me.  I guess that's one of her own rules as it PURRtains to drool.

Drool is best when you swing it around so drops land here and there.  Who needs a moisturizer when you've got Domino?

"I allways follows my own drools", says Domino.  I'm not a drool-breakah like sum uddahs I will NOT menshun."

If you don't know about all of Domino's Drools, you best read about them in "The Drool Book", otherwise you might just get it thrown at you.  Be sure to wear rubber gloves, though, or your hands might slip off the cover.  And if you drop it you only have 5 seconds to pick it up.  Domino's Drools!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


When it comes to mancat winter fashion, Dylan is your 'go-to guy'!  After all, he's by far the most stylish mancat on-the-go.  Not to mention his ego.  It's quite large actually.

Here is Dylan in a brown and tan trapPURR hat with a brown and gold Louis Vuitton scarf with pompoms.  The hat has flaps to keep your ears warm, but Dylan is rather vain and preFURS to keep them on top of his head where he thinks they belong. 

 Newsboy caps are back in vogue bigtime!  This PURRticular style really 'peaks' Dylan's interest.  You can see it on his face.  This wool cap comes in various plaids; this one a gray with black, white and tan woven in.  This was Dylan's preFURence because the tan stripe matches his complexion.  He has paired it with a wool knit scarf in charcoal flecked throughout with tan and white (after much reflecktion, I might add).

And speaking about the 'cutting edge', here is Dylan in a winter outfit which is REALLY 'out there'!

His brown knit hat with the Cheshire cat smile is truly avante garde, and he has matched it to a teal scarf adorned with a steampunk cat for an even edgier look.  You might notice that Dylan has produced some steam of his own.  After all, if you're on the cutting edge anyway, you might as well 'cut one'!


I've got ::cling cling:: fsssss steam heat.
I've got ::cling cling:: fsssss steam heat.
I've got ::cling cling:: fsssss steam heat ...

(from the song "Steam Heat" by Carol Haney)

No offence, Dylan, but when it comes to steam, I'd just preFUR a good cup of CATpuccino!