Thursday, December 31, 2015


Each of the 3-Ds is hosting New Year's Eve at our house and each has one special guest to help them ring in the New Year.

Dante and his fiance, Sascha, will be together tonight as the clock strikes twelve.  They are all dressed up in their shiny, silvery best, and you can be sure that their midnight kiss will be full of love and passion.  They are such a handsome couple!

Fireworks have absolutely nothing on these two!

 Dylan and his fiance, Halle, are deep into the bubbly.  Dylan is smacking his lips at the thought of laying one on Halle come midnight.  Gosh, she is beautiful, especially in her gold New Year's hat and gold and black lion necklace!  Dylan is sporting a black and gold New Year's hat and a coordinating bowtie.  How swish!

These two simply explode with the New Year's sentiment!

Domino and her longtime beau, Milo, are dressed in matching fuschia New Year's hats.  Milo has chosen a matching bowtie, and Domino a coordinating necklace of five-strands of pearls.  Domino is checking to make sure Milo's up to snuff, which he definitely is -- handsome boy, he is, he is.

They are heavily into the cat champagne and watching the clock.  They are looking forward to a romantic embrace on the stroke of midnight, one that will speak of their deep and abiding love.

For Domino and Milo, the New Year's definitely gonna start off with a bang!

And for all of you, too, we hope that the year that you ring in tonight will bring you good health, good fortune and new and positive experiences.  Here's to 2016!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Before Dylan vanishes off south to meet his fiance Halle for Christmas Eve, he has made sure we still have him around in some form.

Dylan thought leaving this image of him as "The Ghost of Christmas Present" would be present enough for all of us here at home.

And while we're at it, here are a few more images of Dylan from Christmases past.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Dante and his fiance, Sascha, have made a joint Christmas card to send out to efurry buddy, and here it is:

Dante will be spending Christmas with Sascha and her family in South Carolina this year.  Sascha has a large fur family in addition to her humans, so when she wants to be alone with Dante, they have to sneak away.

So the happy couple have plans to go a "Snow Ball" on Christmas Eve and ...

... dance the night away!

Then, because they like to keep active, they want to go skating together on Christmas Day!

But before they go they want to wish you, too, a very ...

Monday, December 21, 2015


This is a Christmas card that Domino made for her longtime beau, Milo.  She told me I could share it with all of you, as well.

Of course Domino is the one in the red dress, and Milo is sporting a blue Santa hat and blue tie to match his beautiful blue eyes.

Domino is spending this week with her sweetheart in the Cotswolds in England, where he lives.

Here's a peek at what they're up to.

While Milo is busy rustling up some refreshments for he and Domino ...

... she is getting the Christmas gifts ready to put under the tree.

It looks like it's going to be a very cozy Christmas for these two krazy-in-love kitties!

But before we leave them, Domino has one more than thing to say ...

Sunday, December 20, 2015


This is a Christmas card that Dylan and his fiance, Halle, created together ...

,,, in order to spread Christmas love around the world!

Of course, they wanted to share it with all of you.

Dylan will be spending Christmas with his sweetheart and her family in Louisiana this year.  We wish them the best of times this holiday season and continued happiness in 2016!

Friday, December 18, 2015


The 3-Ds just can't hold back their Christmas joy anymore!  So, here they are all decked out for the holidays.

 Noone can ever say that Dante doesn't have the balls to do it!  Here he is surrounded by the glow of Christmas balls which only help to get him into this season's spirit.

Dante is wearing a burgundy top hat with gold satin trim, and has adorned it with some holly and Christmas bells for good measure.  He has paired this with a stunning burgundy, red and white bowtie which totally bespeaks the festivities.
Let the balls fly and the bells ring out!

 This is Dylan in his Christmas attire.  He's looking forward to a White Christmas in his white top hat and bowtie, both adorned with holly sprigs.

Dylan thinks that Rudolph requires a little adornment, too, so he decorated the wee reindeer just like he did with his tree!

"I fink he did a TREEmendous job!" exclaims Rudolph with glee.

And here is Domino in her bright red wool Christmas hat, complete with sprigs of pine (including a pinecone) all tied up in a red ribbon.  She is also wearing a musical red ribbon 'round her neck fastened with a brooch of green Christmas bells.

However, the real belle here is obviously Domino.  Nothing and no one can hold a candle to her ...

... especially since she's been locked outside for the night!

Sunday, December 13, 2015


It's that time of year that the 3-Ds start breaking out their festive-wear.  Witness ...

Let the bells ring out, and the Christmas banners fly!  Dante's all decked out in his orange Christmas toque with orange-and-white candy cane trim.  He's also sporting a green wool scarf just to get his tonsils warm for carol-singing!
And doing a Christmas jig keeps those orange gams of his from freezing, too.

Dylan is wearing the costume of a 'beefeater', even though he prefurs seafood.  "I likes ta keep up da tradishuns of my English HAIRitage", says he.

And it seems like he's looking for kisses with that mistletoe hanging from his hat!

Domino's all done up from head to tail in a gorgeous red and black plaid-skirted dress with white faux-fur trim.  She is wearing a coordinating Santa's hat on her pretty little head and a Christmas wreath pendant-necklace around her neck.

"Wen I celebrates, I duz it in style!" asserts she.

"Aftah all, Chrismuss is a globall affair."

Monday, December 7, 2015


Domino is a very friendly kitty.  She'll approach absolutely anybody, including strangers, but is even more familiar with her Mama's friends.

Mama had two friends come to visit recently for an outdoor chat.  The weather has been mild and sunny for this time of year.

 Domino approaches Renate.

 And then gets real up, close and PURRSonal.

 In this case, it worked!  She has elicited some much-desired pats.

Unfortunately, the same strategy doesn't work on efurryone (especially if they are allergic to kitties).

What a sad, sad puss!

"It kin be hard to be a uniFURsal lover" opines Domino
"speshully wen sumwun duzn't love yoo back."

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Dylan's out front on the bare paving stones.

 He's wondering when the snow is going to come.  It's late arriving this year.

So, he has decided to protest with a "lie-in".  Apparently a "sit-in" takes too much energy!

Forget this snow -- it seems like Christmas may be postponed, as well.
Looks like Rudolph's having a "lie-in", too!