Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When Domino is outside, she is such a busy bee.  She doesn't have much time to sit still, except when there are pats to be had.

Today, I am going to show you a typical day in Domino's life.  Remember, she is Queen of her domain (and most of our neighbours', too)!

This is Domino LOOKING FORWARD to the day ahead.

She starts out with a nice walk on the fence.

It's good exercise, but you can also keep an eye on everything from up there -- especially the next-door neighbour's yard.

Next, Domino senses something untoward, so she walks toward it.  Go figure!

It's paint!  We hired a painter to redo the wood trim around all the windows (in the ivory colour), and to repaint all the doors and shutters (in the deep green).

Domino gives the painter a dirty look.  She wants him to know she won't tolerate such a mess on her proPURRty.

Then Domino spots Daddy and rushes over to take advantage of an oPURRtunity for a good scratch. 

And she rolls around on the patio just for the fun of it!

Here's a short video of Domino and Daddy.  The funny thing is that Mommy had the hiccups while she was filming it -- you may notice the camera jump once or twice.

When all is quiet once more, Domino stops to pay homage to Kitty Buddha by bowing before his altar.

And then she's off to see what she can find on the other side of the house.

Who should she run into, but Dante, sitting on the grass right beside Stone Kitty.  Domino gives the spot a good sniff to make sure there haven't been any introoders.

And then she she pauses briefly to give her brother a sweet little kiss!

But enough of that -- she's off!

Domino tests the grasses in the neighbour's yard to see if they taste any different.

Then she checks out the work that they are doing, and tries to detect who has been this way before her.

Domino always appreciates someplace new to sit and survey the neighPURRhood.

After such a busy day filled with fence-walking, brick-rolling, snooping, sniffing and general surveillance, Domino returns home to contemplate her good fortune.

Thank Kitty Buddha -- life is good!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Dylan's ears are very expressive.  They seem to be a barometer of his emotions.  If he's uneasy, his ears go this way and that, and when he's relaxed, his ears return to their normal position, making him appear serene and almost angelic.

Here are pictures I just took which demonstrate the PURRogression of Dylan's ears.  When he first goes out on the deck, he is on high alert.  First he must ascertain that the patio door isn't totally closed, in case he needs a quick escape.

The ear engine's just starting up!

Cockpit nose to the wind, one ear cocked to the east and one to the west.

Finally, the copter blades are in pawsition and ready to rotate.

This is what we call 'extreme copter', all wound up and ready for take off!

And just when you think he's going to take flight, the ear engines slow down and ...

... return to their start pawsition!

And all is still.  Real angels don't need copter blades to fly -- because they have invisible wings in their hearts!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Domino was gracious enough to pose for me 'au naturel' the other day.  As a result, I was able to capture these most amazing close-ups, or what I call 'mug shots', of her. 

The colour of her eyes always dazzles me.  They are layers of green, with a deep emerald colour closest to the iris graduating to a light lime shade on the outside.

These same eyes speak volumes about Domino's purrsonality.  There's a strength and confidence in them, with of touch of sass and fire.

(Biggify to see Domino at her finest)

Domino has 'mugging' for the camera down to a fine art, don't you think?

Monday, June 13, 2011


As much as my mancats help to keep tresPUSSers away from our property, they are just as likely to commit the same infraction, themselves.  Although, I think they want to believe that our neighbour's property belongs to them as well, in their hearts they know it's not true.

Here, my surveillance camera caught them in the act!

(Biggify to see their guilty looks)

Of their guilt, there is no doubt.  Now what should be their punishment?