Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dylan was just resting peacefully on the front lawn when one of those evil black squirrels came along and destroyed his reverie.

 Dylan decided to introduce himself, but the squirrel was being rather standoffish.

Finally, it appeared right before him as if by magic, but when Dylan attempted to shake paws, it took off again.  Cheeky squirrel! 

 "Please, please come down", Dylan pleads.  "I just wanna be your furiend."

And so the little black demon descends (or is that CONdescends?). 

It's a "con" job for sure.  He tricks Dylan into going one way, as he goes the other!   (Note:  For some reason this picture refused to load right side up, but it's integral to the story!)

Even though Dylan is fleet of foot, the beastly blackguard is two steps ahead of him.

 As the imPURRtinent little rodent taunts Dylan from the safety of the bush branches, Dylan feels he has exhausted all benign options. "Now you realize", Dylan warns, "it's war!" 

And with that WARning, Dylan's off to explore, leaving the dark one behind to deal with yet another day.  Though his quest to make a new furiend of his prey was not a success, he takes comfort in the knowledge that his motives are chaste (unlike the squirrel that he chased). 
 It's just the beginning ...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here's little Domino again on Tuxy Tuesday to show you all her little feet.  Of course, included with those little feet are some decent toe shots, as well.  And we know you all like toesies on Tuesday -- especially on a tuxy!

Domino actually has very short little legs and tiny paws to go with them.  One of my friends described her as having "white go-go boots".   It's a good thing she has those boots for walking, because she's usually on the go!

Well, sometimes she stops for a moment, just to pose for me prettily.  She does have a modelling career to consider, after all.

In this shot, you can see the go-go boots quite well. There's a very straight line between the black and the white at the top of her two front legs.  Domino is nothing if not symmetrical.

In these shots, you can get an idea about how short her little front legs truly are.  I estimate she's likely about the size of an 8-month old kitten.

And now for some up-close illustrations.  Domino was standing on the BBQ at the time, and I managed to take these close-ups of her darling little feet. Notice the tiny pad on her left paw is pink and it's black on her right.

Also, for a shorthaired cat, Domino has a little bit of floofiness going on -- but this is part of her winter coat, she hasn't yet completely shed.

More adorably tiny feet.

And here's a view of her back foot, admittedly much longer, but then so are all cats' hind feet.  Hers is still remarkably small -- I love to hold them in my hands and stroke them.

And finally, here's another view of Domino's back feet and tail (as a bonus), as she takes off into the sunset.

The End

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring has truly arrived on the calendar and mancats who go out-of-doors are loving every minute of it!  A mancat must steep himself in spring by rolling around in it, and letting it furment.

Here's Dylan in the sunlight doing just that.  I love the effect that the sun produces by lighting up the edge of his fur, and casting long shadows at the same time.

Finally, Dylan joins his sister, Domino, in a rare peaceful moment.  It gives hope that Spring will be the end of torment, not only of Winter, but of a cooped-up Dylan! 

The rites of Spring have made the world all right again.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Here's a lovely close-up of Domino in her "Minnie Mouse" outfit.  She was rather skeptical about modelling as a mouse, but it works!  She can pull off just about anything! 

Of course, she had the support of her Daddy, too.  That always helps.

"Even though my eyes are green, I'm seeing red", she says.  "Red with spots before my eyes!"

You can never "Minnie-mize" the sacrifice that a girl makes for her modelling career.  But it's worth it, isn't it?

Friday, March 19, 2010


You can see that the snow has all melted in our yard now (both back and front actually), and kitties are feeling frisky -- well, the boys anyway.

In the first three photos, it looks like Dylan's having a fine time with the crabapple tree.  He looks downright silly in the second one!  What's gotten into him, you might ask?

And here's the answer.  An evil black squirrel, of course!  Look at those sharp talons on its little paws, the steely look in its beady eyes and the cheeky little pink tongue poking out -- why I think it's giving Dylan the raspberry!  What gall!

Unlike Dylan, Domino just chooses to ignore it.  No matter how hard it tries, she just keeps her cool.

Dante has his own methods for squirrel purrsuit, somewhere inbetween Dylan's style and Domino's.  He certainly is attentive to the evil black thing, who taunts him from above, but he bides his time (unlike Dylan), attempting to lull it into feeling safe before he ultimately attacks.

What I didn't capture here was Dante in the chase.  What sport!  He almost got it, too!  Oh well, there's always a next time.  Truly, there is.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You might think that Domino had been born on the Emerald Isle, as her eyes are the colour of scintillating emeralds.  But no, she's a locally born Canadian with fire in her soul and love in her heart for all things green.

Here's the fair girl, against a background of green, to honour St. Paddy's Day. 

"The best green", she says "is the kind you're born with"!  Amen.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As you know, Domino is a top-notch model, but she's also quite the actress.  She's very good at any type of role playing, and can summon up different expressions in an instant, on command.

First, here she is preparing for one of the rolls of her lifetime.

These exercises help Domino loosen up for the main event.

OK Domino, now look ...
Expectant ...

Impatient ...

Quizzical ...

Brooding ...

Judgmental ...

Disgusted ...


Notice how with a simple shift in her glance, Domino conveys all of these emotions.  The change is ever so subtle, but demonstrably effective.

Now she just needs a role like "Precious" to make everyone stand up and take notice.

Until next time, it's ...
The End