Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It has been more than chilly around here lately, so I bought Domino a coat to wear outside. This way she can still get some fresh air and not have to worry about the cold.

At the same time, it afforded yet another opportunity for a modelling shoot -- for which Domino is always game.

 Here is a full view of Domino's new coat.  It is a pink and blue tweed and is fully lined on the inside for warmth.

The hood is trimmed and lined with a lovely pale gray faux fur.
"An' itz all FAUX me!", claims Domino.

 There is a beautiful bow detail on the bottom right of the coat, enhanced with a rhinestone clip.  Domino just LOVES sparkly things!

The hood can be pulled back to allow a better view.

"I yam happeh dat it duzn't covah mai eers!", says Dommy.

 All in all, Domino is pleased as punch about her new coat and is happy that I paid less than reTAIL.  Strait up!", she exclaims.

Then unexpectedly, Daddy comes out to join us, and scoops up Domino off her chair.
"How hoomiliatin'!", says she.

Then she realizes that it's not so bad after all.  Daddy can help her display her new topcoat even better.

Doesn't the faux-fur just frame her face beautifully?

It's fit for a Queen -- and Domino is certainly our little Queen.  Long may she rule!

Monday, January 30, 2012


... and a rose is a rose is a rose!

There's no doubt that Dylan and Dante are tried and true mancats.  However one of them has demonstrated a truly genteel composure and the other has not.  Can you guess which is which?

Domino has graciously offered herself up for this experiment.  How one treats a ladycat is a real test for any would-be gentlemancat.

First up is Dylan.  You may recall these pictures from earlier this month, but they are required once again for comparison PURRposes.

 Dylan has succumbed to his baser urges and assaulted a ladycat's PURRson.  Consequently, he has ended up quite alone.

By stark contrast witness Dante.

He politely chats up the ladycat ...

... while maintaining an appropriate distance.

 Consequently, Dante and Domino are quite at ease.

They are a picture of true harmony as they continue to enjoy each other's company. 

Dante has a set a new 'benchmark' for gentlemancatly behaviour -- one that Dylan may certainly aspire to.  With Dante as his role model, we are ever hopeful that one day, Dylan will gently reign himself in and join the ranks of honourable gentlemancats.

Dylan -- your day will come!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's been quite awhile since Domino last modelled a dress.  A new one arrived the other day, so we took the opportunity to document it.  Little did we know at the time, that Domino had since acquired new skills.  She has become quite the little magician!

Here is Domino in her pretty new dress.  It has a black skirt and collar with pink polka dots, and a black glittery bodice.  A pink lace belt culminates in a bow at the waist.

The collar is of PURRticular interest because it is rather large. 
Domino says  "Jus' watch!"

Domino has moved to a different venue to complete her modelling-shoot-come-magic act.
You will note that her left leg is no longer visible.

Ah -- there it is!  Domino has worked it out of the armhole and up through the generously-sized collar.

She just plays it nonchalantly -- curling under her paw to appear rather relaxed.

And in an instant -- before you even knew what was happening, she has worked her entire shoulder and arm out of the dress!

Once again Domino is taking it easy -- just hanging around -- it's the art of distraction, you know!

She innocently stretches, all the while working more of herself out of the dress.

She pretends to snooze, keeping one eye steadily on her audience.

She directs the camera to pull back (another diversionary tactic, PURRhaps?).

Voila! The next time you see her, she's one step closer to escape.

Domino notices Dylan and thinks he could be a useful PAWn.
"Come ovah heer fur a minit willya, Dylan?", she asks.

Dylan, the innocent dupe, complies.
(Note, Domino is easing herself, ever so slowly, off the bench.)

And then, when Dylan looks away for just a moment ...

... Domino vanishes completely!  Only her dress is left behind.

Come to think of it, Domino is quite reminiscent of the great Houdini escaping the confines of his straightjacket.  So the answer to the question "Who Dini?" is:


So what do you think of that, Milo?

Monday, January 23, 2012


In our house, the top of the cat tree is the top of the world -- from a feline PURRspective at least.  Although there are three PURRches, each of my three cats prefers only the top spot, so they share it -- one at a time.  The other ledges are used only for climbing up to that coveted post.

 Here is Dylan on top.

From this location you have a view of the world both inside and out. 

 It makes a mancat feel rather 'rugged' ...

 ... not only because he mastered the difficult ascent to the summit, but because its surface is carpeted.  So cozy!

It's the one time when Dylan can actually feel like the top cat ...

... and look down on the real ruler of the house!

When it's Dante's turn, he claims the top spot with authority.  He looks rather haughty and regal ...

... but he's actually just a big softie! 

 Dante appreciates the beauty all around him.

And the vantagepoint from which he can view it.

However, what Dante likes most about this PURRch on high ...

... is that it's the best place in the house to 'log off'!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...