Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Domino is outside on the front porch, and she has on her winter coat -- no, not her thicker tuxy coat -- it's one purely made by man.

We all know Domino is fashion-forward, so if she is going to wear a winter coat (that's not her own by nature) it has to be stylish.  It also happens to be very PURRactical if you're going to be outside in below-freezing temPURRatures.

 "Yeth, da tweed fabrick stops da wind frum gettin' fru ...

... an' da 'FOE FUR' hood is ackshully verreh usah-FURiendleh!  It kin be rolled back so it duzn't covah my ears or my eyes."

 "Dere's onleh wun downside to dis as fah as I kin see ...

...  which isn't verreh fah at all.  Who turned out da lites?"

Monday, February 25, 2013


Today the weather is a little warmer, but the snow is still piled high.

 Dante finds a bare patch among the mountains of white ...

... while Dylan's feet are totally snowbound!

For now they're stuck in the middle of snow where.  Anybuddy got a shovel?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Domino was outside with me on one of the colder days of late.  She had on her tweed winter coat as a little extra protection against the chill air.

On such days, Domino likes to PURRch on my shoulder, so these shots were taken from close range.

Domino's little pink nose was even pinker than usual due to the temPURRature, and from this angle she appears to be smiling!  So pink nose buffs will surely be pleased, and those afficionados of whiskers and their humps are in for a real treat, too.

Yup, this photoshoot was indeed a regular lineup of DomiNOSE!  We hope you enjoyed  the show.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Even though we still have lots of snow, there's something different in the air -- and on the ground, and on every corner of the house.  It seems Spring has left it's very distinctive scent, even though it's still hiding somewhere out there.

Dylan has gone on the hunt for it!

 "It's definitly out dere.  Even doe I cant sees it yet, I kin smells it!  An' my sniffah's nevah wrong."

Indeed, Dylan's PURRobosKISS is a harbinger of Spring!  It may take a few weeks before Spring actually springs into action, but it's quietly prepping for a grand entrance.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


The 3-Ds and their significant others are attending the Blogville 'Valentine's Ball' put on by Mollie of "Mollie and Alfie" and her woofie friend Ranger.  It's a fancy dress ball, so all of the participants, both feline and canine. are dressed to the nines.  Each of our mancats is in top hat and tails (even if the tails be their furry own), and each of our ladycats is dressed in a gorgeous gown accessorized by exquisite jewelry to enhance it.

There is lots of music and dancing, and general merriment abounds. Cupid's arrows are flying efurrywhere!  No one can deny that love is in the air at this affair.

 Dante has chosen a classic top hat, and a black with pink-striped bowtie befitting the occasion.  Lovely Sascha is a vision in pink!  Her gown is made of light pink tulle with a heart pattern, and a neckline trimmed in flowers of a deeper hue.  She's wearing a tiara studded with pink sapphires, and around her neck is, of course, her stunning engagement necklace.  Dante and Sascha Forever, indeed!

Dylan, also, is in a traditional top hat.  His red, black and white bowtie coordinates with his fiance Halle's gown.  Halle, of "Jacqueline's Cat House", is wearing a diamond tiara which complements the diamonds in her engagement collar.  Her gown is the colour of a deep red rose, and is afire with sequins which echo the sparkle in her eyes.  Red roses are definitely the order of the day for these two; their passion for each other is never far from the surface.

 Milo of "The Cat's Meow" is accompanying his longtime girlfriend, Domino, to the Ball.  They have chosen a funkier kind of fashion called "Steampunk"!  Note the black and red-tinged top hat with leather band and decorative chain.  Milo's multicoloured paisley bowtie is also adorned with some metal gears.  Miss Domino is wearing a gold lace gown adorned with black and pink feathers with a bonnet to match.  Her chain necklace adds that mechanical touch to her vintage style.  Somehow 'Steampunk' is very aPURRpos for these two 'cause it's just like their relationship -- hot and steamy!

Note:  'Steampunk' refers to a fashion subculture that focuses on the styles from the late 19th Century, encompassing styles from both the Victorian era and the Old American West. Steam comes into the equation as this time period ushered in the Industrial Revolution when most machinery was driven by steam.  The fashion incorporates wheels, chains and gears, etc. which pay homage to the internal workings of the steam-powered inventions.  The combination of vintage attire with these funky or 'punky' quirks is the basis for the term "Steampunk".

Along for the ride are Milo's brother Alfie, also of "The Cat's Meow", and Alfie's girlfriend Cory of the "Cory Cat Blog".  They too are digging the Steampunk vibe.  Cory is lovely in her white and black striped satin gown with black lace neckline, and coordinating polka-dot bow.  Her hat, too, is well matched to her dress.  She is wearing jewels which complement both her eyes and her outfit.  Alfie is dapPURR in his green and gray suede top hat, trimmed with rust-coloured leather.  His suitcoat is cut from the very same cloth, and his paisley bowtie serves to accent the entire ensemble.  He, too, is 'geared' up for the occasion.  Alfie rose to the occasion with a half-dozen of the white variety for his lady love.

Whether traditional or Steampunk, there's no doubt that these four couples are into the spirit of Valentine's Day!  Though they're having so much fun dressing up for the Ball, they know what's really important requires no embellishment at all.  It truly is a matter of the heart!

And so we wish you all, a very HEARTY Valentine's Day!

P.S.  Just in case you're interested, here are the Valentine's Day cards that each of the 3-Ds made for their sweethearts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We all had to wait longer than we thought for Dada to arrive home.  Luckily, Dante, Dylan and Domino came inside once it began to get dark.

Dada came home about one o'clock in the afternoon today and kitties were all waiting, inside this time, to give him a warm welcome.

 Here's Domino and Dada.  She was the first one to say 'Meow-lo'.  She's in her droop pose which she always performs when she's being carried, and she makes 'no bones about it'!  You can see how happy Dada is to be home.  He actually looks pretty good in this picture, but in person he still looks quite pale.

 Second to make contact, is Daddy's Boy Dante.  Here the two are about to have a little reunion nuzzle.  It wasn't long before Dante was asking for belly scritches and leading Dada to his food dish.

 Last, but not least, Dylan made his appearance.  His skittish nature means he doesn't come out right away when people arrive (not even his Dada).  Dylan is greeting his Daddy, though he prefers not to be picked up.  He will sit and allow you to pet him, however.

Dada's enjoying sitting in his favourite chair, drinking his favourite Tim Horton's coffee!  Ahhhhh!  Feels good!

Dada aka Walter would like to thank all of you who have sent him well wishes and purrs over the past couple of weeks.  You can see how much he has appreciated it.  It truly did lift his spirits while he was in the hospital.

Now that's he's out, Dada's all set and raring to go.  Here he is 'Zeezing the Day'!  

WhisPURRS only, please ... Dada is napping!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Dante, Dylan and Domino have no idea what happened to their Dada.  He just suddenly disappeared!  Dante, who is a Daddy's boy, was actually howling the first few days Dada was gone.  He just couldn't understand why Dada wasn't there to give him scritches, to watch him eat and tell him 'what a good boy' he was.

So last week was rather difficult for kitties, but more so for Dada.  There were ups and downs.  It seems I was a little premature in thinking he would be home for the weekend.  He took a turn for the worse mid-week and developed some breathing problems.  So he was put on oxygen and taken to another unit for closer monitoring.  During this time he was rather incoherent and even hallucinating at times.

However, Dada rallied, and might be home today -- Monday -- as long as he can get another CAT SCAN  first (ironic, huh?).  If not, he should be home on Tuesday.  He is definitely more with it and sounding like the old Dada, and he's raring to come home.

I told the 3-Ds and they thought they'd wait outside for him to arrive, but they could be waiting awhile.  At least it's not too cold out there, even if there are piles of snow.

All three of the D's were out on the front walkway waiting for Dada.  Dante thought he'd do a little 'snow business' while he was there (if you get his drift).

So they waited and waited ... 

Dante finally finished his business and decided to wait on the driveway.  He could get a better view from there.

Shortly thereafter, Domino joined him.  "Hey, sis!" said Dante.

Dante called to Dylan "Come over here bro!  Dada will be here any minit."

So Dylan came over, but still kept an eye on the front door which was slightly ajar.   He likes to make a quick getaway in case of an emergency.

 So they looked this way and that, but didn't see Dada.

Dylan got nervous every time a car drove by.
"I giffs up!" says Dylan.  "Call me when he gets here." 

"Wimp!" shouts Dante.  He and Domino continued to wait in the sun.  And they are waiting still.  When he finally arrives home Dada will get the second, third and fourth CAT SCAN of the day.

I'll let you know when that happens.  What a reunion it will be!

I'd like to thank everyone once again, for your continued support during this difficult time.  Your kindness is simply amazing and very much appreciated!