Thursday, July 28, 2011


After Dylan and Dante came back from Samson's party in Montreal last night, we threw a little party ourselves -- in the family room.

Domino was just too exhausted and was off having a nap, but she partook later in the evening.

Daddy sprinkled half a tub of catnip on the rug, and we put out diced ham, and jerky treats.

Since it's Dylan's birthday, Dante is patiently waiting for his turn at the nip, and having a little snack in the meantime.

"Mmm, mmm good!", says Dylan, smacking his lips ...

... before he plunges right back in!

"Dis is summa da bes' I efur tastid!", he exclaims.

Daddy sprinkled some nip on Dylan's scratcher, too!

Dylan has only one birthday wish.
"I wishus I has a birfday efurry day!", says he.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today, Dylan turns seven years old.  He's still the baby of the 3-Ds, though.  Dylan really likes to celebrate himself, so I was able to capture this picture of him partying in the back yard.

He and Spongebob are moseying over to Samson's place this afternoon.  It's Samson's birthday, too!   Go see him and join the party at "The Monkeys" in Montreal.

(Very special, if you get my drift) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Domino could hardly wait until today -- Tuesday, that is, so she could wear her brand new summer dress.  She has taken a little holiday from modelling lately, but is now back in full FURce!

Oops!  Pawdon!  Domino's just getting a little adjustment to avoid any pawsible wardrobe malfunction.  We'll come back a little later ...


 Domino begins by posing prettily in her new dress.

"I sai "Yes" to dis dwess!", she exclaims enthusiastically.

The dress is a cotton number in black, white, pink and green -- just like Domino herself!

With her pink nose, green eyes and black and white coat, this dress is a true reflection of the wearer.

Domino stretches out so you can get the full effect!

Then, she settles down on the edge of the chair ...

 ... and poses eFUR so demurely!

 "I likes to take dese modullin' challenges head on!", she says, right before ...

 ... she heads for a walk on the runway.

 She runs into a bit of an obstacle, however.  The gardener hasn't finished watering the plants yet.
But this gives us another opportunity to see the stunning back of the dress in greater detail.  Note the hot pink trim with bow at the waist.  It really helps to define Domino's ladylike shape.

Domino poses at the entrance to the garden (even though the gardener hasn't gotten around to whippurrsnipping yet).  In her floral frock, she is a wonderful foil for this ruggedness, where unbridled foliage meets up with the tame.  In truth, this is an analogy for Domino herself.

Domino seems tame, but underneath there's a wildcat just waiting to leap out!

This little wildcat's had enough for today.  Modelling this beautiful attire (as much as she loves it) has tired her out.  "I'm gonna wetire fur mai mid-day nap", she says, "an' I'm NOT takin' off mai dwess!"

When Domino wakes up, I guess we'll just have to call her "Rip Van Wrinkle"!

That's all folks!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Here are a few pictures from the past of Dante and Dylan passing time together.  They are not just fairweather furiends, they are mancats for all seasons.


The Sweet Smell of Spring!

Piece TREATy!


Waiting for Serve-Us!

Dylan and Dante ASTAIRE!  (Shades of Fred)



Quite the LOOKERS!

A moment of togetherness frozen in time!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Usually, it's Dante that does the gardening post.  However, he has nothing new to show this week, so he decided to turn the reigns over to his brother, Dylan.

Dylan doesn't do any work in the garden.  He idles.  Idling is essential to the 'idyllic' life, you see!

Here is Dylan lounging on the front patio.

From here he can view the entire garden, and all the comings and goings.

 He tucks his paws under to make it abundantly clear that he is NOT available for any physical laPURR.

Watching is what he does best.

When he finally rouses from his reclining position, he does just that -- he watches!

"Watchya doin', boy?"

"I'm on 'Hi' alert", says he.  "I wanna be da furst wun to say hello to any visitahs."

Standing proves to be too much of a strain, so Dylan moves to the garden bench a few inches away.

"Sumtimes, I jus' cant STAND IT!", he exclaims, while focussing on his tender tootsies.

Dylan has a look of 'Chat-Grin'!  'Chat' (pronounced 'sha') means 'cat' in French -- and we all know what a grin is.

Chagrin is one of Dylan's best looks.  He's got it down to PURRfection, I think.
"Mama, yoo's soooooooo annoyin'!", says he.

"Heer, I giffs yoo wun last idlin' pose" ...

"I yam the Idle IDOL!", PURRoclaims Dylan.  "No wun duz nuttin' bettah dan me."
Ain't that the truth!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It's Tuesday morning and Domino is preparing to do the first of many walkabouts for the day. 
Her first stop is to say 'Good Morning' to Kitty Buddha and get his blessings for a safe journey (even if it is only next door).

You have to take every journey one step at a time.

Domino gives a backward glance at the home she is leaving behind.

You never know what dangers lie ahead.

Sometimes it just takes a LEAP of faith!
(Biggify this one to see Domino's feet mid-air as she jumps.)

Domino has landed safely after her short flight.  She stares back at me to see if I was watching.
"Ta da!", she says.

The way down seems much less treacherous.

"Earth to Domino!"

"I has dun alls I kin doo, fur now", says she.

"I's gettin' a liddle homesick, ackshully."

And with a hop, skip and a jump, Domino is back where she started.   

"Is so good to be home", Domino says with a sigh.  "An' fanks to Kitty Buddha I is safe an' sound!"