Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's All Hallow's Eve again, and the 3-Ds are all ready for trick-or-treating!

Dante is in the wild jungles of South Carolina with his mate, Sascha of "Brian's Home".  Naturally, Dante is King of the Jungle, and Sascha is his Queen.  They even have a little one who thinks being Batman beats being a lion, if only for one night.

In the jungle, the 'eyes' have it.  Ever feel like you're being watched?  Why it's the royal security team, of course.

Domino is in the Cotswolds in England with her vampire mate, Milo (of "The Cat's Meow).  Tooth be told, they are masquerading as themselves at the Vampire Ball.  Every cat has a little vampire inside.  It's that instinctive blood lust that makes them the best of hunters.

Tonight, though, they have blood martinis, with little bird hearts as garnish, so they won't have to go out and prey.  What a treat!  Sure beats any trick they might have up their sleeves.

Before the ball began, Domino and Milo accompanied Milo's brother Alfie, and his sweetheart Cory (of "The Cory Cat" blog) as they did their trick-or-treating rounds.

Cory is a strawberry and Alfie is a watermelon.  What a sweet, sweet couple!

Dylan and his fiance, Halle (of "Jacqueline's Cat House) are deep in the woods of Louisiana.  Dylan is a satyr (half cat, half goat), and Halle is a wood nymph.  Because of their mystical powers, they walk in a PURRpetual mist which always surrounds them.

All of the other wood creatures pay them homage on this most special night of the year.  If you biggify, you will note that every creature, no matter how small, is masked in their honour.

Then they all don their sheets, and join in the mystical circle to recite this Hallowe'en spell.  After all, they don't want to leave anything to chance.

And, out of the mist, look what appeared!  Now they can have their cake, and eat it, too.

And, of course, we wish the same for you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Last year I was obsessed with kitty avatars, and I especially liked to dress them up.  Here are some that I did for Halloween 2012, which are worth another look.

The images are a combination of graphics and my own drawing using an on-line 'Paint' tool.  Generally, I created the costumes, but used a graphic for the hat.  There are some cases, though, where I created the entire costume from head to toe -- like the Abominable Snowman, Lady Gaga and Catwoman.

It was so much fun to search for coordinating images for each avatar, too.  I hope you enjoy them the second time around.

From "The Cat from Hell"

 Kozmo as 'Justin Bieber'

 Nellie as 'Katy Purry'

From "Rumblebum"

 Rumbles as 'The Big Bad Wolf'

Diego as "One Little Pig"

From "Fuzzy Tales"

 Derry as "Batman"

Nicki as "Super Mario"

From "Crazy Cat Lady Carm"

 Joy as a Fairy Princess

 Furby as 'The Abominable Snowman'

 Candy as "The Queen"

Moony as "Dracula"

From "Marg's Pets"

Mahoney as "Ann of Green Gables"

Two Two as 'Lady Gaga'

From "Brian's Home"

Brian as 'The Chicken'

Dolly as 'The Witch'

 Gracie as a 'Hallowe'en Pumpkin'

 Zoe as "Mary Poppins"

Precious as "Catwoman"

My own 3-D Cats were paired with their partners for trick-or-treating.

 Dante with Sascha of "Brian's Home" are Viking royalty.

 Dylan with Halle of "Jacqueline's Cat House were a gangster and his moll.

Domino is a pretty French maid and Milo (of 'The Cat's Meow') is her PURRSonal Chef.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


As Austin Powers would say:  "Oh, beehave!"  So Domino did just that.

Auntie Val gave Domino this red bee costume the last time she visited.
"I mus' say, yoo has reely good taste, Aunty Val", says Domino.  "Fur a hooman, dat is!" 

And so Domino started to 'beehave'.  She just can't help but bee a model bee. 

 Here Domino is waiting in the driveway.  "I doan wanna bee late fur my flite", says she.

And look where she landed!  Bees just love gardens beecuz that's where they naturally beelong. 

 "Jus' checkin' beehine me", says Domino.  A bee can never be too cautious.

Then, since it's almost Hallowe'en, Domino thought she'd take the opportunity to 'beefoul' the garden.
"I jus' couldn't 'leaf' well enuff alone", says this busy little bee.

And at the end of the day, Domino can sincerely say:
  "BEEn dere, dun dat!"

So now we'll BEE off!

Monday, October 21, 2013


 It's no secret that Dylan is the neighPURRhood bounty hunter.  He's on a mission to round up all those havoc-wreaking rustlers. 

 Suddenly, he hears the 'telltail' sound, which is oddly enough, "Rustle, rustle" !    
And there it is -- rustling up all the fall leaves and making a right ruckous doing it, too!

 But his quarry was just too quick for him and it got clean away (which is quite a feat considering they're dirty little things).
"Who noo it could move dat fast?"

 Dylan is just devastated!

 "I hasta sharpen up my claws ...

 ... an' my huntin' skills!

"I fink I'll join da RCMP (ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED PAWLICE) becuz dey always gets dere beast."


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Here is Domino all dressed up in her new black and tartan frock with matching accessories.

 "Bein' dressed up is fine fur da momint ...

... but I'd reely raddah be nekked!  Woodn't yoo?"