Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yes, Domino has a new outfit and just couldn't wait to show it off.

Here she is on her outdoor runway, posed and poised as always.

Note the details on this spunky little sundress.  There's a decorative rosette on her left shoulder, as well as ruffles down the center of the bodice.

The tiered jean skirt has pink piping as a trim and is studded with little white pearls.

Domino admits it is a rather low cut little number, but shows it off proudly with Milo in mind.

This dress is very fashion forward.  It's casual yet dressy at the same time.
Purrfect for a romp in the woods or a dinner date.

"No, yoo are NOT mai date!", says Domino to Dante.

"Fur heaven's sake, yoo are mai brofur!  Besides I alreddy has a boifuriend.  Milo is mai wun troo luff!"

Domino agreed to pose with Dante, since he went to all the trouble of getting dressed up, too.  So here they are together in their first ever combined photoshoot.

For close-ups of Dante in his new outfit, please visit him on his own blog at "All About Lacocoon Dante".  He's waiting for you!

P.S.  I'd like to thank my friend and neighbour, Susan, for taking these marvelous pictures on my behalf.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today is our darling Dylan's sixth birthday.  I know the exact date that he was born because of the urgent phone call that I received from my brother that day.  My brother can be a little naive about some things.  He said (and I quote) "Dusty's running down the hall and there's something coming out of her!".

Dusty is Dylan's mama, of course.  My brother was all in a tither when he realized she was giving birth to a kitten.  He said "It doesn't have any fur -- it's naked!".  This is how I know that Dylan was the first born -- because it was he who had such light coloured peachy fur that it appeared to be skin when it was wet.

Anyway, I managed to calm my brother, Barry, down and told him that nature would take its course.  He just needed something like a big box with padding -- a comfy spot for her to give birth and keep her kittens safe.

In all, there were five kittens.  My brother still has the mother, Dusty, and three of her litter; Butterscotch, Pepper and Caramel.  Another kitty sister, Buttons (I recently did a post about her here), lives next door.  And of course, I have Dylan.

Here's a picture of Dylan's mama, Dusty, apparently just a couple of weeks before she gave birth (but my brother didn't even know she was pregnant the whole time).  He brought her over to visit us, and she is lying on our stairs, seemingly guarded between Dante and Domino.  (Maybe they knew their baby brother was inside Dusty!  Who knows?).

Dusty is a pretty little ladycat with long hair and a multi-coloured coat of gray, white and cream.  All of her kittens were shorthaired; Dylan, of course, is a cream tabby, Buttons is a white flamepoint, Caramel is white and cream, Butterscotch is white and red, and Pepper is a black tabby with white.

My brother took this picture of Dusty with her litter.  You can see tiny Dylan on the bottom right of the pile by his mommy's back leg.  (Please forgive the ink marks on the photo which was stuck to the back of another.)

(Biggify for best view)

While we are going down memory lane for Dylan's birthday, here are a couple of pictures of him, shortly after we took him home at the age of four months.

Dante, even then, was a mother hen to Dylan.

So that brings us up to the present.  Speaking of presents, we have some in store for Dylan later on today, along with some tuna, cat treats and nip, of course.  However, today is also the birthday of Samson of "The Monkeys", so my 3-Ds were all going to make their way over there to join the party, and have a double celebration.  Why don't you all come along, too?

We'll have our own private little party here later in the evening with just the 3-Ds in attendance.

Here are some pictures of Dylan taken just this morning.  As usual, he makes some of the funniest faces!

So, Happy Birthday Dylan (aka Funnyface)!  And Happy Birthday to Buttons, Butterscotch, Caramel and Pepper, too!!!
May you all live long and prosPURR!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Dante and Dylan are very open with each other.  A real mancat isn't afraid to show his emotions.

(Biggify for the "awe" factor)

Isn't this what it's all about?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's Sunday and Dylan's taking it easy, as usual.  He's definitely 'chill'.  And that's a good thing in this terrible heat we've been having.

In fact, Dylan's laidback attitude has really rubbed off (not just on his ears), but on all those around him, as you can see.

(Biggify for best view)

We hope Dylan's influence rubs off on you, too, so you can take it easy.  Have a relaxing Sunday efurryone!

Friday, July 23, 2010


It's Friday and Domino is wearing the newest addition to her summer wardrobe.

Here she is on the outdoor runway.

It's a lovely summer frock, fresh in green and white.

From the aerial view, you can see the details of this fashion piece; the bow at the back of the neck, the tie-spaghetti straps, and the tiered, ruffled skirt.

The design of the dress is so fashion forward (as is Domino), combining polka dots on the top, with a dainty flowered pattern as an accent.

Uh-oh!  We interrupt this session due to unforeseen circumstances.  One of the audience members has decided to take a bath on the runway!

"How kin I be expectid to werk undah such condishuns?", asks Domino.
"Dis is totully unacceptabull!"  (Bull, is right!)

"Ah, dat's bettah -- but he's still not outta da pickshur!  He's a foto-hog. 
 How wude!"

While Domino's back was turned, she was suddenly scooped up by her mama's friend, Susan, who thought she was just "so cute"!
"Put me down dis minit!  I kin doos it maiself", declares Domino.

"How em-BARE-ASS-ing!", she cries.

"I am purrfectly capabull of modullin' all by maiself, fank yoo verreh much!"

And just to prove her point, Domino really turns on the charm for the camera.

(Biggify for best view)

And then she goes over the top!  Just look how those green eyes sparkle!
And they match her outfit, to boot.  Have you ever seen anything more BOOTYfull?

You really know how to FROCK IT, Domino!
No assistants required.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Domino's up early this morning because she's breathless with anticipation.  Milo's coming over for a playdate a little later today.

Here she is all 'decked out' waiting for Milo.  Domino's actually not in dress up mode today.  She's just decided to go 'au naturel'.  After all, nature provided her with a beautiful tuxy coat (and one that matches her beloved, to boot)!

Domino stands watch for Milo to arrive.

She's so anxious, she asks Daddy what time it is.
Daddy tells Domino to calm down, he's not due for another hour yet.

So, there's time to pose for mama in the meantime.

"At weest it giffs me sumfin' ta doo wiles i'm waitin'!", Domino says.

"O wook!  Is a PURRple PETunia!"

"Wot wuz dat?  I herd a noise like a cwash landin'! 
Milo, is dat yoo?"

"Yup, it's me, mai darlink!  Doan worry, I didunt hurt maiself dis time.
Wanna play?"

And the two happily dove into the bushes for a little PURRivacy, and all I heard after that was giggles!  "Tee, hee!"