Monday, January 31, 2011


I truly think that Dante and Dylan could have marvelous careers as 'doormen', or more correctly as 'doormancats'.  Although the job doesn't generally pay top dollar, the tips are usually quite generous, as the type of establishment that employs doormen, caters to the wealthy.

And Dante and Dylan have another advantage to offer a prospective employer -- they come complete with their own fur coats -- purrfect in any type of weather.  No other uniform is required.

Here are Dante and Dylan at the front door.  Dante has the advantage being positioned on the sill.  Poor Dylan's just a doormat!

Come to think of it, Dylan would serve better as a court jester to aMEWS the guests upon arrival.

Dante stands fast at attention like a good doormancat should.

Dylan's gone 'doormant' (the slacker), while Dante mans (or is that cats) his post.

Fast forward (or more correctly, backward) to the back door.  Dylan is alert and at the ready for doormancat duty.  Now he just has to wipe that silly look off his face.

And here are my two 'doormancats' at the end of their day (and their rope, it seems) begging to be let in.  They both need some downtime after a hard day's work.  I think they've earned a little 'doormancy', don't you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Domino received a new purple dress for Christmas, but hasn't had the opportunity to wear it, until now.  It was a  bit too big and mama had to take it in a little.

The indoor photoshoots can never match those in the great outdoors, primarily because of the use of the flash.  Domino is very amenable to posing, but she can't help but close her eyes against that bright burst of light.

Domino has never had a purple outfit before, but it's actually one of her favourite colours -- after all, it's the colour of 'Royals', and we all know that Domino is Queen of our domain.

Here is Domino in a royal purple corduroy dress. 

There is a sparkly rose at the top of the bodice on the back, and a bow at each hip.

The little cap sleeves are ruffled.

And the skirt is pleated.

Here you can get a better view of the entire ensemble.

Domino poses daintily for final effect.

But before the photoshoot comes to an end, Dante arrives to give Domino a kiss ...

... and a little nuzzle.

And after taking these liberties, finally, he bows to his Queen.

We can't take our leave, though, without offering you another glance at Domino's beautiful face -- with her eyes open, and looking right at you!  So here she is in her 'Mouse-Get-Here' hat so marvelously fashioned by Judi of "Sammy and Andy's Place."  Thanks again, Judi!

Monday, January 24, 2011


These are pictures taken last year around this same time.  There was a bit of a thaw (unlike this year), and Dylan, the brave, being the explorer that he is, embarked on a solo Snow Trek to the end of the drive.  Just think of him as a combination Hans Solo from Star Wars and Captain Kirk from Star Trek, although his ears much more resemble those of Mr. Spock!

The end of the driveway is like the end of the uniFURse in winter time.  So, Dylan went where no cat went before.  The others preferred to stay closer to home.

Dylan surveys the winter wasteland that is our front yard.

He scent-marks the corner of the house so he can find his way back, and gives it a kiss for good luck.

Off he goes, into the frozen tundra that is our driveway.

After many seconds, he reaches his destination.  Should he go further into uncharted territory?

Or return home to the safety of his home and his loved ones?

Home calls the loudest on this purrticular day, i.e., he hears Dante howl.

And here's Dante to greet him at the end of his long and arduous journey.

"Concats, bro, on an awesum adventure!", says Dante.
"Fanks, but whoever said "Don't wait fur Spring" is just downrite crazy!", says Dylan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday, Domino was going tail to tail with Dylan, but after he left the scene for warmer parts, she stayed outside with me.  She seemed to enjoy some quiet time getting some whiffs of fresh air and playing peek-a-boo with Mama.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Trying to make 'scents' out of this!

Domino bedecked!

Pensive PURRofile!

Chin up!

Peek-a-boo Mama!

I see you ...

Do you see me?

The answer to that would be 'Yes'.
'Tis the "SEEson", as they say.

Monday, January 17, 2011


It's Monday and my mancats were not outside together.  In fact, one was out on the front porch and the other was on the back deck -- not at the same time, but at different times during the day.  How else could Mama get pictures of both of them?

First, there's Dante.  I have plenty of pictures of him standing at the front door wanting to be let in.  Now here's the video version -- complete with a modicum of yowling.

You'll be happy to know that we went inside shortly afterwards.

Then, Dylan takes a turn on the deck out back.  Domino's behind him all the way.  Or at least Domino's behind is behind him.  She'll take her starring turn tomorrow, but for now she's an extra.

It's snowing outside -- gotta duck for cover!

Tails are good for sweeping the snow away.

And tongues are good for catching snowflakes!

 Dylan finally comes out from under ...

... only to tuck himself right back in beside his sister.
"I jus' hadta check owt if it wuz snowin' over heer, too!", Dylan says.

And it was.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Domino's Christmas dress didn't arrive until after Christmas, so now instead, she is using it as a winter coat.

Here she is, fortified against the cold, getting ready for her outdoor photoshoot.

Her dress is quite substantial and can certainly double as a coat in colder weather.  It is fleece lined and trimmed, with a wide collar which can be turned up against the wind.

Domino does her turn down the runway to give you a view from head-on!

Now under cover, Domino can concentrate on posing for you.

Note the lovely details of the dress/coat. 

The neckline is quite flattering, don't you think?  It exposes just the tiniest bit of fur cleavage.


This close-up details the white bow with diamond pave heart, and pom-poms for that extra punch!

Domino is REDdy for anything -- going out on the town, or out for a hike in the snow.
But right now, she's given me the signal that this photoshoot is oFUR and out!
"Now let me in", says she.

And I am at her command, as always.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011