Monday, February 28, 2011


It's snowing very heavily outside today, so we harken back to the past -- which seems so long ago now, but in reality was only a few short days back.  Days when the sun was bright and all was right with the world.  A world where mancats could bask and bond at the same time.  Or was it?
In this story, Dylan and Dante first come face to face in broad daylight.

Dante was just relaxing on the deck bench, when ...

... Dylan jumped up to join him.

Dante was a bit taken aback, but he loves his brother, so ...

... they peacefully PURRused the yard together.

That is, until Dante began to feel those old familiar stirrings.

Enjoying the sun, Dylan is completely unaware that Dante's dark side is emerging from the depths within.
(Biggify this picture to see Dante's evil look!)

Danger, Dylan -- Danger!

Dylan is alerted just as Dante begins his descent.

Dylan better move quick before the worst happens.  Dante has a rePEWtation as an incorrigible butt-sniffer.

So, Dylan moves to the opposite bench, where Dante soon follows.  I'm sure sniffing the bench isn't anywhere near satisfying when you've got butt on your brain.

Dante pretends to ignore his quarry, but Dylan isn't buying it, as he waits on tenterhooks.

Then a large bird, squawking fiercely, captures their attention.

Peace returns, and Dylan lets down his guard.

Little does he know that the dark side of Dante is about to erupt once more.  And this time, it is volcanic in its intensity!

We don't dare show you what happened in the interlude, butt ...

... this is the result!
And Dylan will never be the same again.

Quite the dark tale on a sunshiny day, n'est-ce-PAW?

Friday, February 25, 2011


It's quite a rare treat (and feat) to get all three of my furbabies in one shot.  A couple of days ago, the sun was beating down gloriously.  They all came to roost on the deck for some sunbathing, and this is what I saw.

The sun was having fun making shadows everywhere!

It peeked out between the slats in the fence to make stripes on the snow.

And shadowed my kitties wherever they go.

Look at Dylan's shadow on the deck floor -- why it almost looks like Batman!
(Biggify for full effect)

The boys are getting sun-kissed and Domino's black fur is hot to the touch.

The shadow and light plays well off Domino's tuxy black and white!

The sun gives Dylan blond highlights.

And radiates fire through Dante's lynx tips!

Yes, indeed, Domino, Dylan and Dante (my 3-Ds) are something to behold -- each by themselves and together in uniSUN!  It's a triple delight!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After the boys did their inspection, Domino did her own little turn before ending up on the bench, herself.

It's amazing to me how her every pose seems so fluid and balletic.  If she was a larger cat, you could call her statuesque, but she is petite and perfectly poised.

 Witness, the backward glance!

She's totally in step with herself.

Domino just flows from head to tail.

So, she goes with it!

A picture of Grace (even though her name is actually Domino)!

Whether in PURRofile ...

... or head-on, Domino's simply 'got it'!

Monday, February 21, 2011


It's Monday and the mancats are out in tandem checking out their territory as far as they can.  This involves sniffing around the front walkway, and the porch, including the benches and chairs.  After all, squirrels have been spotted, and with all the nuts that mama scattered about, they've left their scent just about efurrywhere!

Now it's up to the mancats to take up the trail.

Dante and Dylan team up to discuss their strategy.

"I'll go disaway", says Dante ...

... "an' yoo go dataway!  OK?"

Dylan sniffs out the bushes to see if they've been disturbed by alien PURResences (aka squirrels).

"Hmmm!  Sumfing smells different around here!"
Mama put breadcrumbs out for the birdies.

"An' it sure duzn't taste bad eider!"
You could stand to lay off the carbs, there, Dylan.

In the meantime, Dante is checking things out rather URNestly.

Dylan touches base with him (and the urn).

"More dan wun squirrel has defunitely been here", says Dylan, after sniffing the porch chair.

Dante confirms the diagnosis.

"OK, ware doo we go next?"

Dante's tail poofs out in anticipation.

Dylan decides to check out the front of the house, under the bay window.  "Dis winnow sure didunt keep dose squirrels at bay!", says he.

The scent trail sent Dylan this way -- towards the bench.

"Dis calls for a moar thorow investigashun!"

"I finks dey's been using our bench as a lunch cafeteria", deduces Dylan.

"An' dey doan even bodder to clean off dere crums!"

Meanwhile, Dante has been checking out the far side of the house.

He, too, is attracted to the bench.

Here, the scent is so strong that Dante is sure he has an iron-clad case.

Even though Dylan has already given his opinion, once again Dante is there to confirm it.

"Well, I fink we has done all dat we can, fur now", declares Dante.

"Eggcept for leavin' our own scent on da place", says Dylan and then he does just that!  He's on a roll after all.

Exhausted from their extensive investigations, the mancats have returned to home base.  Sometimes the job may be TEAdious, but somebody's gotta do it!  And my mancats always do the DE SCENT thing.