Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Here are Domino and Dante together on the front porch.  (Biggify for best view)

They are set off nicely by the MEWted tones of the stone and the pastels of the potted flowers. 

Domino and Dante, themselves, however, are far from MEWT.  Both of them have taken to howling at the top of their lungs for even the slightest of reasons.

I am told it is the right of older pussycats to not mince 'meows', but volume control can definitely be a problem!

Even bagpipes would be a welcome relief!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


The 3-Ds are really enjoying their summer so far.

 Domino has really wigged out in her white-and-peach flowered fascinator.  Her outfit has a distinctly Oriental flair to it, which is accented by her vividly-hued and multi-stranded pearl necklace.

My, how she has blossomed!!!

Dylan, on the other paw, has gone all goofy.  He thought he'd wear his green and orange monster hat with the single eye (and green and orange paisley tie) to hypnotize that parrot into submission. Unfortunately though, the spiders are attracted to the sweat on his brow.  Wearing a wool hat in summer is generally not advisable for more reasons than one!

The parrot, though, maintains its cool and is entirely unimpressed!  In fact, he's telling Dylan where to go!

And finally, Dante is looking uber-handsome in his beige straw fedora with orange-striped band.  He found his brightest bowtie to wear today to spend the day gardening.  He wants to try to CATmouflage himself, so as not to disturb any of the tiny critters milling about.

I think you'll agree that both Dante, and his garden, are bloomin' fabulous indeed!

Friday, June 26, 2015


Domino was out and about in the garden yesterday.  She had to check out every square inch PURRSonally.

Domino checked low...

... and Domino checked high!

She didn't overlook anything, even though she was looking over everything!

And finally, once she was content that all was in order, she (herself) checked out!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


This is Dylan resting easy on the deck bench.

 It's unusual for him to be so relaxed.

 Generally, no matter what the situation ...

 ... he's always on edge, but not now!

"I jus' tot I'd show yoo my softah side", says he, fishing for a compliment.

Monday, June 22, 2015


The 3-Ds are celebrating the official start of summer by wearing -- what else? -- hats!

 Here is Domino in a sheer black number with fuschia flowers aplenty arranged artfully on the brim.  She has coordinated it with a bright and breezy summer scarf in matching tones.

Birds of every feather have come from far and near to cheer on her fashion choices!

 Dylan feels plum lucky turned out in his plum-pigmented cap and plum-pinstriped bowtie.  He's looking forward to plum season which is still at least a month away.

Until then, he and his butterfly besties are just going to hang out and plan what to make with all of those fresh, plump plums once they've arrived.

They're certifiably crazy -- plum crazy, that is!

Dante, good sport that he is, is sporting a gray braided fisherman's cap and similarly-hued bowtie replete with flying pigs.

When asked if he thought he'd be catching any fish today, he simply responded:  "Wen pigs fly!"

I guess that would be a "Yes", then.

Get out your fishin' net, Dante!

Friday, June 19, 2015


Today we are featuring brofurs Dante and Dylan who have a very special bond indeed.  They keep close track of each other wherever they may be.

Even though they aren't brothers from the same mother, it doesn't diminish their mutual feline for one another.

Witness ...

 "Today we are on deck -- reddy an' willin' to watch out fur each uddah", says Dylan.

 "Furst, I looks out fur him."

 "I puts on my sensors so I kin alert him at a moment's notice."

"Dante noes he kin relax an' have a nap whilst I'm on guard." 

 "An' aftah da PAWS dat refreshus, I lets Dylan stand down", says Dante.

 "I has his back an' he has mine!" they both say in unison.

 "I am my brofur's keePURR" asserts Dante.  "As a keePURR, yoo jus' keep on keepin' on -- furever!"

"An' da keepin' is MEWtual" affirms Dylan. 

 "Dat's why it works!"