Sunday, March 31, 2013


On this joyous occasion, we have 3-D Easter images of Dante, Dylan and Domino (what else?).  They are all dressed up in their best bows, hats and jewels.

 The first "D" is Dante Bunny.  He grows ears efurry year just for Easter, and they just as quickly disappear when it's over.  Being a 'real mancat' aka 'real manBUN', he isn't afraid to wear pink.  Pink PURRks him up!
Dante Bunny says "May yoor Eastah be aBUNdant -- dere's nuffin like a BUNcha BUNS fur Eastah', speshully if dey're nice an' FURm like mine!"

The second "D" is Dylan "The Chick Magnet".  He certainly has attracted the chicks this Easter!  He has discovered that they're nice and chewy, as well as very yummy, so he's decided to come out with a new kind of chick-flavored 'Chiclets'.  By this time next year he may well be a 'Chiclet Magnate', too!  "It all depens on da adFURtisin'", says Dylan "so keeps yoor paws crossed an' yoor eyes open."

The third "D" is Domino "The Fashionista".  Never to be outdone, Domino is sporting a mauve Easter bonnet embellished with roses and a green and pink ribbon.  Her green eyes stand out most of all, though, and there's no embellishment required, there, at all.  Domino's natural beauty shines through no matter what she does or doesn't wear.

Domino has accessorized her Easter frock with colour-coordinated beads and a purse which complements the ensemble.  "My PURRse is yoosfull fur hidin' eggs, too", she says "jus' in case I wanna egg sumwun on!"
What a little minx!

Later on Easter Sunday, the 3-Ds all changed outfits to coordinate with each of their significant others.

Dante was off to South Carolina to see his fiance, Sascha of "Brian's Home".  He and Sascha both heated things up by dressing in hues of red and orange.  They're already hot enough for each other as it is!  Boy, the temPURRatures must really be climbing in the State of SC right about now!

On the other paw, Dylan is in Louisiana with his fiance, Halle, and they're both singing the blues!  Not because they're unhappy, mind you -- because they just love that kind of MEWSic.  It's so inspirational!
And you'll notice that they didn't put ALL of their eggs in one basket -- they're so much smarter than that!  They're very smart dressers, too, now that I think of it.

Domino boogied over the pond to Devon, England to stand beside her honey, Milo, for Easter.  PURRpull is the name of the game as far as these two are concerned.

Milo is quite the stylish SUITor in his native tux and rakish fedora, while Domino is very PURRim and proPURR in her PURRpull Easter bonnet.  They have both 'bowed' to tradition; Milo with a captivating bowtie at his neck, and Domino with a fetching amethyst-coloured bow at hers.

"I jus' luvs it when my BEAU ties one on!", she says.

So from the 3-Ds, their mates and me, here's wishing all of you a Joyous and aBUNdant Easter!  You can never have too many carrots (or karats, for that matter).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I is feelin' bettah now dat I is on my mediCATshun, an' dey giffed me sumfin ta boost my apPETite, so I has bin eatin' lots 'n lots.  All of a suddin today, doe, I stopped eatin' on my own again, so I fink I mite needs anuddah boostah.

I has bin hoppin' an' skippin' arownd outside fur da last coupla days.  Da sun is owt and itz a lot warmah.  Da snoes is meltin' fast. Yahoo!

Mommeh is still on a brake.  I doan noes why because she duzn't efun drive, but she is.  So she says yoo doan hasta leaves us anneh comments.  I jus' stopped by ta giffs yoo all an update.

Mommeh and me wonts to fanks all of yoo, too, fur all yoor kind purrs an' prayahs and 'fawts' about me (dat's 'thoughts', not 'farts').  We finks it has reely helped!



Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Words from the Mama:  This is our little Domino last Friday when she was still feeling well enough to PURRuse the neighPURRhood.  She is wordless, but I am not.

For the whole weekend following she didn't eat or drink and was generally lethargic.  So I took her to the V.E.T. on Monday, and she was in pretty bad shape.  Of course she was dehydrated so they gave her subcutaneous fluids.  And she got a shot of antihistamine which is supposed to increase appetite.

They also stole her blood to do an array of tests to determine the cause.  Thankfully, the hydration and antihistamine worked and she was almost her old self by Tuesday.  We returned to the vet to get the results of the blood tests and get some more treatments.

It seems that Domino has hyPURRthyroidism which causes many things to happen in her little body, not least of which is to lose weight (which she can ill afford).  At least we are happy that this problem is so treatable, because she will be able to get back to business as usual once the medication kicks in.  We chose a gel treatment which is administered daily to the inside of her ear.  It's like a felt-tipped pen that issues just the right amount and you rub it in gently.

Until the medication gets to an acceptable level, we still have to boost her appetite artificially.  I have taken to handfeeding her when she won't eat on her own.  It's actually kind of cute because when I spoonfeed her, she will growl gently and chew at the same time, so it comes out sounding like: "Mmmm Mom Mom Mom"!  She actually allows me to continue, though, so I think she knows I'm trying to help her.

There are so many beloved pets in the CB who have passed just recently.  We are just so happy that Domino's problem isn't so devastating.  She will be just fine.  Please save your purrs for those who need them most.  

So, we are taking a break until next week because there are many things going on which require our attention right now, not least of which is sweet Domino.  Please do not feel obligated to comment.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Domino has a 2013 Calendar of her own titled "Your Daily Domino".  It contains some of the best from her photoshoots during the past year.

The cover shot is Domino as Minnie Mouse or "DoMINNIEo" as I like to call it.

It's January, and Domino is FELINE a little FROSTY!

 In February she's in her Valentine's dress waiting for Milo to come pick her up.  "Have a Hearty Valentine", says she.

 "March really blows!", observes Domino.  It may be just a tad early for a sleeveless dress, don't you think?

 And for some reason in April "Raindrops Keep Falling on Her Head"!  Nowhere else -- just on her head.  Go figure.

 In May, Domino gets all gussied up for the Queen's birthday.  "But I tot I was da Queen!" she says, giving us  her best PETulant look.

 June turns out to be fairy, fairy interesting!  I haven't practised yet, she says, "so I'm jus' WINGIN' it!

In July, Domino demonstrates her lazy DAZE of summer!  She's such a natural.

August finds Domino ready to take a swan dive -- it's so darn hot! 

September is Domino's birthday month and she's gone vintage this year.  "Even doe it's da Roaring 20's", she says, "I'm still only 12!"

What can you say?  October is just beyond beLEAF! 

 In November whither she goest, it withers.  "I likes ta stand on Withering Heights and gives efurrybuddy my best witherin' look!"

And, of course in December, Domino's wishing efurryone a Merry Chrismouse.  If only the darn thing would stay inside the stocking!

Note:  Domino is actually wearing each and every outfit.  Mom just helps her out from time to time, with a few photoshopped accessories.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


The 3-Ds are all celebrating St. Patrick's Day with their significant others.  They've really gone all-out for the occasion, too!

Domino and her Milo are all hatted up for their treasure hunt.  Even if they didn't find that elusive pot 'o gold, at least they found enough to make them smile!

Dylan and his fiance Halle are even more fortunate.  They've unearthed an entire pot of the shiny yellow PURRecious metal!  It must be because of all those lucky clovers.

Dante and Sascha are both feeling very lucky, too.  They went on a leprechaun hunt and they each captured one of the slipPURRY little critters.  They're kind of wiggly, though, so they have to hold on tight.
To see what Dante does with his leprechaun, go to "All About Lacocoon Dante".

Here's wishing all of you as much happiness and good fortune as the 3-Ds and their mates!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Domino went out looking for Spring.

"I noes itz around heer sumware", says she.

But she waited ...

... and waited.

"Seems like dis cud take awhile, so I mite as well has a seat!".

"Wot about yoo?  Has yoo seen it anywares?"

Monday, March 11, 2013


Dylan is STANDING on the deck bench.  As usual, he is on full alert.  Unbeknownst to him, Dante is UNDER the bench.  Dylan is aware that something is going on, but he can't quite figure it out.

 "I has sucha EARy feelin'!" says he.

At this point, Dante is right under Dylan's nose ...

... but Dylan still can't quite get a fix on him!
And that is the END of the TAIL ... "or at leest it will be wen I gets finished wif it!", says Dante.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Domino was out and about on one of our warmer days when all the snow had melted off the driveway. My friend, Susan, who was visiting from across the street, took my camera in hand and followed the little black-and-white one around.  She got right down at eye level with this stunning result.

Brave little tuxy cat is paving the way for all those who would follow (not least of which is her Auntie Susan)!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Dante and Dylan are out in the back yard after the latest snow fall.  The snow is so deep that it has not only covered the patio table (which we leave out year round) but the tabletop is supporting another mountain of snow, as well.

Dante, as usual, is on a quest to find the most suitable spot to make his daily deposit.  Dylan is purely a spectator, because as we all know watching Dante doing his thing has become a real spectator sport.

So, you know this post will be a long one since it's titled "The Odyssey".  It's the story of two pussycats; one who embarked on a long and arduous journey under Arctic conditions and another who watched it all happen.  A more approPURRiate title may actually be "The ODDySEE", because what Dylan is seeing is quite odd indeed.

 Dante starts off by testing the snow on the back deck, while Dylan tries to keep things in balance.

 The snow is packed ...

... too tightly, though. 

 And further tests reveal that ...

 ... digging is imPAWSible.

 So with the tail winds, and his brother, at his back ...

 ... Dante starts off on his trek.

The surface of the snow is very firm as it easily supports Dante's weight.

Finally Dante stops on the far side of the mountain. 

 Here, he makes some headway, even though you can't actually see his head.

"I kin reely dig watchin' Dante dig", says Dylan ...

... but it's da smell aftahwahds dat's reely hawd ta take!"

Finally, Dante emerges from the dump site -- victorious!

 ... and embarks on the equally long journey home.

"Well, it's ovah at last", says Dylan.

"An' we has both survived to tell da tail!"

What are the ODDS?