Friday, November 22, 2013


This is Dylan, just being Dylan ...

 ... with his wonky ears ...

... and a little bit of tongue.

He is one with nature.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Domino loves hats, but she finds fascinators even more fascinating!

Witness ...

"Dey are liddle hats dat yoo wear on wun side of yoor head, so yoo kin still wear an earring on de uddah side", says the very PURRactical Domino.  

This little white and black number complements her complexion to PURRfection, don't you think?

 Here Domino is 'pretty in pink' as an accent to the black and white that defines her.  When it comes to her jewels, she favours Louis Vuitton.  His design is so deliCAT -- just like she is!

Domino succumbed to black sequins, red roses and yellow gold in this ensemble.  Red is the colour closest to her heart.

"I also finds feddahs verreh fassinatin'" says she.  "I fink I'll haff a liddle snack wen dis is all ovah."

Monday, November 18, 2013


Dante and Dylan are both wearing their winter hats and scarves today.  Even though there's no snow yet, it's still mighty nippy out there.

Dante does designer in an 'Anthony Peto Jaguar Print Bigfoot' hat and a wool gray and rust Louis Vuitton scarf.  He's quite cozy sitting on the padded chair on the front porch.

"I cant help bein' fashun conshus", remarks Dante.  "I likes ta be coordinatid!"

Dylan isn't so concerned with fashion as he is with fighting off the cold.  He's got on a red faux-fur cap with ear flaps, an amber wool scarf and black and blue booties for his feet.  Who cares if nothing matches?

"Now all I needs is sumfin ta keeps my butt warm!", says he.

Be PURRepared, like Dante and Dylan -- winter is just around the corner!

Friday, November 15, 2013


Domino is outside on a bright sunny day.  Everywhere she goes she has a tag-along.

 "My shadow is so attached ta me", she says.

"It jus' wont leeves me alone."

"So I lie down on top of it ...

... but wen I rolls ovah, it jus' comes rite back!"

"So I tries to shake it by jumpin' up on da chair."

"But guess wot?  Itz still dere!"

 "Now I has reeleh had enuff!"

"I noes how ta lick it -- I'm gonna wash dat fing rite outta my hair.  Take dat!  An' dat, an' dat, yoo dirteh rat!"

And that, as they say, is a wrap!

Friday, November 8, 2013


I tend to like a picture that's a little artsy.  Usually, they are a result of a happy mistake on my part.  Then today, I noticed that in all three pictures below, each of the 3-Ds was looking left -- which qualifies it, in my estimation, as 'leftist art'.   Now, is this synchronicity or what?

I have always felt that synchronicity is a key part of art.  It is a confluence of multiple factors that produce a PURRfect storm for your senses, if you will.

 Here I meant to get a head-on shot of Dante.  However, his unpredictable turn produced an image which was far more interesting.  In profile, he is very prolific indeed, especially against that orange swath of his own fur.  Looking at it, the senses are literally awash in his vibrant colour.

And when it comes to Dylan, it is usual for him to emote with his ears, but in this instance, I captured it in the extreme, ergo the extra-wide spread of his ODDitory instruments.  This image evokes the feeling of impending danger.  It makes one wonder what's out there that has shaken Dylan's sense of security.

Domino is curled into an interesting position.  You can imagine that if she continued she would form a PURRfect black and white ball.  She appears, in her contemplation, to be looking within.  From this image, I feel a sense of safety and calm.

What better to evoke such feelings than felines?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Although Dylan is classified as a 'cream tabby', I think his colour is closer to taupe.  His fur is too dark to simply be called 'cream', and doesn't have the sandy tones of 'tan'.  There is the all-PURRpose 'beige', of course, but Dylan's coat has a slightly pinkish (or dilute red) undertone to it, that really puts it 'over the taupe'.

 From a distance, Dylan appears like he is a solid colour, but if you look up close you can see his slightly darker tabby stripes.

 Dylan is 'taupe man' of the house, even though Dante rules over him.

 "At leest I'm not a carrot-top like he is!", says Dylan.

 Dylan has an advantage because he is always 'on taupe of things'!

And his favourite evening dress is -- of course -- 'taupe hat and tails'!

Cattails, that is!