Saturday, January 30, 2010


There is no rhyme or reason to this collection of pictures.  They are just ones that I like.

I have also included some of those "lurk-alikes" called squirrels (they're always lurking and they look alike).  We have so many black ones and they all look the same from a distance.  Up close it's a different matter.

(Biggify at will!)

This was a cool shot because it was taken through the bush, which gives it a partially mottled look.
I just love the detail on his little fingernails in this picture.

Here's a different squirrel, on a different day, noshing away in the safety of the tree.
This little guy has a lot more brown on him -- you can see it on the inside of his legs and tummy.  He's quite the chubby fellow as well.  Look at those thighs!

This is a brave little nosher -- appears to be pure black with quite the luscious tail, and deft fingers.

Although you can't see any detail for this one, I really like the picture.  The little guy surprised me by just peeking around the corner of the house, close to where I was sitting.  As I said -- they're lurking everywhere!

This is Dylan watching his reality TV from the comfort of the cat bench.  The squirrel has just reached the first branch of the tree on the left.

This was taken on a bright and sunny day.  It's the shadows that I find interesting, in addition to the marked contrast between my little Domino and my behemoth Dante.

Here's Dylan on the same day.  Again, it's his shadow which I find compelling, plus the hint of Dante's tail at the bottom right of the picture.

Once again, the shadow play enhances Domino on her stroll.  I caught her mid-step, which is always kind of cute.

On a completely different day, you can see the sun is no longer shining.  The sky is overcast which makes for a totally icy effect.  Here's Dante on the long trek to the end of the driveway.

Brrrrrrr!  It's a good thing Maine Coons are built for this kind of weather.

Dylan comes to the edge of the road to see what's going on.  Neither of the mancats ventured any further.
The landscape looks so desolate.  There's also some odd reflection from the camera lens on Dante.

And on yet another day in the recent past, here's Daddy and Domino enjoying a together moment on the front porch bench.  Isn't that all kinds of cute?

So that's all I've got for today.  Enjoy your Caturday everyone!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Although I have three cats with D-names, they are usually much better off in twos, than in threes.  And some twos are better than others.

There is a rather circular nature to the 3-D hierarchy.  Domino rules the roost, Dante is second in command, and Dylan takes the bottom position.  Domino and Dante get along quite nicely, and their every interaction is peaceful and harmonious.

Dante and Dylan also get along very well, though they have those mancat "rassling" sessions every now and then.  Dante will keep Dylan in line if he goes too far, though.  He will raise his mighty paw and Dylan will back off.

Domino and Dylan are another story.  Although Domino is able to strike fear into Dylan and force him to back off, Dylan's basic instincts often get the better of him.  Domino and Dylan interactions often end in hiss-terical controversy.  So, at times Domino will just take the path of least resistance, and avoid Dylan altogether.

So the 3-Ds are actually best taken either singly or by the twos, with the exception of the Domino-Dylan pairing which normally ends in some sort of disruption.  I guess you could call it "The Domino Effect", if you will.

Peaceful co-existence is the order of the day, as we start off with the Domino/Dante twosome.

Here is Dante hovering directly behind Domino and she is not in the least disturbed.  Now if that was Dylan, it would be a whole different matter, because Dylan would likely attempt to jump her.  Dante knows his place when it comes to being second-in-line behind Domino.

Domino and Dante follow the credo ...

... "Live and Let Live"

So, when Dylan comes on the scene, Dante makes cozy with him while Domino keeps her distance.

Dante bridges the gap.

And comes back to pay his respects to Domino.

Then Domino decides it's time to move on while things are still relatively peaceful.

Domino rocks and rules!

She's off to find her place on the bench to grab a little sun.

Dylan's off on a mission of his own.

He's got some serious sniffing to do, as you can clearly see.

So, Dante joins Domino on the bench as they both bask in the winter sunshine. 
(There are lots of peanut shells on the bench, where the squirrels must sit and eat -- I guess they want to keep their feet warm, too!)

Domino and Dante both keep an eye on the neighbourhood.

They cooperate, as Domino looks one way, and Dante, the other.

Domino trusts Dante to be viligant while she takes time out for a little bath.

Uh-oh!  Intruder alert!

Look who's back!

It's just like Dylan to barge right in!  He never really looks before he leaps.

So Domino makes her escape to avoid the inevitable confrontation.

Dylan says "Nuts"!  Foiled again!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here are pictures of Domino out to scout what she considers to be hers.  This includes our next-door neighbour's porch, which is (unfortunately) very close in proximity to our own.

Domino is a very nosey type.  If she could she would actually go inside -- and she has from time to time, when the neighbour hasn't been on guard.  She has scooted right in the open front door as they are entering or exiting.  She just loves to snoop!  She has done the same thing with other neighbours -- and I only hear about it afterwards.

So, here she is making the usual rounds next door.  Domino gives new meaning to the word "nosey" by sniffing everything quite thoroughly, as well as doing her visual inspection.

Domino navigates the short distance between our property and next door.

Like many in the neighbourhood, they still have their Christmas lights up and this requires a thorough inspection by Miss Domino.

She is a lighting expurrt after all -- actually she fancies herself expurrt on most everything!

Is this wiring safe?

Certainly smells good anyway!

Time to let the pawpawrazzi get a shot!

Domino doing her impression of a Peeping Tomasina!
This is the height of nosiness. 
(There are two kitties who live there, by the way, and have been known to communicate through the glass from time to time.)

Domino decides to make her way slowly back home.  The bush needs inspecting first, though.

Domino pauses to inhale its scent deeply!

Then she finally takes the plunge back into the snow.

Now that she's totally satisfied that everything's in order, it's just a short jaunt back home, where the smells are all too familiar.  She likes a little bit of the strange now and then, and luckily we have very strange neighbours.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Dante, when outside, is much more of a snoopervisor.  Dylan is the real prowler.  Of course, I have trained Dante to stay close to home as much as possible, which is actually impossible when it comes to Dylan.  Dylan just has that roaming blood in him, although he tends to stay nearby. 

Dylan's prowl, in the winter, basically consists of visiting the next-door neighbour's porch, which is an endless source of fascination.

Dante has to watch everything that is going on in the neighbourhood and will go to great lengths to do so.  As we start off, you will see him standing tall on his back feet, stretching to see over the accumulated snow.  There's something of interest in the not-too-distant distance!

It was a sunny day, and I had no option but to shoot into the light if I wanted to capture these images.  Unfortunately, it makes them a little darker than normal.

Two mancats on the alert!

Dylan's off on his prowl while Dante stays to protect the home front from possible intruders.

The scent is strong.  It's a force which beckons.

Dante's keen eyes take in all he surveys.

Dylan's sensitive nose hones in!

This bush is extremely sniffworthy.  Every inch must be smelled.

Meanwhile, back at home base, Dante has shifted positions to get a more central view of the neighbourhood activities.

Aha!  Dante knew it!  Just wait long enough and the intruders come to you! 

It's the end of another day's hard work.  It's not easy being a mancat, you know.

Dylan, too, returns home, but his nose never rests.  Such is the lot of a mancat!

I feel so very safe with Dante's keen oversight of our property, and Dylan's sharp nose for trouble.  What would I ever do without them?