Friday, July 31, 2009


Dylan was out and about in the front yard today. He did his rounds of the neighbour's porch -- and then fell prey to the call of the squirrel (when the squirrel should actually BE the prey). There's been so many pictures of the squirrels lately though, that I didn't want to involve them in another post right now.

So, these pictures just show Dylan "on the alert" here, there and efurrywhere in the front yard. He did give chase a couple of times, and I think he's the fastest of all the 3-Ds.

However, Dylan in his quest was posing very nicely for me, so I managed to get some very instinctive shots of him (his instinct, not mine!) -- he definitely looks like a wildcat on the prowl.

Dylan is dashing in both senses of the word -- he is quite fleet of foot as he dashes about his domain, and he is also quite the handsome, adventurous fellow -- so dashing in both spirit and looks.

And dash it all -- I just realized I use a dash all too frequently when writing -- Dash that darn dash!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was tagged by Milo and Alfie's mom, Jan, to do "The Mom Meme" where you are supposed to: "Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.”

Since, I avoid having pictures taken at all costs, I have opted for the second choice.

So here are 10 Facts About Me:

1) I have one son, named Ryan, who is 30 years old, owns his own home and has two one-year old kitties, Sox and Missy. So I am a kitty granny (though I would love to have a grandbean someday).

2) My husband, Walter and I have been married for 21 years, and we met while both working for Transport Canada (which is the Canadian federal Department of Transport). We both moved on to work for Oracle Corporation after that, and Walter is still employed there, while I have since retired.

3) I took piano lessons from the age of 5 until 14 and attained a Toronto Conservatory of Music level of Grade 8. By passing the piano exam for this level, plus a theory test, I was able to obtain a credit for high school which counted towards my University admission.

4) I graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 1974 at the age of 20.

5) For some reason, I have always been very quick at doing almost everything. It's like I have one speed (fast) or none at all. I took both shorthand and typing, as commercial options in highschool, along with academic credits. At my height I could type 110 words per minute, and take shorthand at the rate of 140 WPM. These are skills that were still useful in the 1970s. And I still remember my Pitman shorthand after all these years, although I just use it for doodling sometimes! Of course, the typing has translated to the computer keyboard which has even less resistance than the old IBM Selectric.

6) As a young adult I was a prolific oil painter (mostly landscapes and still life), but found little time for it once I became a mother. I still dabble in art from time to time, using other mediums, and found I have a knack for portraiture. My most recent effort, last year, was to illustrate a book of limericks written by my brother-in-law, which had a limited circulation. The profits all went to charity.
My talents may be moderate, but it's most important to enjoy the creative process and if it can help someone else in that process -- all the better!

7) I used to play the guitar and sing with my sister when we were teenagers. We generally sang folk songs, and I would sing the melody and my sister the harmony. She was more talented than I and could automatically find the right note to create the harmony, just by ear. Unfortunately, we have lived thousands of miles distant from each other since, so this endeavour hasn't continued into our later years.

8) I love to cook and entertain company for dinner. My husband also likes to cook and we each have our own specialties. We have gained quite the reputation over the years amongst our family and friends for the high quality of the meals that we produce and have even been compared to a "5-star restaurant". We make our own pasta, and fresh tortillas and pastry, when the recipe calls for it, and like to try all different types of cuisine from around the world, i.e., Italian, Mexican, French, Cajun, Chinese, Thai, traditional English, Australian (which is a synthesis), Polish, Hungarian, etc.

9) I also count myself to be high on the intuition scale and have tested as much. I think it's a matter of having heightened perceptions overall and just tapping into what is available to all human beings.

10) I like to make my own greetings cards for friends and family, mostly for birthdays, and I'll write a humorous poem or fashion the card in some way to suit them uniquely. It just feels so much more personal and intimate, and seems to delight most recipients.

While it isn't part of "The Mom Meme" to necessarily illustrate one's facts, I thought I would just include a few pictures to spice things up.

Husband, Walter, holding Dante

Friend Renate, ecstatic over her chocolate fondant dessert

Friend, Susan, enjoying Winter Soup with Two Flavours

Beef Wellington

Samples of the limerick art

Painting of Ryan at 2 years of age

My grandkitties, Missy (standing) and Sox

My son, Ryan

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular, to carry on this Meme, but anyone who chooses to do so is most welcome! Please let me know if you do, so I can link to yours.

P.S. I would really like it if CCL Carm would do it, though. She is a fascinating lady who I am already familiar with, but most of you are likely not.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The boys had their close-ups yesterday, so today it's Domino's turn. And, it's a very difficult thing for her to be "at large" because she's such a petite little girl. Some of you have commented that she has a rounded appearance, and that may be because she has such short little legs, and of course a small body to go with them. She's certainly not the tall, lanky sort like her boyfriend, Milo!

They say that "good things come in small packages", though, so Milo must have very good taste to appreciate the bounty that is Domino, wrapped in such a compact facade.

For good measure, as a finale to today's shoot, I have honed in on Domino's little feet and tummy. In real life, her feet are kitten-sized, though in close-up form they appear much larger. And that's why Domino is at large today, due to the magic of the camera lens.

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Monday, July 27, 2009


Here are Dylan and Dante as big as life! Extreme close-ups show them from every angle. Realistically, they are quite sizeable cats, as well with Dylan weighing in at between 14-15 lbs. and Dante at approximately 22!

You know what they say these days ... BIG IS BEAUTIFUL!

P.S. Also, today is Dylan 5th birthday, so I hope you'll join us in wishing him lots of fun on his special day. We have plans for tuna, nip and treats a little later.

P.P.S. Dylan and Samson (who also has a birthday today) have a feature on the LOLSpot titled: "Birthday Boys on Mancat Monday!". Just click on the LOL Icon, second from the top on the left to take you there.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hi! To see our Sunday post titled: "Easy on Sunday: A Very Relaxed Dante" please click on Dante's picture to the immediate left of this post. This will take you to Dante's blog where you can see him relaxing.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yes, it's that darn evil squirrel AGAIN!!! I must admit it's becoming a run-of-the-mill thing for me now, as it is just about a daily occurrence at my house -- at least in my yard.

For Dante and Domino it's more run-for-the-kill, though they haven't yet succeeded in that regard. Dylan purrticipates in this event as well, though he does not appear in today's documentary.

Domino was just minding her own business, sitting on the bench, having a nice bath, when squirrelly appeared behind her. It took a moment for her to "catch on", so to speak! Even then, she didn't move a muscle, but stayed deathly still while the cheeky beast came closer and closer. Sometimes, I think it provides even more amewsement for the kitties just to watch, rather than prey.

Then Dante got into the act! At first he was content just to lie back and wait, but he did give chase on this occasion as you can see from the blur of orange in the one action shot. Once again, the squirrel loves to play games -- I think it's as much fun for him to see how close he can get without being attacked. Sort of like a game of chicken, but this is a game of SQUIRREL!!! I must admit that I play a big role in this game as well, because I am the one who baits the squirrel by sprinkling peanuts randomly around the front yard (I just sit on my bench and throw a couple of handfuls and they land where they may!).

Squirrelly is relentless, and if at furst he doesn't succeed, he tries and tries again until he snatches up a nut and runs like the wind. It can be a real obstacle course from the squirrel's point of view (my kitties being the obstacles, of course).

Anyway, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, as they are taken in a play-by-play sequence.

For those of you who keep remarking on the blackness of the squirrels, they are very common in these parts, which is eastern Ontario, Canada. We also have gray ones, brown ones and some red ones, but mostly black in my neck of the woods. Obviously in the suburbs (I lived in a wooded suburb), the squirrels become quite tame because more folks are likely to feed them. My squirrels are very demanding when they see me and will stare me straight in the eye and keep approaching me until I release the goods.

So, everyday expurrience or no, I guess it's not just the kitties that are in possession of the squirrel obsession!

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Friday, July 24, 2009


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Thursday, July 23, 2009


All of my babies were in the back yard this afternoon, enjoying the moderate tempurratures. Dante was occupied with the squirrel, as usual, and was being quite a bit more active than Domino and Dylan, who decided simply to be spectators.

Dante hunkered down under the crabapple tree as the squirrel flitted back and forth between our yard and the next door neighbour's. He would skirt around Dante and quickly lodge a nut in his mouth and then take off over or under the fence (whichever was handiest at the moment)! Dante did give chase several times, and once he even got one paw on the squirrel's tail as it was scaling the fence!!! Luckily, though no harm was done, and Dante still got his thrill.

Meanwhile, Domino decided to sit on the deck bench and watch. Dylan decided he wanted to do the same thing, but first had to check out his sister. Normally, this results in hissing and whapping (on Domino's part) and retreating (on Dylan's part), but all was quiet on this front today. You can see that Domino and Dylan are peacefully co-habiting, and ever so often glancing over to see how the squirrel games are coming along.

So all three cats were happy doing their own thing! Peace reigned in the back yard of the 3-Ds!