Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Domino is modelling her pink kitty hooded dress for the second time.  Normally, she doesn't like to repeat herself, but it's been so long since she wore it the last time, she thought maybe nobody would remember it. 

Even if you do remember it, please don't let her know.  She tends to get rather worked up about this sort of thing.  Fashion etiquette, you know!

Here is Domino on the runway.  Doesn't she look lovely in pink?

Efurry girl wants something a little pink and frilly in her wardrobe.

This outfit is very PURRactical, too, for the active ladycat on-the-go! 

Showing off a little leg is always a showstopPURR!

"Cant you sees I'm jus' tickled pink?", says Domino.

Every modelling session has its glitches.  This time the evil squirrel tries to get into the act.  Domino says "Hit da woad buddy.  I is giffin' you da pink slip."

Domino shifts to the bench to show off the back of her pink 'Lovely Lady' outfit, and display the two-tiered frills to best effect.

"I mus' sai, I is verreh frilled to be heer todai."

"An' to wepwesents all da pink collah workahs in da world."

"An' fur all da ladycats in da hood, let's stand togedder an' unite!"

Domino wants to start a 'SisFURhood of The Pink', so she and all her fellow ladycats can assert their rights (something like the Women's Lib Movement, but for pussycats).  There's nothing like a 'Pink Lady' to bolster your resolve.

What started as just another modelling session, has become a Pink Passion for all of feline femininity. 

"Power to da Pink!" cries Domino!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's Sunday and Dylan is taking it easy out on the back deck.  If you follow his instructions, you too will be able to relax and put your worries to rest.

"Furst, you finds a good spot wif plenty of woom to stwetch."

"You shud be able to stwech your arms owt in fwont of you as far as day kin go."

"Den breeve in verreh deep an' exhale verreh slow."

"Adjus' your pawsition so you is comfy.  Danglin' a leg is opshunal."

"Cleer your mind an' close your eyes."

"Breeve deeply wunce more ...

... an' snooze!"

"Mama sais 'If you snooze, you lose', but not in dis case.

If you welaxes an' furgets about efurryfing fur a liddle while, you weleaves your stwess.  An' dat's a win!

Has a stwess-fwee Sunday efurryone!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I have collected a variety of recent 3-D photos which haven't been included in other posts.  Most of them have something a little unusual about them -- so purrfect for a a day of miscellany!  Anything goes on a Caturday!

Domino 'barking' up the wrong tree!

"Make way, you simpletons!"

Checking out the 3-D Mini-Me's!

Tasting the bird soup!

"I spies 'spirea'!"

Getting a Long on the Lawn!

Stupefied (or just plain stupid)?  Sorry Dante!

Ever feel like you've overlooked something?

3-D PURRofusion or confusion?

"You talkin' to me?"

Up to scratch!

Tree-hugger Dylan!

Dylan's such a 'chatter' box!

Floof alert!

Can YOU touch YOUR toe to YOUR tongue?

To efurry miscellaneous collection, there must be an end -- and this is it.  
We leave you, appropriately enough, with a rear view!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These are pictures taken on Sunday.  First we were in the front garden, waiting for Grampa to arrive for a Father's Day feast, and then we moved into the back yard while our dinner was being cooked on the BBQ. 

Of course, Domino goes everywhere that we go, and must check things out from top to bottom -- or bottom to top, in this case.

Here she is scent-marking the front bench to make sure everything is secure before Grampa arrives.

Domino pays a little homage to Kitty Buddha while she's there and asks for a Father's Day blessing for Grampa.

Domino stands by ready to greet her Grampa.  She is the one-kitty welcoming committee after all.

Finally!  Grampa is here!

Once we're all settled on the back deck, Domino welcomes Grampa propurrly, and wishes him a Happy Father's Day.

And she is rewarded with a nice pat.

And before the BBQ is fired up, Domino gives it the onceover!

What would we do without you, Domino? 

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today, the 3-Ds and I are dedicating this post to our kitty friend Puff-Kitty Silhouette.  Puff-Kitty was helped to the bridge yesterday, June 20, 2010, by her loving parents, Carm and Randy Cole, at the age of 13.  Her parents wanted to prevent her any further suffering from a cancer that was ravaging her little body. 

Puff-Kitty was one of the famed 8GR8CATS of "Crazy Cat Lady Carm".  Not only was Puff-Kitty one of the eight, she was the first.  Before Puffy came along, the Coles were "dog people", and had never owned a cat.  Puff-Kitty was a stray who came to their home in October of 1997.  They took her in, figuring they'd find her a good home, but little did they know Puffy had plans to adopt them -- and she succeeded.   At first they thought Puffy was a boy kitty, and was named Puff-Daddy, but once they discovered she was a girl, her named was changed to Puff-Kitty.

And this was the beginning of Carm becoming a "Cat Lady".  Her love for cats blossomed into the all-consuming thing it is today, and Carm is forever grateful to Puffy for introducing her into the wonderful world of felines.  As Puffy was passing, Carm and Randy told her how much they loved her, and thanked her for changing their lives for the better. 

Here are a few pictures of Puff-Kitty Silhouette, to help us all remember her by.

Puff-Kitty was a real black beauty with gorgeous golden eyes.

She made a lovely silhouette in any kind of light.

This is Puffy in her younger days, with her brother Moony in the background.

This was Puff-Kitty's favourite place to be -- on her Daddy's lap.

Puffy was a ladycat of mystery.  She came out of nowhere.

She was good-natured enough to let her Mom dress her up for any occasion.

She loved just hanging out with her sisters and Dad.

And joining in with the rest on the regular 8GR8CATS nipfests.

This is Puff-Kitty on her 13th birthday -- appropriately enough, it was Hallowe'en!

Now, Puffy has joined the host of light fairies.  She's going to come back to visit her furmily from time to time just to check in on them.  She is well and happy on the Rainbow Bridge, but her loved ones still need reassurance.

Puff-Kitty was sister to Tommy, Candy, Moony, Sunny, Joy, Pride and Furby, and first kitty of Carm and Randy Cole.  They will miss her dearly, as will Dante, Dylan, Domino and I. 

Puff-Kitty Silhouette had a wonderful life.  She gave and received so much love, and that love will never die.  Fare well, sweet girl.

Note:  Please leave any condolence comments here, as Carm doesn't have comments turned on for her blog.