Sunday, August 30, 2015


The 3-Ds have been at it again.  They've been out there enjoying the last weeks of summer.  They seemingly never tire of finding new attire to flaunt.

 Dante has been sitting around 'watching' things, and none moreso that his brand new Rolex!  He's wearing a tan straw fedora with navy and pink-striped band, and has selected a funky floral bowtie, also in navy, to pair with it.

As this also reflects the colour of his watch, one might say that (at least for the moment), Dante's truly "In the Navy ..."!

Ahoy there matey!

 Dylan's donned a bluish-gray straw fedora that has a tweed effect.  He has selected a multi-coloured bowtie in hues of gray and peach with dashes of dark red to go with it.

With his camera slung around his arm he looks like a photograFUR from the 1940's!

And it looks like Dylan's not the only mempurr of the PAWPAWratsi out there either!  
He's got stiff competition from the rodent PAWpulation.

Domino's been selling seashells by the seashore.  She's wearing a light straw hat with brown band decorated with blue and deep pink flowers over her dark auburn wig.  She has coordinated this with a similarly-hued scarf for some warmth.  After all it's more than just a bit breezy down by the sea.

Domino's not too crazy about sifting through the water for all those shells, but she does enjoy what's inside them.  And once you're finished eating you can sell the containers!  Not a bad deal after all.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


The 3-Ds have once again visited their local haPURRdashery and come out with looks to suit each of their tastes!

Here Dante is in a rust-coloured straw fedora with bowtie in matching tones.  He is sporting a strawberry-blonde moustache as well and thinks it makes him appear rather distinguished.

And just when you think he couldn't get any more handsome!

Dylan has chosen an ivory safari hat with a brown, black and white plaid band.  He, too, is modelling a moustache of the French variety -- many of them, in fact, because his bowtie is replete with them.

I must say he looks rather like Inspector Poirot in this outfit -- or would that PURRhaps be Inspector PURRot in this PURRticular case?

Not to worry, Domino isn't sporting any extra hair.  She's much too feminine and deliCAT for that! Domino has selected a green and off-white creation to cover her pretty little head.  It is adorned with a large flower and curly ribbons to great effect.

Her silver necklace is studded with green stones which pick up on the tones in her hat.  She has also chosen to carry a black patchwork purse with just a hint of green to tie in with all the rest.

Domino is a vision of loveliness with her sparkling green eyes accentuated by today's selections.

But then, she's always a standout in any surroundings!

Saturday, August 15, 2015


It's difficult to get a picture of Dylan these days, PURRimarily because he mostly goes out only when it's dark.

 So, here, captured for all to see in broad daylight is Dylan coming out!

Even the crabapples have burst forth to celebrate this auspicious occasion! 

And I was able to get a rare picture of all three of the D's in one shot, with a crabapple or two rolling around on the deck to remind us what time of year this occurred.

Who knows when you might next see Dylan, unless you care to venture out at night in our neighPURRhood, of course.  He'll surely be close by.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


 Dante is a real star in his red cowboy hat and matching bandana.  "I'm celebratin' appull seeson", says he (even though the apples he's celebrating are rather crabby).

You know when it's almost autumn when the crabapples start to FALL.  "I jus' doan like it wen dey falls on my head", says Dante PURRofoundly.

I'm sure that hat will keep you from being injured, Dante.  No worries, mate!

When it comes to apples, Dante has the inside track!

 Domino is absolutely gorgeous in her red wide-brimmed hat with black band and large white flower accent.  As well as pursing her lips, she has accessorized, here, with quite a sizeable red purse and is simply dripping in red and gold jewels.

"I needs sumware ta keep my stash", she remarks.  "Keep your furiends close and yoor gems even closah", says she.

"Watch out for cat burglars!", says I.  "Especially those who come bearing roses."

Dylan looks very wise in his 'sage' straw hat.  He has brightened up his ensemble with a red and yellow bowtie with more subtle sage and brown accents which coordinate well with his headpiece.

Dylan always likes to make a statement and never moreso than now.  "I states dat I loves birds of all sizes, types and colours!"  He's hoping his straw hat will make them want to come a little closer so they can get better acquainted.  He's even offering up his brim as a PURRch.

 "Aftah all" he says 'brimming' with enthusiasm "dey makes nests outta straw, duzn't dey?  Why not make wun on my head?"

"We cud be wun big happeh family!"