Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Whiffing is more than just sniffing.  It means you must inhale very deeply.

 It takes a lot of concentration.

And then you have to face it HEAD ON!

Whiffing is quite wonderful, actually.

The things you can smell are simply marvelous!

Friday, April 22, 2016


The 3-Ds are outside in very fine early spring weather.

Domino is sitting in her basket chair on the front porch enjoying the fresh air.  She is wearing a pale mauve fascinator with abstract wings on her head, and a hummingbird necklace in the same tones around her neck.  Her bracelet is fashioned in white crystals with lavender gems, and her handbag -- which is a "Hello Kitty" design pulls the whole outfit together.

The "D" for Domino (of course) is also decorated with a hummingbird -- her favourite kind of bird.

"Dere's nuttin humdrum about hummin' birds" announces Domino.  "Dat's fur sure!"

Dylan is in the front garden which is just beginning to sprout.  He is wearing a blue-gray fedora and coordinating plaid bowtie in various blue and gray shades thereof.  His fancy watch, made by Ulysse Nardin, is gold with a navy face.

The bluebird has done a fly-by to show his approval for Dylan's colour choices.
In fact, he's so excited that he's 'all in a flap' about it!

Dante is in the back garden atop a newly distributed mound of mulch.  "Fank yoo very mulch fur a soft place ta rest", says he, as he hums a tune along with the bird who has been attracted by his shiny hat.

He is decked out in a stunning copper-coloured fedora and similarly-toned bowtie.  Even his watch, which has a wooden face (unlike Dante's own) is consistent with the coppery theme.  Of course, Dante's orange fur coat is the ideal underpinning for these various accessories.

"Yup, dat hat is a real humdinger!" says the hummingbird all a-twitter.

Monday, April 18, 2016


This is an oldie but a goodie.

In this picture Dante is about six months old, and Domino is a year older than that.

At the time they were both about the same size.  Domino hasn't grown at all and is a petite 6.5 lbs. while Dante has topped out at a whopping 24 lbs.

Their relative sizes really don't matter, though.  Domino was the boss lady then, and she's the boss now.

And that's because Lady cats rule!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Dylan's talking to himself again (well, it's more like yelling, actually).  The problem is that he's just not listening.

                  "Hum-de-dum-dum-dum!"           "LISTEN UP!  I'M TALKIN' TO YA, FELLA!!!

The true benefit of Voice-Mails is that you can delete 'em before you ever hear 'em.

"Dat's wot yoo fink!" says Dylan as he tries yet again.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


The 3-Ds are all out on the front patio today and the sun is shining brightly.

Dante is wearing a black and tan woven straw fedora with a coordinating herringbone-patterned bowtie.  He's really into large watches so has selected a black Panerai for today's photoshoot.

From the 'appaws', it looks like Dante's raccoon friend is very approving of his fashion choices.

"I'm always lookin' fur a new idea ta clap onto", says he.

Dylan's looking quite spiffy in his tan and red plaid trilby hat.  The tones in his bowtie are the purrfect foil for it, and his A. Lange & Sohne gold watch with rust band add a real touch of class.

Dylan's friend has gone all squirrelly over his choice of outfit.  So much so, that he has joined the 'pawpawrazzi' to document the occasion.

"A pichur is worf a thousand weirdos!", remarks he.

This week I think Domino has even outclassed herself -- or at least she is one-upping her game!  She is wearing a gold wide-brimmed straw hat with an ivory rose and gold leaves.  Her necklace is stunning, with an amber-jewelled and gold egg pendant.  Her bracelet has a coordinating amber gem set in gold and white diamonds.

She is also carrying a golden-tan leather handbag which purrfectly completes the outfit.

Her 'chipper' little friend is completely in awe of this tuxy sophistiCAT.

"I is absolootly nuts about her!" he exclaims.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Domino is out on the back patio.  She is preparing to do a cleanup of the back yard -- you know, hunting mice and voles and all those little underground creatures that are just beginning to emerge.

But first she must clean up herself.  Here she is getting ...

 ... READY ...

... SET ... 

... GO!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


The 3-D Cats are out and about even more since the snow melted.

Domino is looking very sophisticated in her white and black wide-brimmed hat with feathers.  She is wearing a black collar-style necklace with beads and a black and white diamond bracelet.  Her little clutch bag in black and silver coordinates purrfectly.

"Lookin' smart, Domino!", says the chickadee.  "We chicks gotta stick togeddah."


Dylan's relaxing on the deck bench after a storm earlier in the day.  The sun has come out and so has a seagull who wants to comment on Dylan's fashion choices.

"Is yoo wearin' a porkpie hat cuz yoor a porker?  Tee hee!" asks the seagull.

Dylan is immune to any insults because even though he's on the chubby side, he's confident in his looks and good taste.  His hat is a pale gray check with black band, which coordinates well with his patchwork tie in different shades of gray.  He is also sporting a silver watch with black face. Looking sharp, n'est-ce paw?

The seagull took off because Dylan really isn't very gullible, is he?

Dante's looking fine in his teal fedora and bowtie in dark and light teal tones.  He is wearing an Omega watch with a silver band and blue-green face.

The pigeon is curious and came in closer to take a good look.  He just couldn't believe he was seeing a pussycat dressed up like a human!

"I'm of several minds about dis", says the pigeon.  "De cat looks great, but Halloweens is ovah, rite?"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Dylan's on the deck bench having a conversation with himself.

         "Hello self.  How are you today?"                   "Feelin' kinda selfish, ackshully!"