Friday, October 17, 2014


The 3-Ds are wrapping up the week by wearing their current choice of hat and accessories.

Dante, ever-the-outdoors PURRson, is sporting a tan, red and navy plaid trilby hat with a punchy navy and red bowtie.  He loves being in the woods, even if that wood is only the fence in our back yard. Looking into his crystal ball, he foresees many, many more leaves falling (which isn't too surprising given the time of year).

"Dey doan call it FALL fur nuttin'!" declares he.

 Domino has donned a bright pink wig to accentuate the bright hues in her black velvet floral flatcap.  Here she is reminiscent of the '60s and '70s with her flower power and psychedelic colours.  Even her squirrel friends have joined in on the action.

"We jus' wanna help yoo get PEACE of mind.  "I'm happy ta give yoo a PEACE of MY mine (my mind, dat is!)", says Domino forthrightly as always.

Dylan is wearing a brown tweed CATSby hat and a bowtie in coordinating tones.  He's wearing sunglasses too, befitting his shady character.

"Sum peeple pumps iron", says he.  "But, I likes ta pump KIN -- yoo can get a lot more outta dem dat way!"

Thursday, October 16, 2014


It's been raining quite a bit lately and cats have stayed inside.

 Now we have red leaves to add to the piles of green, brown and yellow.

 Dylan has braved the outdoors for the first time in several days.

 He's taking in all the new sights and scents ...

 ... because the rain makes efurrything look and smell different, somehow.

 Dylan's eagle eyes have caught sight of more than one varmint lurking about.

Fall is just full of wonder -- something like Dylan, himself!

"How wunderfull da world is!", says he.

Friday, October 10, 2014


The 3-Ds are all dressed up to say farewell to their feathered friends, the Canada Geese.

 Dylan's in his gold and brown trilby hat and coordinating bowtie.  "I'm gonna keep a watch out fur ya", he says.  "Haffa safe trip!"

 Dante's sporting a trendy teal and navy flatcap with bowtie to punch up the colour.  He has made little bowls out of leaves, twigs and acorns and filled them with birdseed for any Canadian goose who happens to stop by. "Fill 'er up!", he shouts.  "It's a long way until da next fillin' station."

Domino is in a gorgeous black, white and yellow frock with neck scarf.  She has paired this with a black fascinator with golden yellow dots.  Speaking of fascinating, Domino is engaged in a very interesting conversation with one Canada goose in purrticular.

It seems they are fast friends, so Domino will miss her dearly over the winter.  "Bring me back a liddle sumfin from Florida" says she.  "Since yoor my fast friend, yoo shud make it back in no time!"