Friday, May 28, 2010


Today, we are continuing the themes from earlier this week, and adding a touch of fashion for Fashion Friday.

If you recall, on Tuesday, Domino explored Daddy's new barbecue, and on Wednesday, Domino was pestered by her brother Dylan.

Well today, we are combining the barbecue (now being used as a modelling apparatus) along with interludes involving another pest (for purposes of this post, simply known as Pest #2).  Despite all of this, Domino does her utmost to model her latest sultry style in a professional manner.  Only you can say if she has succeeded or not.

Here, Domino starts off down the runway.

She stops and turns slightly so the audience can get a better view of her dazzling dress.  The dress is black, yellow and white with touches of taupe.

The black bodice culminates in a two-tier frilly skirt which accentuates one of the wearer's most impressive assets.  Note how Domino has curled her tail ever so fetchingly to draw particular attention to this feature.

The black bodice is topped with a silky patterned bow, tied at the neck.  

The bow draws your focus upwards towards Domino's beautiful face.


Domino stops dead in her tracks and refuses to pose for the camera until
Pest #2 is removed from the scene.

Pest #2 gets a little too upclose and purrsonal for Domino's liking.

"All I wontid to do was smell her purrty dress", says Dante, aka Pest #2.

"I'm sorry, mama -- I wont doos it again!"


Domino is now atop her modelling platform to better demonstrate all aspects of her stylish outfit.

She stretches her head skyward to display the bow-rimmed neckline at its best advantage.

And she crouches low and swishes her skirts for full effect.

Domino is also a spokesmodel and she has lots to say about the designer of her new dress.

"Dis dress is made by my faFURite designah.  He is KWITE REMARKABLE!"

"KWITE is radder noo on da fashun seen, so I is tryin' to do efurryfing I can to spread da wurd.  Remember dat name -- itz kinda catchy so is hawd to forget -- Kwite Remarkable, dat's him!

Just as Domino was finishing up with her accolades for her new favourite designer, Pest #2 returns.  Pests tend to do that, you know -- that is why they are called pests, because they're so persistent.

Apparently, all that Dante wanted, this time, was for mama to take his picture, too.  He's not accustomed to being second banana to anyone.  So here he is in all his glory, even though he doesn't have an outfit on for Fashion Friday. 

I hate to say it, but sometimes naked is best.  Especially on a pest.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Daddy got a brand new Weber barbecue, and Domino had to check it out.  She really liked the old one because it was easy to climb.

"Dis one is all shiny and slippurry on top!"

"I fink dis one is higher up dan de udder one, too!"

"It sure looks like a long way down!"

"Wow!  So many nobs down dere.  Da old barbee-Q didunt has any nobs on da side."

"I gotsta has a closah look."

"Ooh!  I sees new barbee-Q tools, too.  But I liked ta lick da jooses off da old ones."

"At least my liddle feets kin still fit arownd all dese obstackles."

"See, I kin makes a free-point turn, no problem!"

"I kin tiptoe fru da nobbies, backwurds an' fourwurds!"

"Foot placemint is efurryfing!"

"By da wai, how does you like my liddle foot?  Isn't it deliCAT?"

"Now dat I has a liddle spin arownd da dials ...

"... let's see how fah it is to da grownd."

"Awl in awl, not a bad jump!"

"Well, I finks I kin get used ta dis noo barbee-Q, but I still likes da old one bettah.  It alwais takes time ta make a noo furiend.  Maibe once Daddeh uses da noo tools an' I kin lick da jooses, it will feel more like it's mine.  Joose-lickin' is da key!"

"So, fires it up Daddeh, an' let's get dose jooses goin'!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's May and the flowers are blooming and the trees are lush and full.  With that, sure as shootin', out come the bees.  I know one little bee that's been purrticularly busy.

Domino is just 'frilled' to model her bee outfit.

She wants to make sure you notice her BEEhind which is so aptly framed by the frilly skirt.  It's so very BEEcoming, don't you agree?

Domino flits around the runway demonstrating her flexibility.

Here, she just wings it ...

... modelling is instinctive, you know.

Daddy makes the mistake of picking up Domino BEEfore she's finished her gig.  And you all know what happens when you mess with a bee, don't you?

Still stinging from the assault, Daddy tries to come to grips with the little BEEst!

Like any self-respecting bee, she fights until the end.

Daddy cushions the blow, by setting Domino gently on her porch chair ...

Where Domino can BEEhold her dominion.  She is Queen Bee, after all.

Finally, Domino's had enough aDOORation for one day.

She wants mama to let her in.  But who wants a bee in their house?
Finally, with promises from Domino that she'll BEEhave herself, I relent.

Which do you preFUR?  The BEEfore or the After?