Monday, September 30, 2013


Dante and Dylan are both hatted up today.

Dante's having a regular old hayday down on the farm in his cowboy hat made of straw.
He says "Hay, how are ya?"

Dylan is 'at large' in the jungle in his pith helmet. 
"I say wot --  wot a pithy, that is!", says he. 

 Dante and Dylan suffer from "Cat in the Hat Syndrome", but they both see it as a puss -- oops, I mean plus.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Domino loves to sit in the sun.

 Because of the black fur on her upper coat, the warmth literally soaks in.  She's a virtual sun sponge!

 "If I gets too hot, doe, I'd raddah ex-sponge!"

In the sun, Domino's whites just radiate -- like the sun, itself! 

"I cant say dat efurryfing's all white, becuz it's not", says she.

"I is a regulah dichotoME!  Pawt of me is white an' pawt of me is black.  Sumtimes I likes ta go ovah to da dawk side -- knotty!   Tee hee!"

 When it's really sunny, Domino often feels like she's being tailed!

"Dere's sumfin behind me, no shadow of a dowt!", she says.

How PURRceptive of you, Domino!  When you soak in the sun, you give off a shadow.  If you don't want it to follow you, you just have to keep on top it.

Have a sunny Sunday efurryone, and if that's not possible turn on your lava lamp or something!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Dylan is quite the layabout!

 "I noes efurryfing dere is about layin'!", says he.

"If yoor gonna lay about, yoo gotta look relacksed.  See how I tuck my paw undah?" 

 "Sumtimes yoo mite wanna look like yoor gonna move or sumfin ...

... but to fake 'em out, yoo jus' rolls around." 

 "Wot's dat yoo say, Mama?  It's time to get up???"

"OK, now wot?" 

 "O, yoo wonts me to pose fur yoo standing up!"

 "I mus' say dis is reeleh verreh exhawstin'!"

"Kin we go inside now?  I needs a nap!"

Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's "Meow Like a Pirate Day" and there's none more piratey than the 3-Ds!  Let me introduce you to their pirate alter egos.

'Pirate Dippy Dylan's' mate is 'Hallo Halle', so-called because she's the ultimate ship's hostess!  However, in this case she is plotting along with the rest of the crew to rid the ship of those dastardly dogs!  She's tired of all that barking -- especially when it's up the wrong tree.

'Ship's Mate Domino the Despot' is mate to 'Milo the Marauder'.  They are both mighty handy with a blade and pride themselves on being sharp dressers.  They don't like to fool around -- they'd rather get right to the point (if you catch my drift)!

'Cap'n Dante Daring Do's' female counterpurrt is 'Sweet 'n Savoury Sascha'.  She's a lady pirate of impeccable taste and that's why Dante loves her so.  Sascha is also the mistress of many tongues, not least of which is her own.  Sascha makes those long months at sea all the sweeter for sticking by Cap'n Dante's side.

So now that you've met the crew we'll say adieu!  They've said enough already and it's time to cats off --oops, sorry -- I meant cast off, of course!  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Domino went out in the front garden today to do her daily rounds.

"Lookin' good!" she says.

 "Is funneh doe.  Wenever I'm out heer I always feels like I'm bein' watched."

"It's like dere's a pair of eyes starin' at da back of my head!" 

"O!  Is only yoo", says Domino. 

"Dat tuxedo kitteh shur is a 'WIRY'  liddle fing!  She sneaks up on yoo wen yoo leest expects it!"

"Well, I fink I've dun my stretch.  It's time to move on.  
See yoo latah, alligatahs!"

Saturday, September 14, 2013


No matter when you take a picture of Dylan, his expression paints a thousand purrs.

 Those wide eyes of his are always so intensely focused.

 His creamy pastel hues are so soothing to the eye.

 His seeming innocence is be-guy-ling.
"I may be PURRty, but I'm still a guy", says Dylan.

 Special effects make Dylan look extra special.
"Look at dat!  Now dat's reely speshul." proclaims he.

And last, but not least is that one-in-a-million shot that is destined to become a Dylan classic.

"Doan I looks like a millyon dollahs?" asks Dylan.

"No, I say -- you're absolutely PURRiceless!"

Sunday, September 8, 2013


This year there has been a bumPURR crop of crabapples in our back yard (as well as apples elsewhere, so we hear).

The trees have grown exponentially and are laden heavily with fruit  Many of the branches on our crabapple are bent over with the strain.

Dylan was looking out over our patio which is next to the crabapple tree, and he just couldn't believe his eyes, when suddenly ...

... 'bonk!' -- a crabapple landed directly on top of his head!  
"Who cudda done this?", he wondered out loud.

Domino said "I has herd of a wild buncha horses called 'Appull Loosas'.  Dey musta hadda 'hoof' in dis!"


"Domino's rite!" exclaims Dante.  "I finks itsa conspiracy by dose Apull Loosas ta loose all of dese appulls on us.  Dere funderin' hoofs shake all de appulls offa da tree!"

"Psst ... psst ... psst ... "

"O noes!" shouts Dylan.  "Heads up, guys!"

But the warning came too late.  Domino is pelted with crabapples from above!

"Incoming!" yells Dante, as he is literally bombed with rock hard red missiles.  He can hear the sound of receding hoof-falls off in the distance.

 "C'mon", says Domino.  "Follows me!"

She takes shelter under the bench, just in time, as another barrage of apples rains down.

 Dylan hustles his butt to safety, as well, as he hears the deadly whine of falling fruit!

Dante finds his own refuge, too, just as it suddenly falls silent.
"Ah!  Dat's bettah", he says.  "Wot a releaf!"

"It's so nice to gets back ta normal", says Domino.  "I'll nevah take a crabappull fur grantid again!"

"Uh-oh!" cautions Dylan.  

There's one Appaloosa who let loose again!

"I kin see ware dis is headed" says Dante with total resignation.  "I doan noes wots worse -- da smella rotten appulls or an Appaloosa's fawt!"

What Dante doesn't know is that they are really the same thing.  So next time you see an apple falling from a tree, look around and see just who may be horsing around!