Friday, April 30, 2010


On Wednesday, over on Dante's blog, I posted pictures of Dante's encounter with a woofie.  You can go to "All About Lacocoon Dante", here, to see if you want, though I'm posting one of the pictures again today.

In any event, after the woofie, named Rascal, left our yard, the other two 3-Ds had a regular "field" day checking out what remained of him.  This is what I call the "aftermath" -- in this case very much like scented "aftershave", except you just get a whiff instead of a wallop!

Here's Dante greeting the woofie in question.

Several minutes later, after the woofie has departed, Domino and Dylan get down to business.

Domino, in yet another of her famed Tai-Chi positions, gets a whiff of the woofie-scented grass.  (Look how her tail goes one way and her left foot, the other!)

Then Domino hits the bricks!  There's Dylan sniffing things out in the background.

Here the two of them join forces; Domino in yet another Tai-Chi stance.

While Dylan's busy with his nose to ground, Domino is still in slow motion.

Dylan comes up for air, and Domino's still holding.  Tai-Chi requires lots of patience and endurance.

It turns out Domino's move was just a fake out!  She has better things to do.
Meanwhile, Dylan is still immersing himself in "eau de woofie" (didn't I say it was like perfumed aftershave?). 

So, we hope you have enjoyed seeing the after-effects of woofie visitation chez the 3-Ds.  As you can see, Domino turns absolutely everything into an exercise in Tai-Chi.  To her, every occasion is black-Tai! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, today it's Domino's turn to be portrayed, in black and white, dark and light, shadow and sun.

Although there's no Tai Chi lesson this week, her movements are always evocative of this ancient art.

Domino, in profile, through the arm of the chair.  Look how well she matches the seat cushion!

Domino, in the neighbour's garden, which she has claimed as her own.

Back home and about to leap up onto the front porch.

Walking along her own brick road (albeit, not yellow).  There is a certain grace to her posture.

Some disturbance has caused her to look behind.  Dylan, no doubt!

Domino, like Dylan, casts her kitty-eared shadow on the walkway.

Her modelling instincts are keenly honed.  It's time to stop for poses. (I guess she could stop to smell the roses, but there aren't any just yet.)

Like any good model, Domino allows you shoot her from all different angles.

Here, she takes a head-on approach, with cattitude!

Profiles are always a nice touch, especially with a backward glance.  Dylan's not the only one who has that move perfected.

Better yet, the profile in close-up!

This is one of Domino's signature moves.  She curls her front paws under.  None of my other cats have ever done this.  Do any of yours?

It's Tuesday, so Domino decided to throw in a couple of toesie shots for all you toe fanatics.

This shot shows Domino's more dramatic side.  Actually, I think this shadow looks more like a bat than a cat.  (Holy Batman!)

And to finish, a whiskery profile of my feisty girl cat.  Domino clearly rules.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, it's another Mancat Monday and today I have decided to focus just on Dylan because I've managed to get some rather stunning shots of him lately.  I also like to highlight each of my cats separately.  Together they are a handsome trio, but separately their unique beauty really shines.

Speaking of shining, here's Dylan sniffing one of the chairs on our front porch.  The late afternoon sun lit him up under his chin.  I wonder if one of those dastardly squirrels had been sitting on that chair. 

And several seconds later, another shot in light and shadow.

And talk about shadows!  I love this one because of the perfect shadow of Dylan's kitty ears.

Here, Dylan lounges on the front walk.  It's a great spot for watching squirrels.

Or to do a little mama-watching!

Mama watches Dylan right back!  In fact, I got quite up close and personal in this one.

Dylan has decided to lie in wait for those pesky squirrels in another location.  He is easily startled, and those owl ears are his trademark.

Dylan's portraits wouldn't be complete without some pictures of him in the back yard.  Here he is staking out the fence.  He has spotted his sister, Button, on the other side (you may recall she's our next door neighbour).

Before he scales the fence, he gives mama a backward glance.

Dylan really has the art of the backward glance down pat.

It's gotten to the level of an "over-the-shoulder smoulder"!

What do you think ladycats?

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Domino was all excited this morning because it's her darling Milo's second birthday today.  She already gave him his present, so he and Alfie could enjoy it before the party.  She's sure all the guests will want to try it, too!

Domino was scheduled to leave at 7:30 this morning, but was a little delayed because she just couldn't figure out what to wear.  She went through her closet and tried almost everything on until she found just the right party dress (with a little help from Milo).

First she tried on her pink "Hello Kitty" dress, but it just didn't feel right.

Then, she tried on her Minnie Mouse dress ...

... but that definitely didn't suit the occasion.  Besides when she puts on her ears, she can only walk backwards.  And while the "moonwalk" can be fun, she didn't want to be walking away from Milo on the dance floor.

Domino really likes yellow, so she decided to try on this little number.  She thought maybe she would "BEE" the hit of the party.  But then she was a little nervous about all the BUZZ it might create, and she didn't want to take the spotlight away from Milo.

Right at that moment, Domino got a call from Milo on her cell phone.  He asked her to wear her black and white polka dot dress with the bow, because he likes that one the best.

So, that made the whole process much easier, and I think you'll agree that this is the best of the bunch.  Domino could wear the spots, but the light would still shine on Milo.

Domino posed for a nice close-up for me before she left for England.

I've heard from her that she's arrived safely in Sidmouth, and she and Milo are partying together as we speak (well, we're not speaking, but you know what I mean).  Milo wore his matching tux, so he and Domino make quite the stylish pair.

Here's the link to Milo's birthday party so you can get there in a flash:

Come join us and get ready to partay down!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Milo!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last week we featured Domino doing her tai-chi in the garden.  Today, you will see that she practises it virtually every minute of the day.  Her moves are slow, deliberate and zen-like.

It is early in the morning and the sun is shining brightly.  Domino is looking for a good place to start her day.

She decides to scale the summit of the barbecue.

All the better to be closer to the sun ...

... and to give thanks to the universe for the bounty in her life.

In a moment of reflection, Domino raises her paw in the first of many tai-chi positions she will take up today.

Then, having praised the powers that be, Domino descends from her pinnacle to begin her exercises in earnest.

To loosen up, a big stretch is in order.

As well as an adjustment to her equilibrium.

The tail, too, requires some limbering up, first vertically ...

... and then horizontally.

She stretches to the left, back leg lifted ...

... and stretches to the right, with front leg lifted.

She takes a moment to pawnder her next move.

And decides to do some bench presses.

Finally, culminating in the same zen-position in which she began.

As she says goodbye, Domino sends out her love and her wishes for peace, joy and inner fulfillment for all!  We hoped you have enjoyed "Tai-ing one on" with Domino once again.