Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's almost Hallowe'en, and although Domino didn't know it, mama bought her a costume -- a very pretty damsel dress, complete with damsel hat.

I caught Domino completely unaware first thing this morning, so she wasn't quite amenable to the idea, though normally she enjoys her modelling sessions.  And, of course, it's cold and rainy outside, so we did the photoshoot indoors, which never yields the best results.  Domino closes her beautiful green eyes against the flash.

First, we tried the hat on without covering Domino's ears, but that didn't look quite right.

Then, we put the hat on over her ears, but that distressed her somewhat. "Suck it up, Domino!  It's just for a few pictures."

So Domino did.  Suck it up, that is -- and posed prettily with her stunning hat (which strangely resembles a dunce cap!).  But we all know that Domino's no dunce.  How could she rule with an iron paw otherwise?

Here's a shot of the back of the dress.  You can see that the bodice is hot pink satin, criss-crossed with gold trim, and little blue puff sleeves, and the skirt is overlapping layers of purple, pink and blue.  It has quite a whimsical feel.

Unfortunately, the dress wasn't the best fit for her highness.  It was a little large.  On the pawsitive side, it didn't restrict her movements.

"I mai be a damsel in dis dress", says Domino, "but I'm still Queen an' efurrybuddy hasta doos wot I says."

With that (and without her hat), her tiny mightiness lays down to rest.  It may have been a short modelling shoot -- but it was exhausting!

The moral of this story is that damsels in dresses don't need anyone else to save them, but themselves.  And that sometimes, off-the-rack isn't the best choice.

The End

Monday, October 25, 2010


It's Monday and the brofurs are hanging out in the back yard.

Dylan chills while ...

... Dante just can't LEAF things alone!

Ah!  It's a great start to the week.  Have a great Monday efurryone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Domino is in her favourite chair on the front porch -- again!  That's why it's her favourite -- because she's almost always in it.  I don't blame her for this selection of PURRch on the porch.  It matches her fur and her eyes quite nicely and it all makes for a very pretty picture.  It is also a marvelous vantagepoint for viewing the immediate neighbourhood.

Today, however, Domino is not a study in 'still life'.   She, too, has taken to doing her laundry outdoors, like her brother Dante before her.  However, unlike Dante, Domino is very delicate in washing her dainties.  She twists herself like a contortionist, but still maintains an air of dignity (unlike someone else who has been heretofore mentioned).

Domino's deciding where to start this PURRocess.

The toes don't smell bad at all, actually. 

The butt, on the other paw, can use some immediate attention.

Nosy neighPURR that she is, Domino keeps a close eye on any activity close by.  She NOSE her PURRiorities, that's for sure!

"I doan likes it wen mama sais I'm nosy.  I'm jus' a concern'd KITTizen is all."

"Now, back ta bizness!  I furgots ta check between mai toes."

"Dere's nuffin like a bit of toe jam in da mornin'.  Dee-lishus!"

Domino keeps her eyes on the general vicinity while letting her toes air dry.  She's very good at multi-tasking.

Ah!  Something else has caught her attention.

       Something that requires much closer scrutiny.

You guessed it!  What else could it be, after all?

Monday, October 18, 2010


Dylan is more than a little hyPURR.  He flits here, there and efurrywhere during any given outing.  For him, I must leave the door open, even if just a crack, so he can make hasty retreats into the house should something alarm him.

He seems to be PURRpetually in a state of heightened alert.  You can see it from the look on his face to his helicopter ears to his sniffing nose.  Dylan takes all possible precautions against -- well -- efurrything!

The only time when he seems to relax is when he's looking at me or sitting beside me.  I guess he knows that even mancats need their mamas sometimes. 

Dylan takes a brief whiff before leaving the safety of the porch -- and mama!

He's checking out the neighbour's yard, but not without a backward glance -- at mama!

Hmmm!  I think we all know whose scent has been trapped in the bushes.  Their initials are V.S. (aka E.S.)

It's a beautiful, clear, sunny day.  So Dylan can see for quite some distance.

But a look back at mama, never hurts.  A real mancat still keeps in touch.

Sometimes, it's necessary to sample something from the refreshment stand.

It's even tastier now that the fall leaves have flavoured it with their essence.

"Am I a good boy, mom?"

Sometimes keeping a lookout requires a certain amount of stealth.

So, being at least partially CATmouflaged, Dylan adopts the position I like to call "curvature of the spying".  It seems to be something most cats do when they're watching something intently.  They lean forward with a curved back and a slight crouch.

At times the bench has also provided shelter from possible attack.  But Dylan checks back to make sure the door is still open, anyways.

Dylan takes a PAWS to relax.  He's resting at mama's feet, and pointing to the new doormat.  Isn't it pretty?

And when all is said and done, there's nothing like a good roll on the bricks, especially when Mom is watching your efurry move.  And yes, Dylan -- you ARE a good boy -- a bit of a scaredy-cat, but a good boy nonetheless.