Thursday, January 28, 2016


The 3-Ds have each been outside doing their favourite winter sport.  While they were active they were purrfectly warm, but afterwards they required some extra layers.

Here is Dante in his orange and brown plaid trappurr hat with charcoal wool lining.  He is also wearing a knit neckwarmer in dark gray to keep his uppurr respiratory tract warm.

Dante has just come back from a day of ...

... ice fishing!

Dylan is sporting a stylish 'skull' cap which in this case is a black knit beanie adorned with a skull and crossbones in pale gray.  He is also wearing a black and tan striped scarf to keep the chill away.

Dylan has just returned from a day of  ...

... downhill skiing!

Domino is icily delicious in this knit set of green crocheted toque and neckwarmer which is adorned with small snowflake-shaped ornaments.

She got her first hat and scarf of the day all wet while engaging in her favourite sport which is ...

...  making snow angels.  She's a little angel herself so she's got that one down pat!

Normally I'd say 'hats off ' to them, but these days it's definitely 'hats ON'!

Monday, January 25, 2016


Domino has at least three winter PURRches.

 The first PURRch is on the front porch.  She's all cozy PURRching in her basket chair.

 The second PURRch is on the front bench.  The wooden slats also keep her warm when they are heated by the winter sun.

The third PURRch is the deck bench in the back yard.  It may not be the warmest, but it's still a step up from sinking into the snow.

Domino thinks these PURRches have been some of the best PURRchases we ever made!

"An' it shur beats PURRchin' in trees!" she declares (based on earlier experiences).

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Dylan's on the back deck looking out over the snow-covered yard.

 He's wondering whether it's worth taking the plunge into the cold, icy snow.

And then he looks back at the warm house and pretty well abandons that idea right quick!

"Whew!  Wot wuz I finkin'???"

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The 3-Ds are once again hatted up and ready to go just about anywhere -- even out into the snow!

Dante has "logged on" to the internet and is broadcasting his picture from the warmth and safety of the front porch, although he'd like you to think otherwise (i.e., that's he's really out there!).

Today he is sporting a brown wool plaid flatcap.  If you biggify you might even be able to see the green stripe that runs through it, as well as the red and black ones.  Along with his green sweater which he thinks is really 'hip' (and not only because it covers them -- his hips, that is), he has a brown wool scarf tied around his neck.  He's had a bit of a cold lately and one can't be too careful when it's flu season.

"I beleeves in maximum coFURage!" says he.

Dylan, on the other paw, is deep in the back woods, and has hatted up suitably in a bright red  'Jack Wolfskin' trappurr hat along with a warm gray wool scarf.

He's keeping an eye on the weather -- amongst other things which are really too difficult to ignore.

"Fur gudness sake, get a ROOM!" shouts he at the amorous couple.

Domino's vacationing at a cabin in the woods with her beau, Milo.  While he's asleep she's taking a short walk around the propurrty.  And she's doing it in style, wearing a white and black faux-fur hat, and her pink faux-fur-lined sweater.

Along the way she has run into some 'deer' old furiends, so stops to have a chat.  I sure hope Milo doesn't wake up and wonder where's she's gone.

Why there he is now -- looking out the window, but it appears that he has other things on his mind (and none of them are called Domino).  Just like a mancat -- always wondering where his next meal is coming from!

Friday, January 15, 2016


Domino is known for pussyfooting around the neighpurrhood.

In winter you can track her by her footprints ...

... and follow efurrywhere she's been.

 And vice versa!

Monday, January 11, 2016


The 3-Ds have all taken to the great outdoors again.  And to do so they have dressed up against the cold so they can enjoy the winter day to its max.

Here Dante is on the front porch wearing his green sweater (which covers his butt) and his new multi-coloured striped owl hat.  As it is Monday, Dante is musing (or in his case 'mewsing') about doing something really 'out there'!

And now that he's out there, he finds making a snowcat in his own image, very 'amewsing', indeed! 

Domino told Dylan to 'take a hike', so he did just that -- in some snow-covered fields not far from home.  He is wearing a blue plaid hunter's cap to keep his head warm and a multi-coloured neckwarmer for obvious reasons.

Dylan's got his snowshoes on so he doesn't sink in the deeper snow.
 And it has just 'dawned' on him how beautiful a winter day can be!

Domino hasn't gone farther than the front walkway where she's seated on the bench.  She likes to watch what's going on in the neighpurrhood while enjoying a cup of catnip tea.

And because of her penchant for tea, she's wearing a white wool tea cozy hat with a deep pink pompom on top, along with a coordinating scarf.  Taking all of these measures (including carefully measuring the catnip-to-water ratio), it's a sure thing she'll keep the chill away, as well as having a rather 'heady' experience.

Domino even has a teapot that looks just like her!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Domino doesn't mind being outside in the winter, as long as it's not terribly cold.

"I tolerates mildah tempurratures jus' fine"  says she.

"Snow is an impawtant pawt of my background becuz my black furs simply pawp against it!"

Doan yoo fink?"

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016


The snow fell in quantity only a few days ago, but the 3-Ds are adjusting to this new world of white in great style!

 Dante went for a walk along the ravine in back of our house.  He bundled up in a dark blue pom-pommed toque and a cozy blue wool scarf.  He had lots of fun making snowballs and tossing them at trees along the way.

It's great to get back into nature after last night's revelries.  Very reFUReshing indeed!

 Dylan is also stepping out, but in his case he is keeping closer to home.  He's not taking any chance of getting frostbite with his fur-trimmed trappurr hat, and olive and blue striped scarf.  And his tootsies aren't even touching the snow!

But once he found some rubber boots, all bets were off, and he was out making friends with a snowcat in the next-door neighpurr's yard.

Domino is pretty in pink in her wool knit cadet cap and matching scarf.  She even has some tiny pink mittens to keep her pawsies warm out there.  With the sun shining on the new fallen snow, it indeed seems like a new world on this bright New Year's Day.

Domino wishes for you, too, bright and shiny days throughout 2016!