Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is a series of pictures of Dylan standing on the ledge of the half-wall between our kitchen and our family room. It's actually a cut-out in the wall which forms the ledge. This is where I place Domino's own personal dish of food so she is not bothered by the boys -- especially by Dylan. However, it doesn't stop him from noshing on her food anyway -- it just means only one of them can be up there at a time.

Anyway, Dylan has a direct line of sight, from his vantage point, through the patio doors to the back yard. He always cracks me up because of the look on his face when he's spotted something of interest. His wide eyes get even wider and he has a look of both fascination and alarm at the same time. There certainly must be some "introoder" to stir up such a reaction.

I was able to capture some mighty nice close-ups of the boy and his silly faces. I hope you enjoy then, too. Dylan is always good for a giggle!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Talk about extreme! You can't get any closer close-ups than these I took of Domino the other day!!!

She likes to sit beside me on the front porch bench, and so I take the opportunity to close in on her with my lens. Once she notices it -- she's all over it! She gets right in there, and nuzzles up to it, scent-marking it as her own. I guess she must know that ultimately Milo will see her on the other end of this thing.

The second picture is so extreme, it almost looks like her whiskers are under a microscope. I'm sure you could count each one individually.

For the next three, she was standing on my chest and looking around her territory while I attempted to zoom in on different angles of her face.

Forget the toesies and the tails -- I'll go for Domino's cute little pink nose any day!

Finally, Domino left my side to sit in the chair by the front door -- waiting patiently for me to open it for her. So, I got a couple of decent shots at a proper distance to round out the photoshoot.

What a girl! She certainly is a character, and definitely has a mind of her own -- to the extreme!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Here is a very short and sweet video of Domino on the deck today with the wind blowing all around her. After making a small protest, she ultimately decides it's best to go back inside.

I thought Milo might really get a kick out of this. Maybe she's actually saying something to him! Who knows? Milo -- what did she say?

The End

Happy Caturday all!

P.S. I have also posted my first video of Dante on "All About Lacocoon Dante" if you want to pop over to see it.

Friday, October 23, 2009


It's Dylan's turn to be featured today. He's often the hardest one to catch during any given photoshoot, but this time he cooperated by just lazing around on the deck benches.

He also looks good against the fall background. There's more of a contrast between his pale fur and the more vivid tones of the leaves, however.

Dylan is such a funny boy. He constantly looks alarmed, and his ears are always twitching this way and that! I like to get a picture of him with "nice ears" as I call them, but more often I get the old owl ears instead.

Dylan's eyes always look so bugged out, too! He's really in a perpetual state of caution, I think. The slightest noise can send him fleeing towards the back door for safety.

When he's not looking like his life is in jeopardy, Dylan is quite the handsome mancat, don't you think?

That's my Dylan! He's certainly the cautionary tail.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


To see our Thursday post titled "Dante: Red, Gold and Ginger", please go to Dante's blog by clicking on his picture to the left of this post.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did you notice that Domino is posing in front of her own likeness? Look to the left of Domino's chest.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's Tuxy Tuesday, and tuxies are everywhere! With the new Flat-Cat versions of Domino and Milo, I'm seeing tuxedo cats wherever I turn.

Here are Domino and Milo having a cozy moment on our cat bench in the front yard. Don't they just look blissful together?

"Wait a minute", says Domino, as she knocks her Flat-self to the ground! "I don't want some imPAWster horning in on my Milo!"

So, 3-D Domino takes 2-D Domino's place to pose for more pictures.

She's trying to copy Milo's ear position in this one!

Then Domino turns to whisper a sweet-nothing in Milo's ear, but Daddy is cutting the grass and making so much noise, Milo just doesn't react!

So, Domino left Milo all by himself.

If he's not going to speak to me, why should I stick around? (Uh-oh, I think they've had their first cat spat!)

What do you say to that, Master Milo? Speak up boy, for heaven's sake!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


This is Mancat Monday on a bright autumn day and most of the leaves from our trees have already fallen to the ground.

Dylan is at the front door, seeing what the weather is like before he decides to leave the shelter of the porch.

Dante tells him, it's great out here! The sun is out and there's lots of leaves on the ground, just everywhere.

Dylan decides his brother is right, and comes out to join him.

Dante wants to explore even more.

Dylan is amazed at how many leaves have fallen from the trees in our yard!

But he's not inclined to run around in them. Too crunchy, he thinks.

Dante is thrilled that Daddy has raked some of it up into piles for him to play in!

Dylan isn't quite as enthusiastic.

Dante's really DIGGING it!

It just shows you that some mancats are ready to LEAF home and others are not. It all depends on their level of maturity, and their love of leaves.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yesterday we received a large envelope in the mail from England! And guess what it was? It was a Flat-Cat version of Milo Marshall!!!

Actually, it wasn't really a surprise except for the fact that it arrived so quickly. Milo's Mum and I both agreed to make Flat-Cats of our tuxy kitties and exchange them, so we could pose them together at will (and not always have to wait for one or the other to fly across the ocean for a visit)!

Domino was absolutely thrilled with her paper Milo. He must have rubbed himself all over it or something, because she was very attracted to its scent.

Here you see her, with her tail held high giving the Flat-Milo a proper greeting!

Domino nuzzled up against him -- and Boom! He fell down flat!

So, Daddy picked Flat-Milo up and set him straight, and Domino began to nuzzle him once again.

See how happy Domino is!!! Can't you just see her beaming??? She truly is a girl kitty in love. In this picture you can also see the lovely card that Milo sent her. He lives by the sea in Devon, so he sent a card with kitties by the sea. The message inside is heartfelt and sentimental. Domino allowed us to read it after she had done so privately.

After nuzzling Flat-Milo a little too aggressively, he ended up flat on his back again! All the better to sniff you up, says Domino.

Here is Domino beaming yet again! She is so very pleased with this package from England! Now she can have her Milo any time she wants.

Domino's Mommy (that's me) made a few Flat-Cats of her own. We were trying out different sizes to go along with Flat-Milo. I posed Flat-Milo and Flat-Domino on the mantle in the living room together. This version of Flat-Domino is a little bit small. The one we are sending to Milo's Mum is closer in size to Master Milo.

I actually thought they looked fairly realistic, so I took several shots of Flat-Milo and Flat-Domino together.

And here's their close-up. Flat-Milo seems none the worse for wear after all his ups and downs today. At least Flat-Domino isn't about to bowl him over!

Actually, there are two different Flat-Cat versions of Domino winging their way to Milo and his Mum! That way they can change it up whenever they choose.

Domino thinks even the Flat-Milo is very smoochalicious! "What a hunk of paper!", she says.