Sunday, April 24, 2011


Domino just wants to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy Easter while posing in her Easter basket (her basket chair performs double duty here).

Domino is due to take off any minute on her boogie mat to see her true love, Milo. 

And there she goes ...

 You see, he is celebrating his third birthday today at home in England, and of course, he wanted Domino to be his special guest.

Once Domino arrives, she and Milo are going to sneak off for a PURRivate little rendez-vous!  It's a good thing the bushes are blooming in England.

And then ...

Let the party begin!

Please stop by Milo's bloggie to wish him a Happy Birthday!  We're sure he'd love to see you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The weather has finally taken a turn for the better, so the whole family was out on the front porch enjoying the day.  Domino was sitting in her purrsonal chair, just checking out what was going on in the general vicinity.

"Mai brofur Dylan is unner mai chair", says Domino.

"He is a twoll, an' dat's ware twolls belong -- unner fings!  I'm wif Charlie Sheen on dis wun."

Then Daddy comes along, and Domino wants to snoopervise, but doesn't exactly know what he is doing.

And then she looks back in horror!

Daddy's putting away the dried branches that were used as winter decor.  But worst of all -- DANTE USURPED HER CHAIR!

So, Domino tries to reason with him.  She doesn't like to resort to violence as a primary course of action.

Just then, Mama speaks up and says to Domino "You really must learn to share, my dear!" 

And then Mama dangles one of the branches at her like she's a fool or something!

We won't show you what happened in between (because it isn't pretty), but needless to say, Domino is back on her chair where she belongs.  "Mai share is 100 purr cent", says she.  And that's the way it's gonna stay!

This is the suburbs -- not the jungle, and Tuxy trumps Lion any day of the week!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Dylan's in the "Outback" today, aka the back yard.  He is exploring the wild uncharted territory near the fence.  You see, his blood sister lives next door, on the other side of that fence, and every now and then he gets a whiff of her -- and maybe even a brief glance through the spaces between slats.

Although Dylan would give anything to actually meet his sister again, Buttons just won't have it.  Apparently she's scared silly of her bro, and will shake uncontrollably at the mere sight of him through the glass patio door.  So, this is an undercover picture we took of Buttons last year, from a distance, using the Zoom lens.

She's gotten a little chunky in recent years.  I guess it runs in the furmily!  Notwithstanding (because she's sort of sitting, actually), Buttons is a beautiful colorpoint shorthair with peachy-coloured points and bright blue eyes -- a testament to some Siamese blood along the way.

However, I digress.  This post is sup-post to be all about Dylan.  So to wrap things up, here are some close-up portraits of the dear boy.  You will note he is constantly on alert when he's in the outback.  No sound or movement goes undetected.  His ears are always a-twitchin'!

So now we've established that Dylan is a nosy neighPURR, a scarer of sisters and a scaredy-cat himself, and that, as they say -- is that!  At least for today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There's nothing that Domino likes better than a good roll, especially in the Spring!   With winter finally gone, efurrything could use a little rotation.  And Domino is no exception.

Whether it's on the bricks in the backyard patio, or on the front walkway, Domino doesn't discriminate.  They all need a turn for the better, and Domino's determined to give it to them.

"I will giffs yoo a demunstrashun on da backyard pati-yo", says Domino.

"Furst yoo hasta lie down -- dat's a must."

"Den yoo stwetch owt an' push against da steps ta bild up velosity."

"Den yoo flips back an' forth.  Mommy wusn't fast enuff ta catch it!"

"Isn't I jus' PURRecious?"

"Now I duz da same fing but on da front walk dis time."

"Note that da pawsition of da paws is exactly da same as in Picture #4!  Paws mus' be limp if yoo wants ta rock 'n roll!" 

"Sumtimes, I likes ta doo a liddle twist on an old move."

"But I alwais ends up like dis."

"So is efurryfing cleer to yoo now?  Dat's how it's dun."

"I is so happeh to be back in da sun!"

Monday, April 11, 2011


Here are some gorgeous shots of Dante and Dylan just hanging out together on the back deck.  The close-up is particularly amazing.  It's hard to get pictures of them standing this close to each other and being still for any length of time.

Dante and Dylan are best buddies, and like the buds on the trees, their relationship just keeps blossoming!

(Biggify for the "Awwww" factor!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When Domino hosted the birthday party at our house last week, she was presented with a gift by Val, one of the birthday guests.  Domino was delighted to see that it was a new addition to her wardrobe -- and something she had always wanted, too -- a new raincoat!!!

Here she is modelling her new coat, and may I say, she has never looked 'slicker'!  It may seem odd to pose in a raincoat when the sun is shining, but we had to choose a day with good lighting for the photoshoot.

As you can see, the raincoat is a hooded deep plummy-pink number.

It has light pink trim and a pretty white butterfly on the lower back.  No need for a tatoo when you're wearing this outfit!

There are silver snaps on the elongated pocket and the faux epaulettes.  Pure fashion magic! 

The hood can even be worn halfway up!  This makes Domino happy because she doesn't like it when her ears are covered.  Just look at that big smile on her face!

Here is a full-length body shot so you can get the overall effect.  It's like it was made for her!

Here Domino takes a stance where you can see the front of the jacket.  It fastens with velcro which makes it easier to slip on -- and off, of course!

It's not usual for Domino to pray for rain, but even a few raindrops would make her happy, today!  She's all set for the wet weather.  This coat will be great to wear on trips across the ocean to visit Milo.  That ocean spray can really be a damPURR (or is that dampener?).

Domino's just one of the 'girls in the hood', today ---and she's loving it!

Mommy opened the front of the jacket so Domino would have more flexibility.

It looks just as good, open or clothed!

"Da wurld is rite as rain, todai", says Domino, "even doe it's not raining'!"

And that about says it all, folks.

Monday, April 4, 2011


The boys have been out in the back yard a lot more of late.  The temPURRatures are consistently above freezing, and the snow is melting inch by inch.  They still like to hang out on the deck, however, and PURRuse their kingdom from this central vantagepoint.

Dante, The Lion, checks out the immediate vicinity, while ...

... Dylan, The Cougar, gives the all-clear on the benches.

Dante's just finished having a nosh inside, so he's licking his chops.  Dylan is much more focussed.

The chatter of birdies catches Dante's attention ...

... though, he's not quite finished licking the old chops.  Dylan says "Good Grief!"

Their heads turn and their ears flatten at a rustling sound behind them.

"Ah, it's jus' sum ole skwirrel," says Dylan.  Winter has left him jaded.

"Dere's no such fing as any ole skwirrel", counters Dante.  "Dey all has dere own PURRsonalities, jus' like us cats."

This picture shows off Dylan's PURRsonality -- it's just a little bit quirky!

And this picture shows off Dante's PURRsonality -- he's quite secure with himself.  Now he'd like to secure the rest of his property.

Dylan and Dante wish you all a rocking Mancat Monday!  See you next week.