Thursday, March 31, 2011


There is some progress in the back yard with the melting snow.  It seems to melt away around the edges first, which reveals patches of old grass and last year's detritus.  It's still too early for new growth of any kind.

This is a view of one half of the back garden taken from the deck.

Dante says "I am pleased to see da grass again aftah all dis time!  Even if it's mostly brown."

"Today, I has enlisted de assistance of my sisfur, Domino to give yoo de tour."
(Truth be told, Dante doesn't want to get his feet wet in the melting snow.)

"An' heer she is!  May I present her hi-ness, Domino."

"Wot a wuss!" mutters Domino.  Sumtimes yoo hasta leed by exampull."

"Most of da patio is alreddy melted, an' dere isn't even any puddulls."

"Ovah heer by da willow bushes, it's dry as a bone!", says Domino.

"I can smell da buds jus' reddy to burst out on da branches.  Daddy reely needs ta prune dese fings, doe -- it will help dem grow much thickah."

On her way over to the cedar bush, Domino strikes one of her famous Tai Chi poses.

"I feels so spirityooall out heer", she says.

"Is like bein' in da wilderness!"
It is pretty wild actually, because neither Daddy nor Mommy are very good gardeners.  We leave that up to the cats.

"Dat's it fur now", says Domino.  "An' I didunt even get my feets wet!  Did yoo see how it's done, Dante?"

"Yes", replies Dante.  "An' may I fank yoo, yoor majesty!  I truly valyoo yoor opinyon."
"So dats all fur dis week", says he.  "I kin hardly wait to uncovah wot will happin next time.  See yoo den.  Ovah an' out!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's a sunny day and Domino's out on the front walkway with the boys.  Before anyone asks -- yes, we STILL have snow!  In fact, we just got a fresh dump of it yesterday, on the first day of Spring no less.

Anyway, at least the sun makes up for it!  It adds a fourth dimension to Domino and her fellow 3-Ds, as they are shadowed by their shadows, wherever they go.

Domino's being tailed by her own tail in this shot!

One could say that Domino's being overshadowed by Dante, but ...

... we all know who's really in charge!

Talk about being sun-kissed!  Domino comes face to face with herself.

Domino's shadow is a kitty at large!  You wouldn't want to meet that in a dark alley.

Domino goes for a walk, while her shadow takes a stretch!

And finally, Domino takes a seat on her throne, and tames that shadow by sitting on it.  As we have seen on many occasions, nothing or noone can truly overshadow her highness!

Monday, March 21, 2011


It's Monday, and so far the mancats aren't up to much.

"How's it hangin' bro?" asks Dylan.
"Hangin' in!", says Dante.
"Well do you mind if we hang out instead?" says Dylan.

But before Dante can answer, Mama asks Dylan, "Do you have a song for us today?"
"Any requests?", he asks in reply.
"Anything will do", says Mama.  I just want to hear your beautiful voice!"

"Yikes!", exclaims Dante.

"Holy halitosis!  Can you turn your head, bro?  Yoor bref smells highah dan dat note!" insists Dante.


"This has gots to be da longest note in HISStory!" exclaims Dante.

"Ah!  Silence at last!" says Dante when Dylan finally stops to inhale.

Dylan can breathe easier now, because he's made his mark in HISStory -- he's undeniably a pussycat of NOTE.

Exhale or inhale, all hail to Dylan!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Even though Domino is wearing her pretty green and white frock in this picture, it's her emerald eyes that shout "I'm Irish!".

Truly, I think this is one of the most adorable shots ever taken of my little tuxy beauty.  It's certainly appropriate for her St. Paddy's Day post.

(Biggify for the "Awwww" factor)

Isn't this enough to turn any ladycat green with envy?

Domino's not looking for your envy, though -- she's watching for Milo to arrive so they can get down and partay!  Oh, I think that's him now!

Happy St. Patrick's Day efurryone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's morning, and Domino is getting a breath of fresh air on the back deck.

She takes a moment to survey the snowy landscape.

And to pose prettily for her morning photoshoot.  She doesn't know how to pose any other way, of course.

Just to limber up, a few push-ups ...

... and stretches are in order!

And then she spies ...

... Dylan, just basking in the sun -- not taking notice of anything nor bothering anyone.

So, Domino jumps up on the deck bench, too -- now that she's all loosened up!

And she makes her way over to where Dylan is calmly PURRched.

Then Domino sniffs him -- not like Dante would (she's not into butts).  This is just the prelude to ...

(Sorry, but I missed the actual shot -- it was so quick and unexpected)

Having chastened poor Dylan, Domino retreats.

And sits sweetly and primly, as if nothing had happened.  When I asked her why she did it she said:
"I jus' needid to keep him in line!"

Dylan, being the victim for the second day in a row, just doesn't understand.
"Wot did I doo?", he asks.

Nothing, Dylan -- nothing!  Sometimes life is a bitch!  And then, there's Domino.

P.S.  Before any of you start to feel too sorry for Dylan, he is known to ruthlessly attack Domino by jumping on her and biting her neck.  However on this PURRticular occasion, he had done nothing to warrant such action.  Domino was just exercising her royal PURRogative!