Friday, February 28, 2014


Dylan's feeling quite secure in his one-eyed green monster hat.

Of course it helps to have the real thing (the one-eyed green monster, that is) as your bodyguard.  If anyone tries to hurt Dylan, he'll make a big scene.

"Ackshully, wunce I seen yoo I kwite likes yoo!", says Eye.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Domino always looks very thoughtful, but it's very difficult to actually guess what she's thinking.  So let's listen in inside her head.  Here she is out on the front porch.

   "It's a bootiful day but unporchunately Mama's at it again!"

"Doan boddah me wilst I'm doin' my bench PURRess, pleeze -- yoor breakin' my concentrashun!"

 "Back off muddah @*%&#*!"

(I'm translating here because I'm sure she meant to say 'mother dear'.)

"I guess I hasta has a meltdown fur Mama to get da message!"

Don't worry, Domino -- I heard you loud and clear.   Sigh!  I'll just have to rezoom my photoshoot another day.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Soon it will be hats off, but fur now my 3-Ds are still attired in winter chapeaux, and their little furry furiends are following suit.  The weather is warming up, but it's not quite Spring yet.

Dante has chosen a lighter weight headwear in green wool plaid (how dashing!).  His lime green and black scarf is silk and is more for pizzazz than anything. His little squirrel companion still wants something heavier that will protect his ears from frostbite because he's outdoors 24/7.  But, believe me Cyril can't wait until all he needs is his parasol to keep the sun off his face, once again!

 Dylan has selected something a little warmer.  He's very cozy in his gray wool knit hat with mouse ears and coordinating light gray infinity scarf.  He saw his mate, Maximouse, in a similar hat and thought it looked stunning against his light brown fur.  It seems that Dylan's just a 'copy cat', after all.

"Max comes from a long line of millinery mice, so he knows a top hat when he sees one!" rationalizes Dylan.

Domino is very fashion forward in hot pink with stripes and 'paws for effect'!  Her skunk furiend (who Domino thinks is a kitten) looks at Domino admiringly, and tries to emulate her as much as possible.

"Wen yoo grows up", says Domino to Misty,  "yoo kin make up yoor own mind, but pink reely is yoor colour, dear.  Pink looks good on Winter complexshuns like ours."

"I likes pink cuz it duzn't stink!" says Misty as she sprays herself for good measure.

It seems hats aren't just for cats, after all.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


These photos have kind of a dream quality to them.  I think it's due to the soft colours which have quite a calming effect.

Dylan, himself, seems to be quite relaxed which is unusual in itself. 

 Checking old scent markings must have left him feeling self-assured.

 Taking cover under the bay window also gives him a sense of security.

 Especially once his nose has checked it out first.

 Today, his nose knows no bounds!

And topping up the scent on the porch chair certainly doesn't hurt, either.

 All is well ...

 ... for a spell!

 So, Dylan enjoys a true moment of relaxation.  Exposing his belly means, for once, he isn't feeling vulnerable.

 Heaven knows there are unknown dangers out there.

But for now, at least, efurrything is 'up to snuff'.

Dylan knows only too well, because he's the one who snuffed it.

For now he can just kick back, dream about warmer weather and enjoy a good massage.  No worries, mate!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I took this picture earlier today.  The sun was bright and casting amazingly sharp shadows.

At first I thought that Dante's and Domino's shadows looked like ... 

... Batman and Robin.

 And then when looking online for logos and such, I made an interesting discovery.

Of course we all know that there is a character called "Catwoman", but I never knew before that there was such a thing as "Catman".  Apparently there is, and he's even various shades of orange!

So, it didn't take much inventiveness from that point on, to turn Dashing Dante into "Catman", and Darling Domino into "Catwoman".   Et voila!

They even have a cute fursion of Hello Kitty as 'Catwoman', complete with purple bow on her head.  This sweet image really seemed to suit my little Domino.

If Domino was going to be any Catwoman, this was the one!

Knowing Domino, she's going to follow Catwoman's example, and whip things into shape -- including her brofurs Dante and Dylan (suPURR heroes or not).

There's one PURRSon who isn't too happy about this 'Catman' development, though -- and his name is Garfield (yet another of Dante's alter egos).  Looks like the claws are out now!

So, Garfield took a different tactic, and updated his look.
"Dere's NO Hawk like a MO Hawk", says he.  "Frum now on jus' call me 
'Hawk I' or doan call me at all!"

 Dante may want to 'hawk' his 'Catman' costume, after all.

Friday, February 14, 2014


We are thrilled to announce that Domino has won a SILVER MEDAL in Ladycat Figure Skating at the Sochi Winter Olympics!

It was a very close call between the gold and the silver.  Of course, Domino thought she deserved the gold, but the judging didn't go her way.  It really doesn't matter, though, because silver is a fantastic accomplishment.  Domino has made Milo, me, and her country very PURRoud!

Domino's longtime love, Milo, was there to support her at every turn (so to speak).  She has given him this very special Valentine today to thank him.

How romantic!  The look in their eyes says it all.

Milo has given Domino her second silver medal of the day.  It is a beautiful silver heart with a skate etched in the middle.  Like their love for one another, it has been given very special treatment and will never tarnish.

It seems that silver is a winner after all, especially when it comes to love!

Though Dylan's Olympic hopes didn't come to fruition, his romantic ones certainly have!  From Sochi, Dylan and Halle flew to their favourite city in the world -- Paris, France.  Dylan is whisPURRing sweet somethings in Halle's ear -- in French, of course.  Being Canadian he is well-versed in the language of love.

Dylan has given Halle a gorgeous silver filigree heart charm to attach to her engagement collar.  Halle thinks Dylan is charming enough already, but was ecstatic with the gift he had chosen for her.

And Halle made a very special Valentine for Dylan.  She is saving her gift to him for later tonight.

Let's just say it has something to do with the Eiffel Tower!

Dante's heart is filled with love for his fiance Sascha on this, and every other, day.

Sascha is extremely proud of Dante's Olympic accomplishment.  Although he just missed making the podium, his Olympic standing was none other than speCATular!

Fourth in the BiCAThlon is more than a respectable outcome.

To read more about Dante and Sascha's Russian Valentine's Day, just go to "All About Lacocoon Dante".