Monday, July 28, 2014


I have asked each of the 3-Ds to put on their thinking caps, today.  They were supposed to pick a cap that showed what they were actually thinking about.

Domino had ladybugs on the brain!

"Ladybugs is my fafurite bugs becuz dey is ladies.  Dey appeals to my ladylike instinks", she says.

Dante is thinking of another kind of insect.  He's channelling the 'Monarch Butterfly'!

"I has an affinity fur Monarchs becuz dey is Kings.  Dey is Kings of da Lepidoptera an' Lions (like me) is Kings of da Cat World."

And Dylan is thinking, as usual, about what scares him the most.  Someone let him watch 'Jurassic Park' and now he's terrified of dinosaurs -- especially that giant T-Rex!

"I makes no bones about it", say Dylan, "I is scared outta my wits!!!"

Frankly, I didn't think Dylan had any wits to be scared out of, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

So next time, before you actually put on your thinking cap, think about what you want to think about first!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today is Dylan's 10th birthday.  Yes he has finally hit the big One-O!

He's all dressed up in his birthday finest and celebrating with his friends at an afternoon party.

When the party is over, Dylan has to hightail it to the airport to pick up his fiance, Halle.  They have dinner reservations at an upscale restaurant in downtown Ottawa.

Fortunately, the weather is just fine for outside dining.  Both Dylan and Halle have chosen the Seafood Medley.

Later on in the evening they go dancing at a downtown club -- The Kitty Kat Klub, as it were.

And after downing most of a bottle of champagne, they retire to their hotel room for the night ...

... where things are really heating up!

All in all, with the help of his friends and his beloved fiance, Dylan had his happiest birthday ever!
And here's to many more ...

Thanks to Ann Adamus for the dining and hotel room images.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Dylan has a very unique point of view.  Let's take a look.

 Dylan wants out.
"I always wantid ta be up dere on da big SCREEN!", says he.

Dylan wants down. 
"I jus' cudn't do it wifout my support HOSE", he admits.

Dylan thinks.
"Aftah much tawt, I finely TWIGGED ta sumfin!" 

 Dylan has concluded.
"Dis is a TREEmendous oppurrtunity!"

 In the woods, Dylan wonders.
"Wot wood Dante do?  Wood he or woodn't he?"

 Dylan takes caution.
"Yoo must always be on de-FENCE!", he asserts.

 Dylan eats some grass.
"I makes no aPAWlogies fur ingestin' an illegal substance", he says.

Dylan wants in.
"Wun fing I has learned -- if at furst yoo doan suckseed, jus' keep on PLUGGIN'!"

Monday, July 21, 2014


Today the 3-Ds have taken a fashion risk by donning very bold colours.  They like nothing better than to be on the cutting edge (especially when Mama's slicing cheese)!

Dante's in a lime green trilby with multi-coloured band.  He has coordinated this with a green and orange paisley bowtie.  His little squirrel friend, Trevor, is literally taken aback by his style.

And not to be outdone, Trevor is quick to make a few radical fashion choices of his own.
What a nut!

Dylan's secure enough in his masculinity that he can wear pink.  And here he does it with abandon!  His smart brown-striped fedora is banded in a hot pink floral with touches of green.  He has paired this with a classic yet daring brown-and-pink plaid bowtie.

"Birds of a feddah gots ta stick togeddah", says he, "speshully wen we're in da pink!"

No wonder Dylan doesn't mind wearing pink -- he thinks he's a bird!!!

Domino is fairy, fairy mysterious in her teal-veiled fascinator.  She has chosen a mystical pendant with a cat fairy atop a pearl globe as a fashion accessory, along with a winged insect ring to adorn her dainty paw.

"When it comes ta fashun", says Domino.  "I jus' wings it!"

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Dylan is lying over there under the bench deck and I just can't help but take his picture.

 At first he doesn't seem to notice because his attention is riveted elsewhere.

 Then his profile comes into focus.

 And I zoom in for a closer look.

 And a little closer still.

At last Dylan has discovered me and I capture his intense gaze.  My what beautiful green eyes you have!

And that is a true understatement.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My 3-Ds think nothing can top this!  Top hats are definitely made for top cats, and Domino, Dylan and Dante certainly qualify.

 Domino is wearing a steampunk-style ladies' top hat in black leather, white lace and string laces.  She's in a romantic mood.  And while the stars may not be in her eyes, her thoughts are of her loved one so many miles away -- on the other side of the globe.

The red rose predicts a lovefest in the near future, and the cardinal also represents passion and warmth as a totem symbol.

 Dylan is also decked out in a steampunk top hat along with a coordinating bowtie.  His sniffer is in top form, too, as he susses out some sunflowers.

The bright yellow flower, although not highly scented, brings with it a sense of warmth and happiness.

"I sees nuffin but sunneh days ahead", says Dylan.

Dante's in a daze, in a field of white daisies and surrounded by a slew of  butterflies.  Appropriately enough he's wearing a pure white top hat and tie, although his tail is still it's normal ginger. 

"Somehow, I know now dat efurryfin's gonna be all wite -- at leest for da foreseeabull future!", says he.

Top of the day to you all!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Domino is never out of step anymore!

 "It wuzn't always dis way", she says.

 "Da frunt steps yoosed ta be much narrowah an' dey gave me a sinkin' feelin' -- mostly cuz dey wuz (sinkin' dat is)!"

 "But now dey is jus' PURRfect!"

 "Dere's enuff room fur me ta lie down ...

... and jus' dangle my toesies!"

"Is nice ta feel safe an' sound on solid ground."

So glad we made your life easier to bear, Domino!