Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What's got your tongue Domino?

P.S. Don't worry, Domino will be back tomorrow with lots to say, because it's her BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's Caturday and life is a little more CATSual than normal.  That suits Dylan just fine because he can just dilly-dally here and there.  He's not a guard cat like Dante, nor a scout-about like Domino.  He just dallies.

Truth be told, he's a bit of a chicken (more than a bit, actually) and he will run into the house at any untoward sound or even if someone is walking down the street.  Strangely enough, for a kitty who likes to dally, he's not one for dalliances -- especially with strangers.

In any event, here are some recent portraits of Dylan doing what he does best!

"I yam verreh busy lookin' hansum!"

"It taked lotsa pracktis ta find jus' da rite lowngin' pawsition."

"I stays neer da FURont door if sumbuddy's on de aPURRoach!"

"Heer's me doin' mai BENCH PURResses!"

"I hasta concentwate reel hawd fur dat!"

"An' if I heers a loud noise, I gets unnah da bench, like dis."

"Sumtimes its good ta stwetch yoor legs ...

... an'  paws fur a liddle wefweshmint!

Have a comfy, CATSual Caturday efurryone!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Domino, as usual, isn't like most kitties.  She likes going to the V-E-T!  Today she went just for her annual check-up and to get some shots.  Actually, Domino also loves the car ride.  She perches on my shoulder and looks all around at the passing scenery.

Today, before we left, Domino said that she would like to wear one of her dresses to show the V-E-T how pretty she can be.  I was a little reluctant to let her because I thought it would just get in the way, but I finally relented when I realized how important it was to Domino.  She always likes to make a good impression.

So, here we are arriving at the Trim Pet Hospital.  Daddy has Domino on a leash, though she would rather just roam around and check things out on her own.  You can see Finnigan, the office cat, looking at her from atop the desk.  He certainly seems interested!  

Daddy puts Domino up on the desk, too.

Then the pretty receptionist came to greet us. She is smiling at Domino in her dress and reaches for a treat to give her.

Domino was more interested in exploring her new territory -- she's very nosy, you know!  Notice how happy she is, with her tail held high.

Something caught Domino's attention outside in the parking lot!  Could it be a woofie, perhaps?  We'll never know because at that moment, the V-E-T was ready to see her.

Here is the V-E-T (her name is Michelle) saying hello to Domino!  This is the first time they have met.

Domino just relaxes as Michelle checks her out.

Domino is totally unconcerned, even when Michelle prepares the needle for her shot.  We aren't showing the actual deed, as Domino thought it was a little too revealing.

After the dirty deed was done, Domino once again relaxes.  It was a snap really!  Nothing to worry about.
Michelle also listened to Domino's heart and looked at her teeth, and said everything was in great shape.

After that, Domino went back to the reception desk where Daddy paid the bill.  Notice where Finnigan has got to, now!  He really likes to keep an eye on his domain, and Domino, I think.

It was nice to visit, but Domino is ready to go home.  So she did!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today, Domino is out and about, doing her circle tour of the immediate vicinity.  Here's what it looks like when we caught her in action.

Sometimes Domino can be such a deliCAT flower!

And at other times, she's very GNAWtty!

Maybe we should enroll her in the GNAWtty Kitty Club -- do you think?

Some things make a lot of  SCENTS.

And other things don't make much SCENTS at all, even if they're supposed to.

There's no real reason to be PETrified, except if you're a stone kitty, which Domino is certainly not.

PURRching on the neighbour's porch lets them know who's really in charge.

Going for a walkabout is the best way to keep on top of things.

Or "Driving Miss Domino" might not be a bad idea.  But where's the driver?

"Efurryfing has mai seal of aPURRoval!"

    "Mai DOMAIN-O has checked out A-OK, an' I'm safe an' sownd at home again."

Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's Caturday, and a day to relax, so no big commentary today.  I'm just going to let these pretty pictures of my darling Dante, Dylan and Domino speak for themselves.




Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Domino is indeed a diva and now she has the dress to prove it!  Mama bought her a new red one with big sparkly stars on it, befitting Domino's sparkling purrsonality.  And it befits her very well, too, as you will see.

So here's the latest modelling session with our own fab fashionista.  We begin with Domino on her outdoor runway.

The red dress is a cute sleeveless number with a collar and ruffled skirt.

From the top view, you can clearly see the stars just under the waistline, and the DIVA moniker that suits Domino so well.  The stars and the wording are done in a tasteful dark silver with just a touch of sparkle.

Domino's modelling instincts resulted in this sweet shot.  Note how the flowers match her new dress.

Then she gives us that faraway look that lets us know she's thinking of her one true love, Milo.  The flowers remind her of him because when last they saw each other they spent most of their time in his garden in Sidmouth.

Here's a shot from a different purrspective.  Head on, as it were.  You can see the detail of the front of the dress, with its pointed open collar, and the white piping around the armholes.

As the sun hits her ears, Domino takes a pensive pose.

Domino is thinking "What is that noise I hear?"

"O noes!  Is Dante comin' to doos his doody in da middul of mai fotoshoot!"

Domino is NOT impurressed with the eau de Dante that is wafting her way.

And she just loses it (as divas will).  "I cant stand da smell!  Dese werkin' condishuns is intallerabull!!!"

And with that, Domino walks off!

She decides to go for a walk and get some fresh air.  The breeze is gently blowing the skirt of her dress.

With calm restored, Domino does a tour of her territory, beginning in the neighbour's driveway.

She goes down the drive, and across the street ...

... to check things out at Auntie Susan's place.  "At weest de air is bettah ovah heer", she says.

And she makes a stop in the middle of the road, as usual, just to make sure efurryone knows it belongs to her.  Cars beware!  Diva's on duty.

As Dylan greets Domino back on home turf, they both spy something very interesting.

"We has visiters!", cries Domino, who just loves to be the center of attention.  "Its Auntie Susan frum across da stweet, and a cuppla stwangahs!  I jus' luvs stwangahs.  I gets all sortsa pats frum stwangahs -- but I doan talks to dem cuz mama says not to."

As it turns out the "strangers" are Auntie Susan's Mom and Dad.  So, I tell Domino it's okay to talk to them.  But she does much more than that!  Domino just loves the smell of socks and shoes, especially on men for some reason.  Here she is just sniffing away!

And in true diva style, she takes right over!  She doesn't have to say "Look at me", there is no other choice.  The tiny tuxy diva rules the day.  As it should be -- it is Tuxy Tuesday after all.