Thursday, July 30, 2015


Domino hasn't done a modelling shoot in quite some time.  She has come out of semi-retirement, however, to pose prettily in her multi-hued and multi-tiered peach dress.  It's one of her faves.

Here she is with that sultry 'come-hither' look.  This one should drive Milo (her boyfriend) mad with desire. 

 And here is a view of this stunning dress (and its equally stunning wearer) in its entirety.

You can see the ruffled peach flowers at the back of the neck, and the four-tiers of tule skirt which accentuate her curves so very well. 

Domino, herself, chose the sterling silver peach heart necklace which is the purrfect companion to her ensemble. 

 Here her skirt is fanned freely about her tiny waist.  What fun!

 Domino smiles sweetly as the camera zooms in for a close-up.

Her poses are pawsitively poetry! 

Domino is peachy keen mainly because she's so keen to be peachy!  Her enthusiasm simply lights up her gorgeous face.

"Contrary to sum opinions", says she, "peaches is much moar dan da pits.  Dey is sweet an' joosy an' fuzzy jus' like me!"

And now it's time to go back into retirement.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Dylan's down under the deck bench.

 Though, even with his downy coat, he doesn't look so down, does he?

And being outside he feels inclined to assert on a pawsitive note:
 "I mite be out, but I'm never reely down!"

Keep up the good work, Dylan!

Friday, July 24, 2015


This week Dante and Dylan have deviated from being the latest fashion plates to celebrate reptiles, both current and extinct.

Domino is her usual pretty in pastels as she's not too fond of those cold-blooded creatures and doesn't want anything to do with them.

 Dante is all excited to see the newest Jurassic film -- "Jurassic World".  He has a penchant for dinosaurs, especially the terrifying T-Rex.  He admires their hunting skills.

So he is wearing a Tyrannosaurus baseball cap, and a Jurassic World bowtie while waiting for the movie to start.  Forget the popcorn -- a corn-fed creature or two would be preferable!

Dylan, too, wants to venture into the jungle -- at least in his mind.  He's trying to CATmouflage himself by wearing a tropical fern hat and a bright green bowtie studded with snake images.

Dylan likes snakes because they, too, are good hunters.  He admires how they swallow their prey in one big gulp and then digest them slowly.

"I'm all 'four' snakes!" exclaims Dylan.

And after all of that, Domino is a breath of FUResh air in this orange, pink and peach creation with a tiered tule skirt.  She has mounted a coordinating fascinator on her pretty little head, and fastened a similarly-hued heart necklace around her tiny neck.

"I'm feline jus' peachy keen!", remarks she enthusiastically.

Ah, that's much better!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


We all know that Domino is out standing in her field, but here's actual proof of it.

 Domino's engulfed in a sea of green!

 And it smells pretty tasty.

 "Shall I gives it da Domino Taste Test?"

 "Like a fine wine, furst yoo hasta sniffs it."

 "Den yoo has a nibble."

"An' den yoo has a munch!" 

"Fank yoo verry munch fur yoor undividid attenshun." 

"I looks forward ta seein' yoo all again sumtime soon." 

"Aftah all, now I feels like we're old furiends." 

"So SIGH-on-ara until next time!" sighs Domino who is reluctant to take her leave (although she just might have a munch on those tasty leaves on her way out).  

Waste not, want not!

Monday, July 13, 2015


This week, the 3-Ds have each chosen to wear hats in different shades of PURRple.

Dylan is anything but humdrum in PURRple straw fedora with striped band and bowtie in coordinating tones.   His humdinger of an outfit has set all the birds a-hummin'.  So there's nothing else for Dylan to do but join in, too.  That should keep the humbugs away!!!

Domino is pretty in PURRple, and in this, she is outstanding in her field!  She has chosen a wide-brimmed woven straw hat with black banding and deliCAT white floral accent.  Her necklace is made of white gold with an amethyst flower mid-center.

The butterflies are attracted to her because they think she is actually a flower.  And, being the flower child that she is, Domino radiates such peace, love and harmony.

Dante is sporting a straw fedora in a darker shade of PURRple.  His striped bowtie coordinates nicely with the striped band on his hat.

All around him butterflies and dragonflies are dashing all about, but none is as dashing as Dante himself!  It must be due to his handsome haPURRdashery.

Friday, July 10, 2015


When a cat really wants in, there's no consoling them until you actually open that door.  Here are a few examples of all three of mine who wanted in at the same time.

They were literally camped out on the front door sill and once the door opened, it was a like a feline stampede.  Move over, Mama!

 In this last one Dylan looks like he's howling at the top of his lungs, and the other two are poised for imminent penetration of the entryway.

I even used this one, enhancing the colouration, as a calendar cover in 2014.

"All FUR one an' one FUR all!", say they.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


When Dylan's outside he almost always has this wide-eyed PETrified look on his face and his ears go all wonky, pointing in opposite directions.

Witness ...

Well, wasn't I surprised to find an artist's rendering of a would-be Dylan!  Whoever modelled for this picture must be Dylan's Doppelganger.

But then PURRhaps cream tabbies (otherwise known as dilute gingers) all have such chicken-hearted disPAWSitions.  They're pale as a ghost and ...

... look like they've seen one!