Saturday, July 27, 2013


It's July 27th, 2013, and today Dylan turns nine years old!

We had a little surprise party for him at home before he took off down south.  His first stop was in Louisiana to pick up Halle.  Then they boogied on down to Florida -- after all, it's only a hop, skip and a jump -- and they were both excited and feeling rather frisky.

After exploring the internet, they settled on Delray Beach which is just north of Boca Raton in Palm Beach County.  It is a charming village by the sea with a 2-mile long beach ideal for sunbathing, swimming and sandcastle-building.  When the sun goes down, visitors take a stroll on it's main street -- Atlantic Avenue -- enjoying the boutiques, seafood restaurants and cool architecture.

2-mile long Delray Beach


Sandy path to the beach

(Biggify for details)

Since swimming is anathema to cats, Dylan and Halle spent their beach time sunbathing, snacking and building sandcastles.  They played an intimate game of 'Beach Blanket Bingo' for two and batted around the beach ball for awhile, until Dylan's claws caused it to burst.

Halle had little surprises for Dylan in the picnic baskets.  There was some fresh catnip and caviar, a live trout and a cat-treat filled ball.  They picked up a couple of milkshakes to enjoy along with the cake, too.  Halle selected one with a clownfish on top, and lit a Number 9 candle while she sang him 'Happy Birthday'.  And, she also penned a romantic birthday card for him to read later on.

There was no shortage of guests crashing their little party for two.  All the guests, save for the birthday boy himself and his lady love, wore party hats.  Mr. Seagull rode in on a starfish, while Mousey sniffed out the goodies. Crabby brought some party balloons -- he can always be counted on in a 'pinch'.  Mr. Trout thought there was something rather fishy about the whole affair.  I think he was smelling himself sizzling in the sun.  Perhaps a little suntan lotion would help!

Of course, as hot as it was, Dylan and Halle's love made it even hotter.  There sure was a lot of smooching going on -- birthday kisses galore!

Sunset at Delray Beach

And, as advertised, when the sun had set, Dylan and Halle washed the sand out of their fur and dressed up for a stroll around town.  Their ultimate destination was one of the finest Seafood Restaurants in that part of the country.  The oysters made them both a little randy, but they restrained themselves until they were back in their room at the fancy Hyatt Place!

Dylan doesn't kiss and tell, so this part of his birthday celebration is absolutely PURRivate. Suffice it to say that there were fireworks going off INSIDE the hotel!

As far as birthdays go, you can't get much happier than this!

Dylan had his cake and ate it, too!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Finally, it's a good day to go out into the garden!  It has been so hot and humid it could make a kitty's fur sizzle.  Today, it's actually quite cool.

 "An' wun of da coolest fings ta do ...

 ... is ta sit on my bench an' look at da gahdin all arownd me!", says Domino.

 "Mama plantid it wif pinks an' bloos."

"Bof of dese colors is verreh vivid ...

 ... but I fink da BLOOS stands out da mostest!"

 "No mattah how much I likes bein' in da pink, it still cant beat da BLOOS."

"Seein' all dis BLOO makes me fink of my sweetheart, Milo Marshall, cuz he has bootiful BLOO eyes."

Milo's Eyes

"I fink I'll sing about it."

I'm sitting out here
All by myself
Sometimes I feel I
Bin put on a shelf

It makes me feel bloo
Cuz I'm here wifout yoo
It hurts in my heart
Wen we're apart 

Yes, I got da bloos
Da bloo gahdin bloos
Yeah babee,
I'm singin' fur yoo
Cuz my love is troo bloo!

P.S.  Milo Marshall is busy helping his beans move to a new house.  I'm sure Domino will be invited over once they're all settled in.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Even when Dante's at home and not 'at large', he still is -- large, that is!  There is no better contrast than the sweet petite Domino.  She really puts the size issue into PURRspective.


"Wen Domino an' me is at home, we is reely in da pink!", says Dante.

"Our house is jus' like an indoor gahdin.  Dere is flowahs efurryware!!!"

"Mama says her style is 'Shabbeh Chic', but ...

... we finks it's not so shabbeh at all!

"Hey, who invitid YOO to da parteh?"

Dylan has made a cameo appearance to signal 'THE END OF THE TAIL'.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Dante, Dylan and Domino have conspired to give you a glimpse into their galaxy with this Galleria of 3-D Art.

 Marbleously Maine Coon!

Taking it one step at a time!

To Dylan, From Dante
 Postcard from the Edge!

A Svelte SophistiCAT! 

 Furandas really ROCK!

This leopard's lost his spots ... 

... but luckily, he's spotted them again! 

Don't worry!  It's all in good taste.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Dylan is taking a leisurely Sunday stroll in his "PURRAMBULATOR" with a few of his furiends to keep him company.

(Biggify for best view)

Dylan's a sucker for a PUSSifier.  He finds it so relaxing.  His PURRambulator helps to him keep mobile in more ways than one. Yes those fishies certainly are amewsing, not to mention his rodent furiend who's swinging from the stroller mobile and shouting "Cheese" for the camera!  "It's de angle of de dangle dat keeps fings goin'", says he.

As if all of that wasn't entertainment enough, two of his ratty furiends have conspired to sprinkle baby powder on Mr. Bluebird.  Lucky that birdie has worn some protective clothing!  Another rat (he's just a little squirt) is at the ready with refreshment whenever Dylan gets thirsty.  The baby bottle is filled with special cat milk from the pet store.

A fourth rat furiend is helping Dylan move along by shaking and rattling as they roll.  The fifth one has offered up a miniature parrot for a snack.  Gotta watch those calories, y'know!  At least it's high in PURRotein.

And if they ever need a brake, their fine furiend The Peacock has sacrificed some of his feathers so they can safely come to a stop.

Wow!  Who needs an amewsement park when you can just park your stroller and enjoy the company of your furiends?  

For those born in July, like Dylan, it's an A-STROLL-ogical wonder!